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There would have been no GrooveDigital without Jeremy and Simon

Jeremy and Simon have been around since the start and are still going strong because they operate with real integrity and genuinely care about their customer’s results. Marketing good guys who create exceptional products, cutting edge software that works and lasts and training that’s based on proven, tried and tested strategies that they’ve put into practice themselves first – Straight up, bonafide marketing champions.
They have been our No. 1 affiliate for 2 years and have been our No. 1 affiliate for every launch winning every grand prize. They beat 2nd place by a factor of 10. Point blank… There would have been no GrooveDigital without Jeremy and Simon.

Mike Filsiame

Protecting Your Hard Work Is Important

As a software developer protecting your hard work is an important aspect of selling digital products. You want a licensing system that does what you need, is flexible and not get in your way.

ProductDyno does that and more. Other licensing systems make you jump through hoops integrating their services, not so with ProductDyno, it was quick and painless. If you need to license and protect your digital products then there is no other service I would recommend!

John Merrick
Connectly, IM Wealth Builders Ltd

Protecting Your Digital Assets is THE Most Important Thing You Can Do

Protecting your digital assets is THE most important thing you can do. ProductDyno makes it click and play easy. It doesn’t matter if you are a non-techy or a software developer (like me), you will find a level of ProductDyno that suits you down to ground.

Do you want to click a few buttons and create protected download areas for your products? Do you want to build a membership database that you can control with licensing, emails, integrations with other services? Do you want to dig deep at a code level and integrate your own systems with it?

As a professional software developer I appreciate products that are simple and easy for non-techies to use but also provide extra power and flexibility for techys to connect to. ProductDyno has both and it works simply and elegantly.

Simon Philips

ProductDyno meets all of my criteria!

I have a few criteria that I am picky about when it comes to a membership platform. Obviously protecting your content is priority, but the membership setup must be simple, and the members page has to look professional.

I have tried several membership plugins, scripts, and cloud platforms over the years and I have finally found one that I am truly happy with. ProductDyno meets all of my criteria and is very easy to use, plus it looks great.

I built my first product to launch with ProductDyno and adding each section for my members area was a breeze. The final output of the members area is clean, neat, and very professional looking. I wouldn’t use anything else personally after buying ProductDyno.

Bryant Dodd
BD Marketing

Product Protection is ProductDyno

I have worked with several other product protection and delivery systems, and have had to code my own fixes time and time again, or worse yet have my valuable assets exposed! ProductDyno comes out of the box ready to secure and support your products and customers, wither it be an information product, a SaaS product, or WordPress Plugin or Software Licensing! I use it for all of my products (17 now and growing in my ProductDyno Admin Dashboard) and have migrated almost 1500 users to the ProductDyno platform for product fulfillment and video training courses!

You can tell they are product owners/creators as well, due to the amount of thought that went in and continues to go into ProductDyno. They have improved it without bloating the software since I have purchased!

Hands down the best platform there is for securing and delivering your products, and it’s only getting better!

Curtis Crowley

Excellent product great support

Product Dyno is a great tool for managing members and membership pages. Also the customer service to help get it set up was excellent.

Anthony Hayes
Business Loans Now

Great and Understanding Support Team

It’s nice to know that PomoteLabs and specifically ProductDyno has a great support team.

So, I would like to thank the Sara and Donna particularly, who helped to quickly resolve my account issues which put me back in business.

I plan on using ProductDyno in a variety of ways and glad they have my back.

–Joseph Yanni

Joseph Yanni

Finally The Perfect Solution Made Affordable

I have tried just about every membership platform out there. The are either buggy, cumbersome or WAY too expensive – especially if you are just getting started.

ProductDyno fills a much needed void.

It’s easy affordable and they have thought of everything. This thing has so many integrations and features you might think you are using one of the expensive options that can cost hundreds per month.

This is a must have tool!

