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Hey fellow online entrepreneur,

Simon and Jeremy here.

And if you want to FINALLY have more new, hot responsive leads that you can funnel into your mailing list...then make sure you pay very close attention to every word on this page.

Because in the next few minutes, we're going to share how you can legally and ethically steal our goods and methods while copying and pasting your way to online profits and success.
We'll share how in a moment, but first lets clear the air a bit ok?

Do you ever wonder how some of those online gurus REALLY make a ton of money online? We're talking about the kind of money that lets them travel the world and live the life of their dreams?

The kind of money that can make you a bit envious if you aren't careful.

Sure, they'll tell you about the latest and greatest opportunity or software that's sure to make you a GAZILLION dollars, but they don't use the same opportunity to promote said method.
lead magnet new
I mean, isn't it interesting how you hear of the latest and greatest traffic software, money making program, or opportunity

Yep. Email.

Now...if you've been online any amount of time, We're sure you've already heard that you need a mailing list that you can continuously send offers to over and over and rake in the profit.

Well...that used to be true.

But nowadays it's not so simple. Not anymore.
If You Want To Fast Track Your Way To A Profitable Email List, Then You'll Definitely Need This...

Let's face it.

It's easy to build just any old list nowadays. But building a RESPONSIVE list is tougher than ever.

And there's a difference between the two.

See, if you're going to build the kind of email list that pays through the nose month in and month out or that wait for every email you send with baited breath, then it all comes down to one thing initially.

First contact.

In other words, the first time you and your potential subscriber come in contact you must absolutely WOW them so that they have nothing but adoration for you in the near and not so distant future.

But how do you do that exactly? Simple. With a powerful lead magnet.

And I'm not talking about the kind that is the same ol rehashed ebook that you can get from some sleazy private label site.

No, I'm talking about the kind of lead magnet that will have your potential subscribers so impressed that they'll want to buy everything you sell.

But there's one problem.

See, most people (probably yourself as well) don't either know how to create just the write content to impress the reader or just don't have the time to.

I'm talking about the kind of content that connects with your potential subscribers so much that by the time they finish devouring that content, they'll swear you're a long lost relative!

Now, you could scour the net trying to find just the right combination of skills and tactics to develop those type of lead magnets or you can spend your time focusing on profiting from your potential mailing list.

And let us handle all the hard work for you while you only have to copy, paste, and profit.


"The Private Label Lead Magnet Power Pack!"

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Not only have I learned from them myself using the content, they have also been directly responsible for adding 1000's of emails to my lists, and in turn 1000's of $$$ in commissions promoting to those same lists. Thank you so much for providing them and keeping them such high quality, keep it up!"
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Emma Powell
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Thanks a million times over guys you truly are the guru's we all need. Here's to the success and guidance bring to all your people."
Philippe Moisan
I started building my business for real about 2 weeks ago. I had bought many products, registered to many sites, downloaded truckloads of stuff. I had forgotten ( if it is at all possible ) all the incredible products you guys build. I'm with memberspeed, privileged memberships, marketingebookclub, and of course UTB.

I was searching elsewhere for THE ANSWERS to build my business and generate traffic.

You're probably thinking right now, "the poor guy was out of his mind, we give him everything he needs".

I've reorganized my bookmarks. Your products are among my first priority to use and have success.

In the past, when I needed support, you responded lightning fast. And I even noticed it would be easy to cancel anything if I wanted too. Why would I ever want to do that ? :)

I'm pretty sure you have an army of people helping you build your tremendous business. I look forward to have my own army for my own online success.

Thanks a lot !
Here's What You'll Receive When You Get Started Today
Six Professional Dynamic Fully Editable Written Reports - Value Over $2,000

You'll receive 6 reports that are professionally written, but that keep the reader glued to their device. You won't get any of that stale and anal retentive stuff that floats around over the internet.

We make sure to give you reports you can use that will wow your email subscribers and make you look like a BOSS in the process.

These reports are also in word .doc format so you can edit them easily in your favorite word processing software.

Normally, to get one report written of this quality could run you easily $300-$500. But we're going to save you a stack of cash and get you six for a fraction of the cost.

A Powerful and Incredible Lead Sucking Squeeze Page on Steroids With Each Lead Magnet - Value Over $2,000

We all know that in order to really capture your prospects attention, you have to connect with them in under 3 seconds when they hit your page.

So it's not just what you say, but HOW you say it that's important as well. And we've done all the hard work for you when it comes to saying just the right thing to get people to sign up for your list.

Plainly put, once you use these high quality lead pages, you'll be on your way to building responsive mailing lists in absolutely no time.

Seven Hypnotic Copy/Paste Follow Up Emails For Each Lead Magnet - Value Over $1,000

Did you know that for some people you need to follow up with them seven times before they actually respond to your offer? Yep. It's true. But what do you say to these people once they get on your list?

You could sit down for hours on end trying to craft the right profit pulling words or you could use these seven follow up emails that's already pre-written for you.
Just copy them into your favorite notepad editor, make any necessary changes, add them to your favorite autoresponder, then sit back and relax.

Best of all, getting everything setup is incredibly easy. As a matter of fact, you could be all ready to go under an hour! Just add your affiliate id and/or affiliate links, export the report as a pdf, upload, send over your traffic and voila!

Youu're ready to start gathering emails and making sales!

