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As a marketer, you've no doubt discovered that you need a lot of great content to keep your business thriving...  

You need content for blog posts, guest blogging, newsletters, forum posts, social media sites - and that's just the tip of the 'content iceberg'.

But the real key to online success is great content when it comes to your paid products!

But there are two problems:

1. You can't do it all yourself. There are only 24 hours in a day. You could churn out buckets of content nearly every day and still not have enough. Certainly you wouldn't have time to do anything else if all you did was create content!

2. Hiring a writer is expensive. Have you shopped around lately? Good content is expensive. It may be worth every penny, but maybe you just don't have that kind of a budget right now, or maybe you don't want to waste months and months of your time hunting for good writers amidst the sea of mediocre talent the outsourcing sites are awash with?

It's discouraging. And it can make you feel like maybe you'll just have to settle for less content, which means growing your business slower and perhaps pushing your goals further back into the future.

Until now because...

You Can Get The White Label Rights To Our New Product Development Video Coaching Program With Sales Video and Email Swipes, Plus Promotional Blog Post And More...


The #1 Copy/Paste And Profit Video Coaching Program

If You're Selling Into The Internet Marketing, Work From Home, Ecommerce, Biz-Op or Web Marketing Niches These Hot Topic Videos Will Sell Like Crazy!

Using White Label content Saves you time. Either you use it as-is (no work required!) or you spend just a little time tweaking and re-branding this premium level training as your own. Either way, in just minutes you'll own the rights to one of the most comprehensive and up-to-date product creation/development programs you'll ever find online.

And Yes... You can set your name as the author to grow your reputation as the 'go to guy' in your marketplace!

The other big benefit here is you SAVE MONEY! If you hired a researcher, a writer, a copywriter and then a video specialist to recreate this courses and the sales materials, you'd expect to pay at least $8,000.

But you can secure a full private label license today and your investment becomes a tiny fraction of that amount - You'll still get the same high-quality training to sell to your audience, but your return on investment will be stacked far higher and it'll arrive almost instantly because everything is ready to go right now!

Here's A Full Breakdown Of The Course...


Video #1
The Best Business In The World

You can spend a month studying business models, but one model is going to keep grabbing your attention again and again: selling digital products online. Inside this video you’ll find out why this profitable model is so popular, and how you can start building your own digital empire with an astonishing variety of easy-to-create products!


Video #2

Finding Your Hungry Market

Here’s the key to making a whole lot of money with your business: you need to find a hungry niche, and then you need to figure out what they’re already buying. Then all you have to do is give them more of same to virtually guarantee positive cash flow.  Most developers get this wrong - This video module will show you the steps you need to take to do it right.


Video #3

DIY Products: Yay! … Or No Way?

Some people are all over product creation like white on rice. Others freak out because the whole thing sounds so daunting. So the question is, should you create your product yourself or should you outsource it to a competent professional?

By the time you finish watching this video module, you’ll know the answer to that question!


Video #4

Putting It in the Hands of a Pro

Finding an amazing freelancer can be almost as hard as spotting a unicorn in the forest… unless you know these secrets! This video gives you a simple three step process for finding, vetting and hiring a reliable person to create your products. If you like saving a whole lot of money and time, don’t miss this the critical steps inside this training module!


Video #5

Quick & Dirty Way to Get Products

A quick and easy way to get your hands on quality products is to purchase the resell rights or private label rights to them.  But heads up: There are a lot of really bad resell rights products out there. Buggy apps. Fantastically bad videos. ebooks that look like they were created by a toddler. This module reveals how to locate the best products at the best prices!


Video #6

Blow Their Socks Off Ebooks/Reports

If you want to turn visitors into buyers, and buyers into repeat customers, your content needs to impress them. This requires two things: 1) Providing good content and 2) keeping people entertained so they’ll keep reading. This video reveals the five secrets of creating edutaining content that gets visitors and buyers coming back for more!


Video #7

Secrets of Creating Stellar Videos

You don’t need to be Steven Spielberg to create great videos. Because people will still buy your offers even if you don’t have a professional video studio and a multi-million dollar budget. Just watch this video to discover the best video formats, how to present your content, and what kind of equipment you need. It’s easier than you think!


Video #8

You, The Next Bill Gates?

You don’t need to be a code geek in order to create software that sells. Entrepreneurs like Bill Gates don’t spend their days writing code... they spend it running the business. So if you have a good idea for an app you’re going to want to watch this video.  You'll see how to create tools people want to buy and how to put your team to work creating it.


Video #9

Secrets of Amazing Live Events

With live events / webinars you’re creating two products. First, you can charge admission to the event itself. Then later you can sell the recordings! Pretty sweet, right?  Of course the key to success is to be sure your event totally rocks. That’s what this video shows you how to do with a simple five-step process for keeping viewers glued to their seats!


Video #10

Creating Courses That Sell Like Crazy

If you’re looking to add another product to your sales funnel, consider a multi-part course. This format is an awesome way to deliver content, because you get your customers faithfully reading every email you send, seeing your calls to action and clicking on your links. Get a simple 3-step process for creating your own kick-ass online course!

