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There’s nothing better than passive income. And you can now start an income funnel using Groove Funnels for no upfront investment. Hard to believe but it is true. There are many ways to get started working at home and making money online and we want to cover probably one of the easiest for someone just starting out. 

What do we mean by "passive" income?

Passive income is often referred to as earnings derived from a rental property, some investment, limited partnership, or other "real world brick and mortar" business in which you are not actively involved.

Virtual passive income that you make online is income that you earn without doing anything daily (even sometimes weekly) without investing in overhead or base materials.

This type of "hands off" income is highly sought after because if you can earn money without working 9 to 5 - 24/7, then that leaves you time to do other things, like taking that family vacation you’ve always wanted or moving to Paris for a year.

Groove Funnels Passive Income GrooveFunnels

As long as your expenses are covered by passive income, you have the freedom to live the life you’ve always wanted.

Using virtual passive income tactics, you’re not limited by how much money you can make because it’s not based on the time you put into it and if you find the right apps to use you can start up an income funnel for no initial output of cash.

Imagine just how much a solid and reliable source of passive income could ultimately change your life.

You’d finally be able to live a lifestyle where you can enjoy time with friends and family while maintaining a viable and consistent source of income. (or move to Paris and eat croissants at cafes every day)

So, the only question that should be on your mind is…

How can I start building an unstoppable passive income channel without breaking the bank?

There are many many ways to create passive income that are based on proven, working strategies that have been responsible for generating thousands of dollars a month for a lot of people online.

Some passive methods take some time to set up, but once the ball gets rolling, you don’t have to do anything, and the money just comes in without the daily effort.

But this post will focus on one in particular...

The Biggest Passive Income Maker

Okay, there are many ways to create passive income but one of the best, biggest and easiest ways is affiliate marketing...

Affiliate marketing is a fantastic virtual passive income generator because other than spending a few minutes each week sending out emails to your list, there’s very little else involved, if you have the right processes in place.

Of course, you’ll need to build that list first and that’s where the bulk of your time will be spent when just starting out. Thankfully there are several easy ways to get started even if you’re a total beginner.

Here's 3 simple steps to being a successful affiliate marketer.

  • Step 1: Build a solid responsive email or sms list
  • Step 2: Grow your targeted subscriber base and loyal fans
  • Step 3: Promote quality offers that convert

Let’s take a closer look at each step.

List Building Groove Funnels Passive Income

List Building

The step one is to start building a solid list. This is a super vital component to affiliate marketing because your list will be your primary source of traffic.

It’s also one of the most cost-effective methods of marketing to a targeted group of buyers.

Honestly, you’ll never make as much money without a list and you’ll struggle to automate your business without this essential step.

To begin, you’ll need a mailing list provider. Here are a couple worth looking into:

You can get started with either of these email services free at the links below...

GetResponse (30 days free)

Aweber(Free for 0-500 subscribers)

Oh, and if you need more advice on getting your first 1,000 subscribers - free then check out this free checklist at:

Work through this checklist (step-by-step process) to quickly build your email list from scratch to 1,000 active subscribers.

Groove Funnels Passive Income GrooveFunnels

Grow Your Targeted Subscriber Base And Loyal Fans

Step two is growing your tribe of potential buyers and loyal subscribers. 

This begins with providing them with incentive to join your list. You’ll then want to create some sort of lead magnet—a giveaway to entice people to subscribe to your email list—and a landing page with your opt-in box that allows people to enter their name and email address to subscribe to your list.

If you aren’t sure how to set up a landing page, you can cut out all of the work by signing up for a service such as: 

GroovePages™ and GrooveSell™ which are now FREE and fantastic resources that handle everything from list building, leadpages to helping you build a profitable funnel that can run on autopilot.

GrooveSell is an incredibly powerful shopping cart and affiliate software and they are giving you Free Access for LIFE

Sign up today and get free lifetime access to GroovePages™ and GrooveSell™...

Check it out here >>

The better free way to build funnels and sell digital products is finally here.

Yes, it's truly free. It does NOT require a credit card for your free account.

You will have an option to upgrade your account to our full suite of products. However, it is not required.