Valerie DuVall

The Promote Labs Team is

The Promote Labs Team is quick, knowledgeable, and AWESOME!
I needed to upgrade my purchase after I mistakingly ordered the wrong version of my Product.

I contacted the Support Desk and they took care of my issue and gave me access to the correct Product, in no-time-flat! Jennifer, one of their team members, from the Customer Happiness Team Welcomed me to their Tribe!

I’m really looking forward to using my ProductDyno System and joining the PromoteLabs Tribe!

Dr. Michael A. McMorris

Dr. Michael A. McMorris

ProductDyno is…….Awesome

Sometimes you find a product to use for your online business that is just outstanding. This goes certainly for ProductDyno, I am very glad I decided to buy it. It is an easy way to build membership sites, for one time fee standalone products, and for recurring fee memberships. It is very easy to quickly add content to your products, and the available themes make sure you get fantastic looking membership sites. You can add audio, video, text, pdf’s and other supporting material for your customers, and you can dripfeed the content as well. Sections and sub-sections make sure you can organize the content perfectly. Next to that the support is really super (thanks again, Jennifer Taylor). I had to clearify some issues and got the right answers back very fast and to the point. One of the features was not working well, but the developers team took quick action to make it work as should be within a day. So all in all I can only say: If you have or want to have an online business selling memberships, I strongly recommend using ProductDyno.

Charles van Veen, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Charles van Veen


Not sure this is a testimony, but I was a teacher , I had a stroke (stress and high blood pressure) Teaching myself Marketing on the internet, bought Dyno, and the person explaining the software almost made me cry! He Did so well explaining, and thanks so much for creating something like this, I feel like I will be able to have more control of my life! Take care and will be giving you a update when I start putting products on this platform.

none yet

Product Dyno is our favourite system for delivering online products

ProductDyno is our favourite system for delivering online products. It’s simple, secure, and incredibly well put together – everything just works. It’s definitely the most popular membership software among Convertri users, and it’s easy to see why!

Neil Murton

ProductDyno has everything you need to deliver your content!

“When I first heard about ProductDyno, I was totally skeptical. I mean, who wouldn’t be nowadays? You see, every time you open up your Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail, and all you get are emails telling you how you can make millions of dollars with their new super-duper ‘membership platform’.

Well, on the advice of some well respected marketers, I invested in ProductDyno and my thoughts are ‘Wow’! ProductDyno is simple, intuitive, it’s got everything you need in one control panel, and you can drag and drop all of your content from YouTube, your hard disk and anywhere else.

In summary, if you can’t put a lucrative money making membership site together with ProductDyno, then you might as well give it all up and get a job flipping burgers. ProductDyno is that good!

David Cavanagh

ProductDyno Shines with It’s Powerful Integrations

There are many types of membership scripts out there so choosing the best one for you can often become a daunting task.

Where ProductDyno shines is it centralizes all your payment processors, autoresponder systems, hosting, and everything you can think of in one area.

This is often where most other scripts lack. With other scripts you typically require a lot of add-ons and you need a lot of moving pieces. Eventually it gets scattered.

Another thing you should look for is if the script has the capability to withstand long term. I know the guys behind ProductDyno for decades and they will do whatever it takes to stomp out all the bugs and improve on it. I’ve seen it as well being part of the initial beta test group.

Lastly – It allows you to setup collections which follows a new method of marketing that I’ve been testing and teaching recently to convert prospects into die hard fans when you mix products and good content marketing together. This is something you can’t do with any other system and I’ve tested hundreds. Except one I’ve used that costs $1200 per year.

I highly recommend ProductDyno to anyone wanting to securely deliver their content online and have everything in one place!

Stephen Luc

Fast customer support

I ordered a product package from Promote Labs, but I never received the password link to download the product. I sent an email to support. And within an hour, a representative, Donna, responded to my support ticket. She resolved the problem in seconds. Nice work.

Sharmil McKee

ProductDyno is so good that I’ve been migrating as many of my products as I can into it.

