This WishList member plugin was one of the original membership platforms built for WordPress, so it’s been around for many years. Today the company boasts of over 79,000 sites being powered by WishList.

 Membership Site Services Review - Wishlist

What makes this plugin so popular? That’s what you’re about to discover inside this WishList Member review. Take a look…


You can purchase WishList for a one-time fee of either $197 or $297, depending on whether you want to use the plugin on multiple sites. Membership Site Services Review - Wishlist

Note: Your payment entitles you to one ear of software updates and support. If you wish to continue to receive updates and support, you can pay an annual fee. If you opt for an automatic subscription on this annual fee, you’ll save $20 per year.

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 Membership Site Services Review - Wishlist


This is a WordPress plugin, so you’ll need a domain, webhost, and a self-hosted version of WordPress installed in order to use the plugin. In addition, SSL may be required for some selected payment gateways.

Key Features


Payment supported: WishList Member supports a wide variety of payment gateways including PayPal, Stripe, Infusionsoft, ClickBank, PayPal Pro,, Recurly, 1ShoppinCart (API), 2Checkout, eWay, JVZoo, Pin Payments, SamCart, Premium Web Cart, UltraCart, Red Oak Cart and Cydec.

Note:  Pricing and billing terms are set via the payment gateway provider, NOT from WishList admin dashboard. If you want to learn more about payment gateway providers check out our post “Payment Gateway Processor Reviews and Comparisons” here Membership Site Services Review - Wishlist

One Time/Recurring Payments/Trial: Yes, these options are available, though it depends on the chosen payment gateway.

Coupon: Yes, you can offer coupons, although this feature costs extra.

 Membership Site Services Review - Wishlist

Sales Funnel: No, you cannot offer upsells or downsells during the ordering process.

List Building:

Able to add buyers to an autoresponder: Yes.

Autoresponders Supported: WishList Member supports aWeber, MailChimp, Constant Contact, GetResponse, iContact, Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign, AutoResponse Plus, Interspire Email Marketing, Madmimi, arpReach. A generic option is also available so that you can integrate with other email service providers not listed here.

Note: You may only use one provider at a time. If you have not chosen your email/autoresponder service yet, you can check out our reviews on the “Top 5 Email Marketing Software | Compared & Reviewed” here.

 Membership Site Services Review - Wishlist

Built-In Affiliate Program: Yes, there is an option to Integrate with iDevAffiliate.

Content and File Protection

Drip-feed content: Yes. However, the feature is a little more convoluted than many other solutions we’ve tried.

Here’s a quote from the WishList Member FAQ about dripping content:

“You can accomplish this by setting up a membership level for each area of your site you want to move people to. Then after a set period of time you can move people from one level to another automatically using the “Sequential Upgrade” features built into WishList Member™. With this method, the member can only access the content within the Membership Level they currently have access to and will gain access to the upcoming content once they are upgraded to the next Membership Level.”

 Membership Site Services Review - Wishlist

File Protection: Yes. You can set up WishList Member to protect pages, posts, categories, attachments, folders and comments. Membership Site Services Review - Wishlist

Content Teaser:  Yes, you can protect partial content. If you want to show part of a post to non-members, and then show the last part of the post only to paying members, WishList Member makes it easy to protect part of that content. Membership Site Services Review - Wishlist

Membership and Products: You can have an unlimited number of memberships and products. If you want to have multiple membership sites across more than one domain, you’ll need to purchase the multi-site license.

Admin can manually add/edit/manage members: Yes, you can do this right from your dashboard.

Auto upgrade membership: Yes, this is possible. However, it depends on the payment gateway as not all support this function.

Integrate With Other Platforms:

Custom IPN to integrate with external/other scripts:  Yes, this is possible.


Yes, basic metrics are available.

Ease of Use

WishList Member isn’t complicated. However, it can be tedious to configure payments and set up the members’ area. Membership Site Services Review - Wishlist

 Membership Site Services Review - WishlistUnique Features:

One of the main things that sets WishList Member apart from its competitors is the large number of supported payment gateways and autoresponders.


Support is available via a helpdesk.

A comprehensive self-service FAQ portal available. However, this feature is only available to existing WishList customers and requires a login, so you can’t browse this information before you buy.

Our Thoughts On WishList Member

WishList Member is a reliable membership plugin.  The navigation looks clean, but there are many functions hidden underneath. Unfortunately, in order to understand and use many of these functions requires searching for how-to guides and videos, many of which are only accessible by logging into the WishList customer members’ area.

As mentioned, WishList supports many autoresponders and payment gateways.  However, the billing settings for each product and membership are outside of the WishList admin dashboard, which means taking an extra step to get it all set up.

While the coupon function is available, it’s a paid add-on as opposed to being built in. Coupon function is a paid add on- not built in. Software upgrade and support after the first year is also an optional annual cost.

And now let’s take a look at the final membership site service review…

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