Carefully Handcrafted Professional Graphics - Value Over $1,000

We all know that in order to really capture your prospects attention, you have to connect with them in under 3 seconds when they hit your page.

So it's not just what you say, but HOW you say it that's important as well. And we've done all the hard work for you when it comes to saying just the right thing to get people to sign up for your list.

Plainly put, once you use these high quality lead pages, you'll be on your way to building responsive mailing lists in absolutely no time.

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money hand new
Private Label Rights Included - Value: Priceless

As you'll soon see below, we've included some incredible done for you lead magnets that's ready to go straight out the box.

But just to sweeten the pot, we're also including private label rights at no extra charge!

That's right. This alone is worth 100X the low investment you'll make today and can make you a fortune in the process!

You can see all the licensing details further down on this page.

Take A Look At These Incredible Lead Magnets You'll Download In The Next 3 Minutes...
1. Six Figure Blogging

In this report, your subscribers will learn some of the best kept secrets to earning a six figure income by using the power of blogging.

We uncover:

  • The Truth About Blogging
  • The 5 Step Formula Anyone Can Use
  • Inside The Top Money Maker
  • How To Sell High & Earn Even Higher!
  • And So Much More!

(Word .Docx, PDF, images, emails, and landing page all included)

2. Chatbot Marketing Mastery

With the explosion of chatbots recently, there are a ton of people that would love to know how to use them in their business. We go deep inside the chatbot marketing world and show you how anyone can set them up to help make more profit.

Here are the details:

  • The Benefits of Chatbots
  • The Drawbacks of Chatbots
  • To Use Chatbots or Not?
  • Multiple Ways of Using Chatbots For Your Business
  • Where to Find Chatbot Solutions
  • And So, Much More!

(Word .Docx, PDF, images, emails, and landing page all included)

3. Azon FBA 101

Amazon is an absolute goldmine and is producing more and more millionaires each year. But do you know how to tame the wild money monster?

Inside this report, you'll get the complete details like:

  • What EXACTLY Is Amazon FBA
  • How FBA Works
  • How To Find Products That Sell Like Crazy!
  • The One Time Anyone Can Cash In and Make An Absolute Killing!
  • How To Get Started ASAP
  • And So Much More!

(Word .Docx, PDF, images, emails, and landing page all included)

4. Freelance Expert

Did you know that there are people making a full time income with freelancing?

In this report, we'll show you how you can do the same. You'll learn things like:

  • Dealing With The Potential Drawbacks
  • Capitalizing On The Various Services
  • How To Find Work Quickly
  • Setting Up Your Portfolio
  • No Work To Show? No Problem. Just Do This!
  • And So Much More!

(Word .Docx, PDF, images, emails, and landing page all included)

5. Facebook Ad Geek

This report will break down the Facebook Ad process and show anyone how to get started without losing their shirt in the process!

Here's what's included:

  • Understanding Facebook Ads From The Jump
  • How To Choose Your Advertising Objective
  • The Correct Way To Create Your Ad The First Time
  • Using The Different Category Types To Your Benefit
  • Audience Selection Done Right
  • And So Much More!

(Word .Docx, PDF, images, emails, and landing page all included)

6. Speed Writing

In this special report we uncover the secrets to writing so fast it will make your head spin!

You'll learn things like:

  • How To Do Research Correctly
  • The Outlining Process We Use To Speed Up Our Writing Quickly
  • Getting Your Typing Speed and Practicing Often
  • How To Eliminate Distractions For Maximum Focus and Speed
  • Curing Writer's Block Easily.
  • And So Much More!

(Word .Docx, PDF, images, emails, and landing page all included)

Unfortunately, To Avoid Saturation - We Can Only Keep This Special Offer Open At This Low of A Price For A Limited Time.
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To keep this effective, we'll only be offering a certain number of spots.

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I'm sure you understand right?

So you definitely don't want to delay on this because once it's gone it's gone for good and you may not ever see another no brainer offer like this ever again from our team.

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It's simple.

If you don't 100% agree that The Lead Magnet Power Pack Bundles is everything we say it is, then we'll refund you every penny.

Go ahead and take the next 30 days to try it all out. Go through all the materials and actually see for yourself how great The Lead Magnet Power Pack Bundles is.

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Sounds fair?

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Listen, we both know you work hard for your money and we respect that.

However, if you're thinking,
"I can just do all this stuff myself" then it's like giving up a pot of gold just to hold on to a $20 dollar bill.

Let me explain...

Let's say you spend the time researching and writing each report. And to do so takes you minimally 3 to 5 days to complete. Which, by the way, would take a TOTAL of 18 to 30 days to complete this task.

Next you pop over to your favorite graphic tool and spend another day or two per report on the graphics alone. That would cost you another 6 to 12 days.

And from there you spend 2 days fussing over getting the copy on the squeeze page just right.

And finally you spend half a day per report writing seven emails trying to answer your mailing list objections before they even have them. Thus another 3 to 4 days total.

Now let's say you worked 6 to 8 hours a day each day on those items.

If that's the case (which it is) you'd spend over 150 hours working on this project alone. And when you calculate how much money you'l save, you've actually LOST money.

Why? Because you can't get the time back you spent on those things.

So why spend over 150 or more hours trying to save pennies when investing in The Lead Magnet Power Pack Bundles will not only save you a ton of time, but can help you make thousands in the process?

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