ProductDyno is so good that I’ve been migrating as many of my products as I can into it. So far I’ve got 65 products and 15 collections and can honestly say that this is the best product delivery and member system I’ve used in my 18 years online. They have the most complete list of integrations I’ve seen and everything just works.

Andy Brocklehurst

Nice little bell and whistle

I want to say I like this new feature in ProductDyno at a 1st glance…

The new “Business Intelligence” feature that is…

I recently connected ThriveCart to a product in PD and now I have one central pane of glass to see the sells that happen from my PD products…

While yes I can and should go back to ThriveCart and look and see this, it is just a nice to have in PD … for me…

I do not currently offer that same product via another payment gateway but I should … say another payment gateway that is also connected to another merchant option, in case something happens on that front….

So when I do get there it will be nice to see this again in a single pane of glass type view in PD to see where my sells are coming from, another place to see tracking results…

But I would hate for PD to try and turn into a do everything and miss the point of what I bought it for easy product delivery…

So thanks, it is a nice little bell and/or whistle for me at this time…

Garry Baker

Good Products – Great Support

I love PromoteLabs and the products they produce. ProductDyno is another excellent product from PromoteLabs. I’ve been using it for the past several months and I can’t say enough good things about it. Not only has it saved me time but has helped me streamline my business. In typical PromoteLabs fashion, it’s a solid product with even better support behind it. Any time I’ve had an issue, the Customer Happiness team has done what their name suggest, solved my problem and made me happy.
Rest assured that when you invest in a product from PromoteLabs that you’re investing in a quality product that is going to help you and your business.

Robert Borsuk

Don’t pass this up – I don’t do testimonials

The fact is I don’t do testimonial unless I am gobsmacked by something. I have used **Thinkific**Kajabi**LearnDash**Everlesson. My last foray was with WordPress with one of the afore mentioned – Basically I was SICK TO DEATH of endless updates to plugins. The last straw was when payment went down because of a plugin conflict…

Looked around and found ProductDyno. At first I was not too convinced but I gave it a shot anyways. I am not a religious person – But… praise be to the heavens I did not miss it. (yes that IS probably a choir of angels that you can hear right now)

This product runs like clockwork. My customers love it. Customers can use it. Customers don’t contact me endlessly for logins and issues because PD is do darn good at sorting all that out.

Learning curve? Yes as with everything. Worth the effort. YES! Happy days have arrived. Thanks guys for an incredible product!

Martin Cole

The easiest way to automate and sleep at night

I have used several services to deliver online training / content. I saw ProductDyno and thought it looked clean and simple to set up. It WAS! This alone was a BIG plus. I moved everything over to productdyno and now I actually have a life back.

Occasionally we might have a hiccup, say with an update. But this is fixed DAM fast. Some may complain about this but I look at it differently. If nothing ever changes and nothing ever fails then this tells me that the company has stopped innovation. Productdyno keeps getting better! The company actually listens to its users. We get to vote up suggestions. We get to be part of the process of pushing this software to the top of the pile. I am delighted to be part of continually making something better.

Martin Cole

Amazing Service!

ProductDyno solves some challenges.

The first is membership software. Most membership software is extremely complicated, and it shouldn’t be. ProductDyno is very simple to set up and use.

The second challenge it solves is DRM (Digital Rights Management). It easily protects your digital downloadable products.

Thirdly, you have the ability to keep your digital products and course on your own website because they have a tremendous external protection feature.

The customer service response time is very good, and they are kind and helpful. We feel this says a lot about a company.

We are gearing up for our movie and course release, and so far the testing of this product has gone very well. We look forward to our launch.

James A Sinclair

Beautiful members area

I transferred my members area to Product Dyno from another site builder. This is so easy to build. I like the visual builder coz while building my members area, I can already see what it’s gonna look like. And my students like it better than the old one. And the best part is they have the most efficient support team ever! Major props to you, guys!

