Copy This Super Affiliates Trick...

Now you know the secrets that separate the super affiliates from everyone else. Now it’s up to you to take action on what you just learned so that you can establish yourself as an authority in your niche, build a responsive audience, and add value to everything you promote.

End result? More customers, more sales, and more big fat commission checks.

Perhaps the most startling tactic in the whole video was the part about overlaying attention bars on vendor’s sales pages. I don’t know how much you’ve thought about this crazy trick yet, but this totally levels the playing field between you and all the other big players in the niche.

I mean think about this…One of the big advantages super affiliates have over everyone else is that vendors are willing to bend over backwards for them. For example, vendors will create personalized landing pages for the affiliate’s subscribers and other traffic. That’s huge, and it drives a lot of sales.

Guess what?

UPDATED:  When you overlay an attention bar using the tool mentioned in the course, you don’t need to wait for a vendor to personalize the sales page. Just use Attention Monkey Conversion Gorilla, and you can put whatever you want 

If you’re thinking this gives you a big edge, you’re absolutely right. Not only does it give you an unfair edge over your competitors, but it also helps you drive sales even if the vendor’s sales page is kinda crappy.  This is the tool being used right now by a tiny percentage of the top online marketers – and now for the first time you canuse it too.


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