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YouTube Profits

“Discover How To Become the Most Powerful, Profitable, and In-Demand Influencer in Your Entire Niche…”

Imagine if you knew how to attract a profitable YouTube audience and how to hold their attention with engaging videos.  

The smart YouTubers who already know how to do this are making tens of millions of dollars per year!

Drop a video… and your audience drops everything to watch it. 

  • They click your links.  
  • You rack up the views.  
  • And the profits start pouring in.

Imagine having that kind of power and influence.  Imagine dropping a video and having subscribers flock by the hundreds of thousands or even millions to watch it.  And having so much power in your niche that BIG BRANDS are banging on your virtual door, just begging you (and paying you a truck load of cashto promote their offers.

You become the
kingmaker in your niche.

You can turn brands and even other YouTubers into super stars… if you want.  You can promote a cause and do a lot of good in the world.

And you can start living that lifestyle you’ve been dreaming about.

We're pretty sure that you're audience will like the picture we’re painting here and it's why you’re going to LOVE this license to ourr brand new course “YouTube Profits”It's destined to be your next best seller!

Your Audience Is Looking To You To Help Point Them In The Right Direction!

  • How To Stand Out From Other YouTubers Getting More Views, More Engagement and More Profit! 
  • How To Craft Multiple Styles/Formats of Video Content and Importantly When/Where To Use Them.
  • How To Monetize Their Videos With At Least Six Different Ways To Rake In Profits.
  • How Get It Right First Time:  Channel Design, Content, Thumbnails, Video Lengths and Much More!

And that’s exactly what you’ll be teaching them how to do inside this exciting new guide...


YouTube Profits"

This is the little-known information that separates those who’re struggling on YouTube from those who can generate thousands every time they drop a new video.

YouTube Profits

Here's A Complete Breakdown Of The Course:

Module 1: Chasing the YouTube Dream (And Turning it Into a Reality)

Inside this module you’ll start by choosing your audience based on three important factors – when you hit the trifecta, you’ll have a profitable YouTube business doing what you love! You’ll also discover how to stand out from other YouTubers to get more subscribers, more views, more engagement and more profits. Plus you’ll find out what’s really required of you to get your YouTube dreams off the ground – the sky is the limit when you follow these steps!

Module 2: The Top 23 Types of Awesome “Keep ‘em Glued to Their Seat” Videos That Work in Any Niche

How do the world’s top YouTubers hook their viewers and keep them coming back for more? Answer: they use a wide variety of video styles and formats. Not only does this variety keep your audience coming back for more, it lets you quickly determine what your audience REALLY likes and responds to. That’s why this module covers 23 engaging video styles using five different formats.

Module 3: Show Me the Money

There are people who are making $5000… $15,000…. $20,000 or more for every video they create! If you want to do the same thing, then you need to create an engaging video (see Module 2), and you need to know how to turn your audience’s attention into cash in the bank. Here you’ll discover six proven ways to make bank on every video you produce. You can even combine these methods to really blow your revenue out of the water!

Module 4: Building Your YouTube Channel on a Firm (and Profitable) Foundation

Here’s where the rubber meets the road. Inside this module you’ll get a crash course in setting up your YouTube marketing platform the RIGHT way. This includes setting up your channel, choosing the most profitable length for your video, crafting irresistible titles, and doing everything else you need to do to capture the attention (and wallets!) of your audience!

Module 5: Advanced Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts for Turning You Into a YouTube Super Star

If you want to be a breakout super star on YouTube to really build an audience for your business, then you need to do what the top YouTubers are doing. Inside this module you’ll discover the top YouTuber’s best-kept secrets, including the Profit Automizer, the Super Star Strategy, the Piggyback, the View Amplifier, and six others mapped out strategies to boost your subscribers, engagement and profits!

In short:  By the time you readers have finished this course they'll be bone-fide YouTube Marketing Pro's

YouTube Profits

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Your YouTube Profits PLR Course Kit Includes:

  • Main Course - 100 Pages/24,000+ Words (Editable .Docx and ready to sell PDF formats)
  • Bonus Checklist (An Ideal Lead Magnet) - 13 Pages / 1,900 Words
  • Bonus Gear List (Make Back End Commissions For Yourself) - 12 Pages / 1,900 Words
  • Editable PSD Cover Graphic + 7 Mock-Up Variations in PNG format
  • Your Private Label Rights License*

Your YouTube Profits PLR Marketing Kit Includes:

  • Professionally Written Sales Letter, Plus+ Alternative VSL (Video Sales Letter) Script.
  • Copy/Paste Promotional Emails - 5 Part Series 

Private Label Rights - With Early Bird Discount

If you'd like to SELL this course as your own, lift your expert status in a massive market and keep 100% of every order this is the deal for you! When you order the PLR license you will get the course in editable format for you to rebrand and sell it as your own. You will also get a complete marketing creative kit with sales copy, sales video script and email swipes, plus editable cover graphics and mock ups in .PSD/.PNG formats. *Please note that due to the nature of Private Label Rights products we do not refund PLR purchases with the exception of duplicate purchases.

Sell just a handful of copies and you‘ll have your investment returned. Everything else is pure profit!

Note: PLR to our courses is normally $499+ …   the PLR license to 'YouTube Profits' today comes with a big discount!


The Membership Evolution Course in .Docx  and .PDF Formats, Checklist in .Docx and .PDF Format, Main Course Editable Cover Graphics and Transparency Mock-ups, Professionally Written Sales Letter and Sales VSL Script and High Converting Email Swipes

Private Label License Marketing Ideas:

What exactly can you do with the course?  Everything from selling it 'as is' to a full on edit/rework and even turning it into video content or a membership. Here are some ideas to get you started thinking about how to use the content to get more traffic, more subscribers and more sales:

1. Build your prospect list by giving away the bonus report as a high-quality lead magnet.

2. Drive prospects to your website with the ready-made blog posts.

3. Prepare a webinar by using the lessons as the basis of your training. (Free webinar or paid webinar!)

4. Provide your clients with copies of the course as part of their coaching with you (or use the course as the foundation for your unique coaching program).

5. Add part or all of the sections into your membership site for members to access.

6. Offer the course as a bonus to those who purchase another offer from you. (Or as an upsell or OTO.)

7. Convert individual lessons into an autoresponder sequence. (Tip: Give the first 3 for free and upsell the rest!)

8. Chop it up and setup your own 10-week coaching class for $497+.

9. Present any other kind of “free offer” such as slide presentation videos and infographics.

10. Develop any other kind of “paid offer” such as 10-day challenges and physical products.

The only thing you can’t do is pass on any kind of rights to other people. This means that your subscribers, customers and affiliates/partners may not have PLR rights, reprint / resell rights, or giveaway rights passed on to them. Nor can you pass on any kind of rights / licensing to any offer created from any portion of this content that would allow additional people to sell or give away any portion of the content contained in this license. *Please note that due to the nature of Private Label Rights products we do not refund PLR purchases with the exception of duplicate purchases.

Only YOU can sell or give away the content when you purchase a this private label license.

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