Liza Ramos

Literally SAVED My Business At The Last Minute

I’ll never forget it… I had this launch, in December 2018, and was destined to be our biggest ever.

It was early morning, and the flood gates were about to open. Huge amounts of traffic were about to start rolling in.

And that’s when I realized what happened…

Our entire WordPress members area had melted down… I still don’t know if it was because of a WP update… or an update to DAP (Digital Access Pass) the membership plugin we were using… or what… But the entire members area software had pooped its pants and stopped working. Right at the start of the launch…

Now, all the WordPress membership plugins we had ever tried had always sucked anyway, including the one we were using at that moment. Even when it was working it was terrible and made life hard for me, my virtual assistants, and my customers.

But having it melt down at the beginning of a massive launch? That was devastating.

After an hour of pulling my hair out trying to fix it, I said screw it. I’m done with these stupid WordPress plugins.

I remembered Simon & Jeremy mentioning ProductDyno several times. I was reluctant to have to learn a new platform… but I had no choice.

I grabbed ProductDyno, chugged another energy drink, and I started watching the tutorials – trying to focus as much as my brain would on almost zero sleep over the past 48 hours (as is usually the case prior to a big launch).

I started going through the process of creating the new product listings inside the members area and…

…I was blown away.

It was… So. Damned. Easy.

“Weird!” I thought. Membership platforms aren’t supposed to be this easy.

Linking each of my JVZoo products to a product in ProductDyno took like 60 seconds.

Fleshing out the membership pages and thumbnail images for each product took maybe 2-3 minutes.

Setting up the automated welcome/login details messages took like 60 seconds.

Linking all the upsells and downsells together so that everyone had just ONE login to access everything they purchased ended up being SUPER easy – couple clicks of the mouse.

Customizing which unpurchased products people could and couldn’t see thumbnails for… took like 5 seconds!

No WordPress nonsense. No complex settings. No “protect this url, don’t protect that url” nonsense. No backend “theme” crap. No WordPress “web designing” each product page.

NONE of that usual crap that you deal with when using a WordPress Membership Plugin.

I was absolutely blown away.

By the time I was done with everything, we were already a few hours into the launch and had probably a hundred or so angry customers.

All NEW incoming customers would now be sent into the new awesome members area and given perfect access to their purchases and NOW it was time to see how easy it would be to migrate the EXISTING buyers from that morning into the new ProductDyno members area.

Piece of cake. Took like 5-10 seconds per previous customer to migrate them over.

The launch… was saved. And so was my business.

It was honestly the single most easy and enjoyable members area experience I had ever had and I have stuck with it ever since. Creating new products and offers is a breeze now, not stressful like it used to be. Running my business is so much more enjoyable today and my customers are so much happier, thanks to ProductDyno.

Steven Alvey

Rockstar customer

Your customer service is swift and rockstar

On three consecutive occasions I submitted support tickets and on three consecutive occasions the responses landed in my inbox faster than Speedy Gonzalez could get off his starting blocks 🙂

Ok, I’m exaggerating. However, the folks over at Promote Labs have provided me with great customer service over the months.

Even though it may not be so, It certainly looks like their team operates 24/7/365 🙂

I’m deeply grateful.

Amien Jacobs
Work From Home Productivity Enthusiast


The LMS which is easy to launch courses

I like ProductDyno, because it is easy to build courses with UI builder and dynamic check as you build.
It has all the bells and whistles. Also, the direct message, quiz and referral marketing system is a boon to any creator. Bundling collections is a USP and can help you cross sell a lot and it is a good tool to build a hub.
I love the header links, many footer links and side bar for various monetizations. To be honest, I think a few more theme options with still better UI, can make it compete like hell. Still, this is a huge value for your money.
I am launching my multiple hubs in executive coaching and small business mentoring. Can’t wait to make it happen on ProductDyno with great integrations across multiple apps and zap capability. Please use it and make money.

Sridhar Rayasam

Just Great!!

