In the last two decades, since we began building our online business – we have seen almost 99% of other online businesses fail. Sad but true.

So, if you’re reading this, kudos to you for starting your journey to be in the top 1%.

Now, I don’t know why you came!  Is it because…

  • You’re tired of getting stuck – not being able to setup your online sales funnel?
  • You purchased a course on how to setup your sales funnel, but you’re not exactly sure how the technology fits together?
  • You spent thousands on products that are ready to sell, but you don’t know how to set them up to sell?
  • You’ve already spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars on SaaS tools to setup your landing pages, email marketing autoresponders, shopping carts, etc. and you don’t know where to begin?

Maybe you’re seeing your peers making sales?  While you cheer them on – in the back of your mind – you feel left behind.

Especially if you’ve invested $1000’s and years trying to make it online.

That gut wrenching feeling is what we’ve all felt and I’m here to say that there is a solution to this. 

There are three options for those who wish that their technology would work better together and to getting a sales funnel up and running.  Only one is the solution that bypasses using several different tools to handle all the aspects of your online business, and then jury-rigging them together to work with each other.


Do it all yourself - for this option you will need to invest $1000’s in SaaS tools from different vendors and spend months or, worse, years learning each tool.  Then try to connect them to each other. 

Most people are in this boat, so you’re not alone!

Think of it this way… Remember playing with Lego blocks when you were a kid?

Kartra Chicken says the best technology would work better

Think back... You got that fancy package of name brand blocks and they worked GREAT.

You made a small project and then you wanted more and more to build the really cool stuff. Then your mom bought you the non-branded blocks and it took a bit but you were able to get them to stay with the occasional fail from the blocks not fitting perfectly.

That is how it feels to try to get all your tools to work together...
but it leaves you with a sense that it could have been better if all your blocks were made from the same company.


If you have lots of cash flow, you can skip the learning curve and hire a Funnel Builder for a minimum of $10-20K.  That’s on top of your monthly business expenses. 

You can think of that like getting a pre-made Lego Pirate Ship and all you needed to do was add your own little dudes to sail the seven plastic seas.

Kartra - Cool Tools

​​​​You can think of that like getting a
pre-made Lego Pirate Ship and all you needed to do was add your own little dudes to sail the seven plastic seas.

Unlike the fun of a pirate ship - there’s no guarantee that your funnel will even convert out of the gate!


So, what’s this #3 option and how does it solve these issues?

Up until now, there was no way to centralize all your SaaS tools from one company.

I mean what if some how you could get a full set of named brand Lego blocks with not a single dollar store block - how big could you build your towers then?!

That’d be cool, huh.

No trying to ragtag your profit streams together, without a lot of wasted costs, time, and effort put into a bunch of randomness.

To be honest, there have been some great solutions that have tried to conquer this problem, but often these are basic tools with minimal features that allow your business to grow only so far before things have to be shored up and fixed.

Honestly, no company would want to take this massive burden on and for good reason.

But check this out - today, our search has stopped.

Yep - One interface. One login. One source for support. (Average response times can be a matter of hours on business days.)

It’s like you just got the best crazy aunt in the world and she give you a great big box full of Lego blocks and it’s not even your birthday (pirate ship and all)!

And it’s not just that this system does a variety of marketing functions – or that it does them well. The big takeaway is that it does them intelligently.

We’re talking about a big platform that centralizes your online services for landing page creation, email marketing, shopping cart, membership portals, video hosting, affiliate management, helpdesk, and so much more.

We Are Talking:

Membership Sites, Product Carts, Opt-In Forms, Automated Email Marketing with...

  • Drag & Drop Builder
  • Stunning Marketing Pages
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Help Desk With Live Support-24/7/365

While we haven’t seen anything like it in our decades of online business experience, we tested it out and liked what we saw.

Can this all-in-one system FINALLY help you build a better business?

That’s what we asked... so we took it for a test drive for ourselves.

Kartra Test Drive

What we really like about it – is its ability to create a whole framework – so all you have to do is grab your products and plug away.

Plus - and it's a big PLUS! - it's creator partnered with Frank Kern, who is one of the top sales copywriters.  So, you get his VSL’s and his sales copy plugged into these frameworks. That's HUGE.

Best of all, the monthly cost to use this tool is barely even 1% of our current SaaS tool expenses.

The truth of the matter is that building your online business is a daunting and costly task whether you’re a newbie or an advanced marketer.

So, if you’re an advanced marketer who’s tired of paying for the 20-30 tools from different vendors, we highly recommend you check this out.

If you’re a newbie who just doesn’t have cash flow coming in to invest in $1000’s of tools, we were able to get a private invite to allow you to test the tool out.

Now here are The links ...

To test drive this all-in-one digital
automation platform...

To see our thorough review...

To watch our "Option One and Two" video...


The Most Complete eCommerce Platform For Building Your Online Business. 

"Kartra: The Most Complete eCommerce Platform For Building Your Online Business. "

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