MyProductStore advertises itself as a quick and easy way to sell digital products, at a more affordable price than the competitors. They even suggest that you can get your first product live in as little as 60 seconds.Membership Site Software Review -MyProductStore

So how does this solution compare to other similar solutions? That’s what you’ll find out inside this MyProductStore review. Let’s jump in…


There is a simple one-time fee of $197 at the time of this writing.

Membership Site Services Review


This is a SAAS (software as a service) platform.  That means you can get started instantly, with no domain or hosting required.

Key Features


Payments Supported: MyProductStore supports PayPal, JVZoo, Warrior Plus, and ClickBank.

Membership Site Services Review

One Time Payments: Yes

Trial: No, this feature is not available.

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Recurring Payments:  Recurring payments are possible if you’re using JVZoo or ClickBank. Setting up your pricing and terms are done in the seller dashboard.

Coupon: No, you cannot offer coupons. In addition, there is option to create free products or memberships.

Sales Funnel: No, you cannot offer upsells or downsells.

List Building

Able to add buyers to an autoresponder?  Yes

Supported Platforms: Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp, and SendLane are all supported. In addition, MyProductStore also supports HTML forms, so you can use the platform with other autoresponder providers as well. Take note that you can only use one provider and one list at a time. If you have not chosen your email/autoresponder service yet, you can check out our reviews on the “Top 5 Email Marketing Software | Compared & Reviewed” here.

Membership Site Services Review

Built-In Affiliate program:  No, there isn’t an affiliate program inside MyProductStore. However, if you use JVZoo, ClickBank or Warrior Plus for payments, then you can use their affiliate platforms.

Content and File Protection

Drip-feed content: Yes, you can upload and schedule content to be delivered over time.

Membership Site Services Review

Membership Site Services Review

File protection: MyProductStore offers simple content protection in the form of requiring a user login to access content.

NOTE: Files can be downloadable, embed only or both.  A useful feature is that you can embed a PDF file for viewing directly on the site, which we thought is very cool. Files can be hosted somewhere else, including AS3.

Content Teaser:  No

Membership and Products:

You can have an unlimited number of memberships and products.

Customer self-service:  No, customers cannot cancel their memberships or otherwise change their own information through their account.

Admin can manually add/edit/manage members:  Yes, you can manage your members through the dashboard.

Auto upgrade downgrade membership: No, this feature is not available.

Integrate with other platforms:

Custom IPN to integrate with external/other scripts:  No, this function is not available, so you can only work with the supported payment gateways and autoresponders.

Reporting: Yes, the platform gives you data to track your metrics.

Members’ activity log: No, this information is not available.

Ease of Use

There is truth in advertising: MyProductStore is extremely easy to use with a simple and straightforward interface. Most elements smartly flow on one page so there is no hoop to jump through — just point, click, and you’re good to go.Membership Site Services Review

Membership Site Services Review

Unique Features:

Here are the things we liked and found unique about this platform:

  • The platform is extremely easy to use. Unlike some platforms, it doesn’t take hours to get set up, so you can be up and running fast.
  • The option to instantly build a course simply by adding a list of YouTube URLs is quick, easy and genius.
  • Each product and membership has its own sales page, so you can showcase different items in your storefront or catalog.

Membership Site Services Review


Support is available via a helpdesk.

Our Thoughts On MyProductStore

MyProductStore is ideal for setting up and selling information products fast using the popular payment gateways and marketplaces such as JVZoo, ClickBank, and PayPal. The ability to build a course by simply adding a list of YouTube videos is a huge time saver.  One downside is that MPS only offers one-time fee at the time of this writing, though you can set up recurring through JVZoo or ClickBank.

To learn more about this platform, visit MyProductStore online – Click the Button Below

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