ProductDyno, Safe, secure and satisfied. A great product delivery program helping me manage my digital content. Excellent customer executive team as well, that have the knowledge to help their clients. Your wonderful service is greatly appreciated.

Holly Marsden

The Swiss Army Knife For Internet Marketers

If you’ve got content that you need to protect, how do you do that?
I struggled with this problem for a long time until I learned about ProductDyno. And as my title says, it really is the Swiss Army Knife for people in the Internet Marketing scene.

I used to have all sorts of different plugins to handle download protection,membership sites, drip feeds, protected content, etc. but since taking the plunge and buying ProductDyno my life has become much less complicated.

ProductDyno handles all these things in a way that nothing else I’ve found comes close to.

It does exactly what it says on the sales page, including integrating with your autoresponder, shopping cart, payment platform, mail service, crm, webhooks and so much more.

Plus the level of support you get from the team is exceptional. I had an issue recently and the help I had from Jennifer, Annie and the amazing tech team was amazing.

Raymond Harries

ProductDyno is Great – Customer Support is FANTASTIC!

I really love how clean and simple everything is from both the backend to what the user experiences! In fact, I’m getting a lot of positive feedback on just that aspect alone – how easy the set ups is that users can move around so quickly!

And while I love the product and am happy to have found it, I have had a few “learning moments” along the way. But any time I have reached out to Customer Support they have been nothing but FANTASTIC and positive in helping me to overcome my limitations. 🙂 and get me back off to the races.

Can not recommend this product or company enough.

Thanks again PD and the Customer Support Team

Melissa MacPherson

The Swiss Army Knife For Internet Marketers

If you’ve got content that you need to protect, how do you do that?
I struggled with this problem for a long time until I learned about ProductDyno. And as my title says, it really is the Swiss Army Knife for people in the Internet Marketing scene.

I used to have all sorts of different plugins to handle download protection,membership sites, drip feeds, protected content, etc. but since taking the plunge and buying ProductDyno my life has become much less complicated.

ProductDyno handles all these things in a way that nothing else I’ve found comes close to.

It does exactly what it says on the sales page, including integrating with your autoresponder, shopping cart, payment platform, mail service, crm, webhooks and so much more.

Plus the level of support you get from the team is exceptional. I had an issue recently and the help I had from Jennifer, Annie and the amazing tech team was amazing.

Raymond Harries

Just Great!!

ProductDyno, Safe, secure and satisfied. A great product delivery program helping me manage my digital content. Excellent customer executive team as well, that have the knowledge to help their clients. Your wonderful service is greatly appreciated.

Holly Marsden

Excellent Customer Service

I recently had the opportunity to test the customer service and they passed with flying colors. The issue I experienced occurred when I changed my hosting provider and Post Gopher stopped working. I looked through the FAQ and followed the troubleshooting steps to no avail. I then submitted my problem and the support team looked at my situation located the problem area directed me to the correct troubleshooting steps which allowed me to solve the problem. A+ service. Thank you.

Shawn Shepherd

Unbelievable results

It seemed too good to be true. Set up Post Gopher, put it on your posts, and build your email list. I was averaging 9 sign ups a month. Well, it couldn’t HURT, right?

I installed it just as the ‘summer slump’ hit, figuring I could work out out any bugs during the time when I get the least traffic.

224 sign ups that month

230 the month after that

Zero work, and the subscribers just roll in, ones that I know are interested in my content. I’m sold!

Marie Beausoleil

Excellent Support

Hit a bump with my installation, which is when I was reminded that old gits don’t understand all this modern technogizmo stuff. The support team dug in and stuck with me until they were able to convince me that name is spelled name. Oh, the embarrassment I suffered.

That being said, they responded politely, effectively and swiftly to every single question I had, which mainly revolved around me learning the spelling of name. I learned to spell name correctly and I don’t think I could have done it without them.

Had seven signups within the first hour of putting the shortcode on five posts.

Kirk Ward

Post Gopher is growing my list on autopilot!

