You’ll Never Pay for Ads Again Once You Know These Secrets!  

Business is a numbers game, and that includes traffic.

It’s a pretty simple calculation, right?

The more traffic you get, the more sales you’ll make, and the more money you’ll put in the bank.

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Problem is, many marketers stumble when it comes to getting traffic. Usually this happens for one or more of the following reasons:

  • The traffic method isn’t evergreen. Often people jump on traffic fads, and then whatever platform they’re using to get this traffic closes up loopholes and the traffic stops.
  • The traffic method requires too much patience. Another problem is that people expect traffic instantly, mostly because others tell them they’ll get traffic “overnight.” Yes, sure, there are some incredibly fast ways to get traffic. But some methods require time – and if you abandon a method just because it didn’t get traffic the day you employed it, then you could be leaving a whole lot of money on the table.
  • The marketer isn’t consistent. In order to grow your traffic, you need to take consistent steps on a daily basis. In other words, you can’t use traffic methods when you feel like it and get great results.
  • The marketer is trying to do way too much. A lot of marketers read about different traffic methods, and then they try to do them all at once. End result? They don’t get good results for any of them.
  • Marketers use multiple methods without testing. What you want to do instead is pick one method, implement it, and tweak if needed to get results. Once you have one traffic method delivering results, then you can add another. Rinse and repeat.

Look, if any of this has happened to you, rest assured it’s not your fault. Bad information seems to go around the internet pretty fast. One person says it, then another person passes it along, and pretty soon others are sharing the same bad info.

So, it’s time to set the record straight. Let’s start by looking at some of the free traffic methods that really work…


Setting up a blog on your own website gives you multiple marketing advantages, including:

  • You can optimize the content for the search engines. SEO (search engine optimization) is a traffic method all its own. However, if you have a blog, then you’ll want to research what keywords your market is using to find information in the search engines, and then optimize your blog content for those keywords.
  • You can post viral content on your blog. This works best if you include social media “share” buttons directly on your blog to make it easy for visitors to tell their friends. Be sure to also include a call to action where you specifically tell people to share the content.
  • TIP: You can establish yourself as a niche expert. And once you’re a noted authority, people will naturally link to your content more often, which means you get referral traffic.

Here are tips and best practices for making the most of your blog:

  • Pick a specialty. You want to become the go-to source and expert for one particular topic in your niche.
  • Prepare unique content for your blog. Give your visitors something they can’t find anywhere else, and they’ll keep coming back to your blog for more (and referring their friends).
  • Put high-quality content on your blog. Don’t publish just to publish. Always take the time to put high-quality content that’s both engaging and solves your audience’s problems.

Here’s a related traffic method…

Guest Blogging 

In order to reach a wider audience, what you do here is publish guest content on other peoples’ blogs. You can accomplish this in two ways:

  • Search for blogs in your niche that accept guest content. For example, if you’re looking for gardening blogs that accept guests, you might search Google for terms such as “gardening guest author,” “gardening blog submit article” or “gardening guest author guidelines.” (You can also search for something like, “list of gardening blogs accepting guest content.”)
  • Propose a guest blogging opportunity to blog owners. You may even suggest a content swap, where you each create a guest article for each other.

The same here as applies to any content you post on your own blog: be sure it’s engaging, high-quality content that solves a problem.

Here are the keys to getting traffic with this method:

  • Get published on relevant, high-traffic blogs. If you’re not familiar with the blog, do your due diligence to be sure it’s a place where you’re proud to publish your content.
  • Provide a call to action urging readers to click through to your site. A good way to do this is to offer “Part 2” of the article the visitor just finished reading (and then send visitors to your lead page where they can obtain Part 2).


Email Marketing

As you develop your traffic strategy, you’ll start getting a lot of visitors. But the vast majority of them are going to leave your site without taking any action. And even if they bookmark your page, there’s a good chance they’ll never return.

The solution? You need to capture them on an email list so that you can follow up with them repeatedly. This follow-up gets them back to your site, warms them to your offers and helps you close the sale.

Here are the key parts to setting up your email-capturing strategy:

  • You need a good lead magnet. This should be a desirable, valuable product you offer for free in exchange for an email address. (Do your market research to find out what your market is buying, and then create something similar to offer for free – you can bet they’ll snap it up!)
  • You need a persuasive lead page. This is a short sales page that tells people the benefits of the lead magnet and of joining your mailing list. Be sure to end with a strong call to action that tells people to join your list.
  • You need an engaging autoresponder series. You’ll want to be sure you craft attention-getting subject lines and engaging, useful content so that people keep opening and reading your emails. It’s also a good idea to test and track your email campaigns so you know what subject lines, offers and prices work and which ones fall flat with your audience.
  • You need to insert a link and call to action in each email. You may send out emails that are part useful content, part pitch. The useful content should naturally lead to the offer at the end.
  • You need a reliable autoresponder. We suggest you try a feature-rich platform like ConvertKit.

Obviously, you also need to use these other traffic methods to get people to your lead page. But once you do this, you can be assured that you’re making the most of your traffic, since you’re not letting them leave the site until you make your offer to get them on your mailing list.

In other words, no traffic method is complete without this every important step.

Here’s the next traffic method…

Joint Venture- for Traffic

Working With Marketing Partners

Leveraging other marketers’ traffic tends to create really warm leads. That’s because people trust the person who’s doing the referring, so they’ll often land on your sales pages in a buying mood.

You can get traffic from other people using two main methods:

  • Set up an affiliate program. You’ll want to offer around 50% commissions on digital products and create “copy and paste” emails and ads your affiliates can use to promote your offers. Your affiliate program will be even more profitable if you personally recruit super affiliates in your niche (or hire a broker to do it for you) by offering higher commissions and other special perks.
  • Do joint ventures with people in your niche. This is where you approach other people in your niche directly and propose a joint venture. For example:
  • Do a webinar together to generate leads.
  • Swap content for your newsletters, blogs or social media pages.
  • Exchange links for your download/thank you pages.

And similar activities. Your goal is to do something mutually beneficial so that you both grow your traffic, lists and sales.

Your traffic strategy should include both joint ventures as well as an affiliate program.

Now a few parting thoughts…


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