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There’s no question that creating digital, downloadable information products is one of the best ways to make money (online or offline).

  • They’re easy to create, sell and deliver with no stocking inventory or shipping out orders. 
  • You create them once and profit from them over and over again with real “set it and forget it” sales opportunities from a global marketplace. 

And while you’ve got lots of options for the kinds of info-products to create, the “tips guidebook” is perhaps the easiest of them all to get started with and is often the most profitable!

A tips guidebook is a set of specific, short tips related to a single topic like organic gardening, novel-writing, dieting, home education, survival life, RV travel, productivity, cooking, digital business, gaming, investing and health .  (This works for countless topics in countless niches, making it a great fit for the topics that you know and enjoy best.)

And here’s something you’ll really love: You can create a guidebook in your spare time. Write 3-4 tips per day, and you’ll have a ready-to-sell guidebook created in less than a month (or write 10 tips per day and create it in just over a week). You only need 101 tips at approximately 100 words each, and with the right “shortcuts,” you can have this done even faster than you think.

Specifically, here are the ten lessons included in 'The Joy of Info-Publishing'

  • The Proven 4-Step System For Creating A Tips Guide (Plus Picking A Niche)
  • How To Choose A Topic And Title That Generates Interest And Income
  • 10 Types Of Tips (That People Love) To Include In Your Guide
  • The Two 'Works-Every-Time' Ways To Get Ideas For Every Tip You Need
  • 3 Ways To Make Your Guide User-Friendly (To Help And Satisfy Customers)
  • Content Shortcuts - 5 Actions The Pros Take To Speed Up Product Creation
  • The Most-Often-Overlooked Step For Success (That You Must Take)
  • How To Sell Your Guide Even If You Don't Have Or Want A Website
  • Your Fill-In-The-Blanks Sales Letter Template (No Copywriter Needed)
  • Six Ways To Scale Your Business To Six Figures

The Joy of Info-Publishing is a completely new, never-before-released course that includes only our best field-tested ideas that come from more than 20 years of personal experience creating sellable information products.  And racking up over $20 Million dollars in digital sales.  If you’re looking for a good way to help others and make money, this is one of the easiest ways to do it. It literally just requires you to create a collection of tips around your favorite subject to have a helpful, profitable product ready to sell.

Each lesson in the course is approximately 4-7 pages making them easy to read, digest and put to work immediately. It is also perfect for beginners and up, simple enough that newbies can use it, and insightful enough that seasoned pros can glean from it. As usual, it is written in the style we’re known for … making things simple.

While you may think of a “tip” as merely a small piece of information (and it is), you may have the mistaken idea that it’s just a standard few sentences of content (it is not). There are many different kinds of tips such as lists, mini-checklists, resources, templates and more that share many different kinds of information such as examples, best practices, ideas, shortcuts, mistakes, FAQs and more.

In The Joy of Info-Publishing, you’ll learn what kinds of tips and information to share, along with: where to get all these tips, how to organize them into helpful categories, ways to speed up the process, putting on the right finishing touches to create a professional product, and even how to use your guide as the starting point for a long-term business that yields larger profit.

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