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  • No Members To Support (it's all done for you)

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I'm sure we agree that building a targeted subscriber/email list is one of the most important tasks any business owner can undertake...  Unfortunately, these days a simple sign-up form on your webpage isn't enough...

...  Web visitors are increasingly reluctant to part with their information and without a really good incentive they'll leave without so much as a second glance at your opt-in form.  

"Lead Magnets" are the answer!

"Lead Magnets" are free products that you offer as “ethical bribes” or incentives to encourage and persuade people to join your list. You can also offer them to existing subscribers to boost engagement or better segment an established list.

However you use them, good lead magnets generate sales and put money in your pocket (although the goal here is that they will be working to do that for your customers)

The problem is that most site owners take way too long to create lead magnets…  They hate the process of creating them or they create incentives and freebies that flat-out don’t work.  

Keep Reading To Discover How You Can Help YOUR Customers Attract More Customers and GET PAID IN THE PROCESS!

Sure you could create a 'lead magnet' creation service for your customers:  

There's a HUGE demand for this type of service...  

And you could make money by building a membership and charging a monthly fee for access - All you need is to provide your customers with a constant stream of expertly researched, professionally written reports to help them build their lists.  

But wait up...  IT'S NOT SO EASY!  

Along with your research and writing team, you'll also need to hire a designer to create eye catching cover graphics and a copywriter to craft the copy on your squeeze pages, add in support staff to look after your members and a 'behind the scenes' tech or admin whiz to manage and maintain your site. 

If You Can Find Change Out Of $25,000 A Year To Operate A Membership Site Like This You'd Be LUCKY!

But don't worry...  

You don't have to build a site like that yourself, we've already built it!  

Even better, right now we're offering a limited number of 'Reseller Licenses' to smart marketers like you...  

That means instead of investing thousands of dollars and months of hard work doing it all yourself, you can grab a license and simply start selling memberships today!

"We Manage And Update The Site, We Create All The Content And We Support Your Members - You Simply Sell Memberships And Collect The Cash!"

Here's What Your Members Receive Each Month

Two Exclusive Lead Magnet Kits With PLR

Two fully editable, professionally written reports in Word Docx format along with a ready to go PDF version (these reports would cost them at least $100-$200 each to outsource so great value)

Pro Designed Squeeze Pages & Graphics

Ready to upload, lead sucking squeeze pages with pro quality graphics (includes editable PSD file and save them hundreds of dollars each month) - One page per lead magnet kit (2 kits per month)

7 Part, Autoresponder Email Series Per Kit

7 Copy/Paste follow up emails you members can add to their autoresponder and follow up with their new subscribers. Includes affiliate links they can rebrand to generate additional revenue.

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#1 High Converting Offer

"Providing a Solution Every Marketer Needs!"

As a reseller you'll be offering potential customers discounted access to the membership. (Our regular price is $47 per month - You can charge anything from $19.95 and up)

And while your monthly customers get great value, you can also go further with both annual and lifetime discounted memberships with full back catalog access (perfect for upsells and funnel offers)

#2 Members Pay YOU!

Not only can you set the price of membership (adhering to minimum pricing terms) but to keep things simple you can use ANY payment processor to collect the payments (monthly/annual/lifetime).

Once a payment has been collected simply direct your customer to one of the unique registration links we provide you for them to create their account.

  • Generate more revenue by adding extra value to the offer (a bonus or another product/membership) and increasing the prices.
  • Three sales options for maximum flexibility: Charge monthly, offer annual memberships or lifetime access accounts- it's up to you!

#3 Membership Bonuses

Do you promote affiliate offers or have products in your line up you'd like an instant conversion boost on? Then you can use both Annual/Lifetime memberships as high value bonuses.

It's a great way to boost your own sales, add extra value to your own offers and boost your sales and conversions on the affiliate offers you promote. You can use memberships as bonuses as long as whatever is being sold/promoted is priced at $97 or higher if you offer an annual membership or $197 or higher for lifetime memberships.

#4 No Membership Restrictions/Limits

Unlike some reseller programs we do not restrict the number of memberships you can sell. There are no limits on any type of account and you are free to sell hundreds/thousands of memberships.

Simple Annual Subscription: You payment today provides you with a full years license, there are no upsells or further payments to make per user (you can add unlimited users) - Just one simple annual fee.

Annual/No Per User Fee Licenses are limited and in the future we may decide to charge on a per user basis.  Securing a license today is the only way to lock into this incredible deal!

#5 You're A Member Too!

Not only can you sell memberships to your own customers but you'll  also become a member at AutomatedListProfits yourself!

Simply create a lifetime membership for yourself and you'll enjoy the same benefits as your members, with two brand new lead grabbing report packages each month and the entire back catalog of lead magnet kits to grown your own list with.  (already 200+ and growing)

You can use/rebrand all the reports and give them away to build your list... edit the contents, chop and combine reports to create paid products, fresh membership or blog content and easy affiliate bonuses for all your own promotions.

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"This Works! I was so excited to share this with my subscribers I simply set up the offer with your sales page template and sent out an email... No pre-sales warm-up, just a totally out of the blue offer and within 24 hours I have recouped my total investment. That's proof positive what a great value proposition for buyers this is and I expect to be in serious profits within just a few weeks"

- JP Schoeffel (

"You Guys Have Just Saved Me Months Of Work..."

"I'd been looking to build a higher ticket 'done for you' package for a while... You guys have just saved me months of work with this license (not to mention a LOT of development cash too) The quality of the products and memberships my members get from me is amazing. Everything is professionally put together and the best part is that the whole system is literally 'point-&-click' simple"

- Richard Legg (

"We Made A Hands-Free $20K..."

"Guys we know the offer very well as we'd already made a hands-free $20K promoting the regular membership (it sells incredibly well) What's really exciting is now we have a license we expect to make at least 10 times our investment back very quickly"

- Soren & Cindy (IMWealthBuilders)

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30 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

We'll be totally straight with you here... If you plan on purchasing then asking for a refund or purchasing then simply not using the license, please don't order.

This is a very limited offer, so if you are not 100% committed then leave the license for other reseller who will be able to put it to good use. We only want to work closely with serious marketers and genuine resellers that are ready to take their business to the next level.That said and because we want you to start today with total peace of mind, your investment is backed up by a full 30 day money back guarantee. You can order a license now in confidence and without risk.

"The Only Way You Can Lose Here Is To Walk Away Empty Handed!"


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