We highly recommend investing in this if you can afford to. It’ll simplify everything. And if you want to get lifetime access to GrooveFunnels (Pro Edition) for one ridiculously low price then now is the time.

Check it out here >>

Once you have your email automated and you are able to set-up a way to offer an incentive or “subscriber bribe” on your landing page with something like GrooveFunnels...

It is time to think about incentives!

If you’ve never heard of an incentive offer before, it’s basically a giveaway that entices visitors into subscribing to your list to gain access to more information.

You could offer short reports, or quickly repurpose PLR content from reliable providers like who offer great PLR products that allow you to by:

•  Renaming the product.
•  Repackaging with various content into one bundle or course.
•  Adding your own content.
•  Repurposing the content in video or audio format.

One of the easiest ways to start building your list is to offer pre-created high quality lead magnets that are designed to attract subscribers.

There are a myriad of tweaks you can do to create custom incentives... If you are truly serious about getting started then sign up for the  FREE access to 10 exclusive tools worth $99 at

As long as what you are offering is relevant to your target market, and is as unique and high quality as possible, your landing page should do its job of converting visitors into active subscribers.

Again if you are serious about earning passive income...

grab your FREE access to 10 exclusive tools at:

Affiliate Marketing Groove-Affiliate

Offers and Conversion Tactics

And finally, step three is to promote quality offers that convert..

Yes, it’s time to make money... by promoting high-quality products that you believe your subscribers will appreciate.

You can find products on many different marketplaces, but if you’re looking for instant commissions instead of having to wait for payments you’ll want to create accounts at: and

Both JVZoo and ClickBank provide the opportunity to generate instant payments every time someone purchases through your affiliate link.

Keep in mind that when just starting out, if you don’t have a track record of sales, some vendors may choose to hold your commission payments for 30-45 days.

Once you start selling and have proven that you’re able to generate sales while keeping refunds down, you’ll find it easier to get approved for instant commissions.

You can also go to our affiliate sign-up page and get started promoting some of our incredible products at:

When it comes to maximizing your income with affiliate marketing, the key is to offer a bonus - something extra - that adds instant value to a purchase. That way, subscribers are more likely to purchase through your link than through a competitor who isn’t offering anything more.

In affiliate marketing, the strategy of offering bonuses is used all the time. Affiliates will package up auxiliary components and other tools that are relevant to the products they are promoting, and then present it to potential customers as a way of standing apart from other marketers.

And there is no shortage of bonus content and products you can create for virtually any type of affiliate campaign or niche market.

Simply find a missing link in the product and create a bonus product around fulfilling that need or extending the value of the product in some way.

Your bonus offer also needs to be either exclusive, limited or both. In many cases, your bonus offer will be the driving force behind whether a potential customer chooses to purchase the product through your affiliate link, or someone else’s.

It’s also very important to use strong ‘urgency motivators’ with every bonus offer. If people feel that there’s no rush, chances are they’ll continue looking around for a better offer, so make sure your bonus stands out.

So, how can you set up and manage bonus offers like this?

You could manually set up download pages and track affiliates, or you could make it easier and use a product like that simplifies the entire process.

Not only can you create landing and review pages but you can set up bonus products for just about any type of offer. Plus, they even give you some free bonus packages that you can slap your name on and use immediately.

We have a good post 
"The 7 Secrets of Boosting Conversions and Sales"  that you may want to read that talks more about what you need to strengthen your conversion game.

So we hope these tips help you set yourself up with a solid passive income for little to no money invested.

Next question you may want to ask yourself...

Should You Take Advantage Of The Groove Funnels Pro Edition Deal Or Stick With Free? 

A good pro tip for getting software you need to run your business: ALWAYS get launch or beta deals if you can afford it.

If you want to get lifetime access to GrooveFunnels (Pro Edition) for one ridiculously low price then now is the time.

You see, they're just getting started with GrooveSell and GrooveAffiliate.

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They've reinvented the page builder and they've got more work to do to make it the #1 page building software on the market.

That's where you come in...
Since GrooveFunnels is in Beta right now we are offering a "KickStarter" type of deal seeking beta testers to help them fund the project to completion of phase 1 on July 1st.

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Best GrooveFunnels Bosunes -Groove Funnels Passive Income GrooveFunnels

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