I recently bought PostGopher and have now installed it on 2 websites. It adds a button to each blog post offering a PDF of the post for which visitors have to give me their name and email. It automatically provides a Call to Action to each and every one of my blog posts, even those that I wrote years ago. This is growing my list without me lifting a finger and I love it!

Ellen Finkelstein

Super Impressed With Post Gopher Results

Post Gopher has been money well spent. Not only is there a much easier and higher opt-in rate on my site, but the setup was really fast and simple. I’m also impressed with the statistics page. It shows the clicks and conversions per post – this is super useful to quickly know which pages are most popular – right in your WordPress dashboard. Love it!

Bo Johnson

Great results from PostGopher…

I was going to set up a lead generation device on for each blog post on the site which would allow the user to download a printable version of the article. With over 200 blog posts, this was looking like a very onerous task. Then I came across PostGopher that automates the whole process. I did in one hour what it would have taken me over 100 hours to do manually. I’ve had this installed on one site for exactly four weeks and have received 455 opt-ins. That’s awesome.

Eric Brown

BEST Customer Support

I installed Post Gopher on one of my niche sites and had problems getting it to work consistently. When I had my WordPress dashboard open, it worked fine. As soon as I logged out it appeared to be working, but did not deliver the pdf file. Instead, it opened a browser window and displayed the code.

This site is using a lot of plugins, but all of them are needed. I didn’t want to lose any of the functionality to get Post Gopher to work. Usually a support desk will issue a refund in this situation instead of helping to resolve the problem.

Not so with the “Customer Happiness Team!”

After 10 tries and no solution I thought we were done. Then I opened an email in the morning and Jennifer had a thought at 2am! She passed this info to the development team and they were able to resolve the issue.

Post Gopher is working on all devices. I would happily purchase another product from PromoteLabs, knowing their support team is so dedicated!

Gail Metcalf
GRM Business Solutions

Amazing Tool!

PostGopher is an amazing tool for folks who blog regularly!

Paul Myers

The EASIEST Way To Build Your Email List Auto-Magically!

I am seriously in LOVE with Post Gopher! It has increased my email list optins in a BIG way with NO extra work on my part.

If you’re a blogger, you NEED Post Gopher – it doesn’t make sense to blog without it. Just set it… and forget it – let Post Gopher do all the work FOR you.

Jennifer "PotPieGirl" Ledbetter

Post Gopher is Taking the ‘Content Upgrade’ Strategy to the Next Level!

PostGopher is taking the ‘Content Upgrade’ list building strategy to the next level! I love this plugin and it’s so easy and fast to use. It came at the right time for me as I am revamping my blog. Highly recommended!

Chad Eljisr

Post Gopher Has Performed Better Than All The Other List Building Solutions I Use Combined!

Opt-in rates have been on the decline for the last decade or so, and I’ve tried a lot of different solutions that have promised to turn that trend around. Of all the things I’ve tried including web based apps and various plugins, only Post Gopher actually delivered.

I installed it on my bizweb2000.com blog and the process took me literally ten minutes. I just checked the stats today, a couple weeks later and I see that Post Gopher has already generated 51 new optins for me on autopilot. That’s better than all the other solutions combined! Thanks for a fast, simple solution to growing my lists!

Jim Daniels

I Love PostGopher!

I love PostGopher, what a great and innovative way to not only engage your readers but turn them in to active subscribers. We have a ton of powerful content that is incredibly detailed and with one click you have INSTANT lead-magnets that your readers LOVE. Grab this and put it on your blog now!

Sean Donahoe

Great products with great support is essential.

Internet marketing is getting more and more competitive. I constantly need good products to achieve my goals and build my businesses. I have bought many products from Promotelabs they have never let me down, have always delivered great value. I don’t remember that I have asked for support before. But with Post Gopher I experienced an issue having one of my blogs interact with Aweber. Thanks to a good support service the problem was solved within a very short time.