Check Out A Sample Video From This Program:

DEMO Video #1 - The Best Business In The World

Check Out The Sales Video From This Program:


Here's What You'll Receive When You Order Today:

  • check
    10 Unbranded Content/Training Course Videos - Value $997
    The coaching (however you decide to sell it - either 'as is' in video format, maybe re-positioned to ebook / print book format or even as membership/continuity content - or all 3) is guaranteed to impress your new buyers.  Each video is approximately five minutes in length, packed with great content and provided in .MP4 format.
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    Course Content Transcripts (In MS .DocX Format) - Value $297
    We've included with the ten individual training videos the original transcripts in Microsoft .Docx format which means with just a little effort you can use the same content for books or written reports, blog posts and more.
  • check
    Professionally Scripted VSL (Video Sales Letter) - Value $397
    Written by a professional copywriter and expertly transformed into a high converting video you can use this video 'as is' to sell your new training course right away.  No course names are mentioned so this video will still be usable even if you decide to change the name/rebrand of the coaching program (a huge time/cost saver).
  • check
    Video Sales Letter Transcript (in MS .DocX Format) - Value $197
    You can use the provided .MP4 sales video 'as is' or with this script you can re-record it yourself in your own voice and with your own style/branding.  You could also use this to create a text based sales letter or new ads.
  • check
    Editable Cover Graphics (in .PNG/JPG/PSD Formats) - Value $297
    You'll most likely want to rebrand/reposition the course for maximum profits, but if you want quick and easy sales with minimum hassle, then we've included awesome cover/box images (including PSD files for editing)
  • check
    Email/Blog Posts Promotional Content & Marketing Kit - Value $297
    We've included three promotional emails, plus a copy/paste long blog post you can use to start promoting your training course to new buyers - These are packed full of extra tips and ideas and make the perfect 'content rich' promotional tools...  Just copy & paste add your sales link and you're good to go!

So how can you use this amazing course to grow your business?

Just about any way you want! 

Simply Sell The Courses 'As Is'. The videos are supplied to you unbranded and are ready to start selling as your own. You can begin selling the course right away in any format you choose - You get full transcripts to each video, translate them into different languages, add your own voice overs and more.

Nichify The Course Content! You're free to edit the content or rework the videos in any way you choose and could quickly re-imagine the training to suit the industry you're in. Customize it for your audience and raise your prices to match. There's a lot of awesome info here that can be customized easily for businesses online or off.

Add The Course(s) To A Membership Site. The content inside these courses is choc full of useful information. Any of it would be a valued asset in a marketing or business membership site. You get 10 videos in total and easily enough for an entire membership site.

Create an online or offline coaching program. Incorporate the course as part of an online coaching program or even a local offline class for businesses in your area. Use the course as the core training and add your own 'assignments' or 'hand-outs' based around it.

Learn From The Training Yourself. If you are struggling to put together all the products your business needs you really should go through the training yourself. It'll help you power up your development and creation like crazy. Think about it, for just a little more that it would cost to have basic 'customer only' access to these videos you'll get everything with White Label rights - Learning & Earning all rolled up in one great offer.

And more - You get full rights to modify and use the course contents in whatever way you'd like, which includes claiming authorship* (see the full terms of use and restrictions below).

This amazing 'business in a box' / ready made profit funnel could easily net you thousands of dollars in sales revenue which makes this offer easily worth $1,000 or more.

But you don't have to invest that much today
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the license terms for the rights you get with THIS WHITE LABEL video COACHING PROGRAM:

[YES] You can use the video coaching program yourself (it's packed with great info so make sure to watch).
[YES] You can sell the video coaching program at a price point determined by you.  (MRP $9.95/RSP $19.95/RRP $29.95)
[YES] You can add the video coaching program to a paid membership site.
[YES] You can edit and modify the videos anyway you see fit to make them new and unique.
[YES] You can rebrand, rename, redesign the video coaching program & create new graphics.

And here's what you can't do (the White label rights are for you alone):

[NO] To protect the value of the program, you may not pass on any kind of rights to your customers. This means that your customers may not have resell, master resell, white label or private label reprint/rights passed on to them.
[NO] You cannot use content from the videos or copy from this page as part of another Private Label product/offer.
[NO] You are not permitted to give the videos away in their current 'as-is' format for free - they must be sold directly or offered as a bonus to a paid product. They must be edited, renamed and fully re-branded to be given away.

[NO] You may only claim copyright to the video coaching program or any derived product developed from it after you have made substantial changes (50% minimum) to distinguish your offering from other license owners.

[NO] You may not mention the names Simon Hodgkinson, Jeremy Gislason or PromoteLabs as the authors or originators of this training in any way in your marketing, product redevelopment or use of this content.

30 Day Peace Of Mind Guarantee

If you don't 100% agree this kit is everything we've said, then we'll refund every penny.

Seriously, go ahead and take the next 30 days to try it out. Go through the materials and actually see for yourself how big a saving you're making here - If after purchase you're not convinced, then email us for a prompt and courteous refund.

SAVE BIG! Grab The License Now

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