Henrik Wanner-Olsen

This is the PERFECT Tool for Any BLOG!

Post Gopher has really helped grow my email list as well as driving more traffic back to my food and travel blog at TastefulVenture.com. This is the perfect tool for any blog! When someone downloads the PDF from your blog post to their computer, they have the option to go back at anytime and read it with the option to click on the link and re-visit your website. My traffic has increased and it’s creating repeat visitors!

Sara Hadro

ProductDyno is Great – Customer Support is FANTASTIC!

I really love how clean and simple everything is from both the backend to what the user experiences! In fact, I’m getting a lot of positive feedback on just that aspect alone – how easy the set ups is that users can move around so quickly!

And while I love the product and am happy to have found it, I have had a few “learning moments” along the way. But any time I have reached out to Customer Support they have been nothing but FANTASTIC and positive in helping me to overcome my limitations. 🙂 and get me back off to the races.

Can not recommend this product or company enough.

Thanks again PD and the Customer Support Team

Melissa MacPherson

The Swiss Army Knife For Internet Marketers

If you’ve got content that you need to protect, how do you do that?
I struggled with this problem for a long time until I learned about ProductDyno. And as my title says, it really is the Swiss Army Knife for people in the Internet Marketing scene.

I used to have all sorts of different plugins to handle download protection,membership sites, drip feeds, protected content, etc. but since taking the plunge and buying ProductDyno my life has become much less complicated.

ProductDyno handles all these things in a way that nothing else I’ve found comes close to.

It does exactly what it says on the sales page, including integrating with your autoresponder, shopping cart, payment platform, mail service, crm, webhooks and so much more.

Plus the level of support you get from the team is exceptional. I had an issue recently and the help I had from Jennifer, Annie and the amazing tech team was amazing.

Raymond Harries

Just Great!!

ProductDyno, Safe, secure and satisfied. A great product delivery program helping me manage my digital content. Excellent customer executive team as well, that have the knowledge to help their clients. Your wonderful service is greatly appreciated.

Holly Marsden

Another cool $10,768 with ALP

I purchased reseller licensing for Automated List Profits quite a few years ago and regularly use it as an easy, high value and high converting offer in many of my upsell funnels. Most recently I added it to the FunnelMates launch, where it was the perfect fit for the frontend offer – providing excellent value to my customers AND making us an additional $10,768 in sales.

Buying reseller rights for this has paid off many times over and I can say, without a doubt – that any time Promote Labs offers me a chance to buy something they’ve created, with resell rights – my answer is a short, sharp “HELL YES… thank you very much!”

Here’s a screenshot of the sales we made

Cindy Donovan

Commission Gorilla is the ONLY tool I use for My Affiliate Product Review & Bonus pages! It Rocks!

Hi. My name is James Sancimino. I review and promote affiliate products. A while back, I discovered Commission Gorilla. To me, that day was a godsend! Until that day, my review and bonus pages lacked luster and pizzazz!

No longer! Though I am a web designer, laying out decent, eye-catching review pages was a whole new animal for me! So it took a while to get it half decent. I never really enjoyed it, though.

Then, this new animal, Commission Gorilla, came along and made my pages stand out! I love the flexibility of Commission Gorilla. This way, I can create as many bonuses as I want and find them easily, any time I need them! Plus, the built in countdown timer is great for new product launches as well as evergreen products! The action buttons are eye catching and practically beg the visitor to click them. The interface (dashboard) is easy to navigate and use, and the folks at promotelabs.com are always improving it. So, it gets better and better!

There is a whole slew of great features, too numerous to list here, you will see them when you get it for yourself!

If you love reviewing products but hate creating product review pages or just want something to speed up the process and create pizzazz while you are at it, Commission Gorilla is going to make your life a lot easier from now on!
It’s just what you’ve been looking for!


James Sancimino

Very Responsive Help

I have the beta version of PageDyno and was having a problem with linking my API in my mailing list provider. The response was great and the technical team sorted it all out very rapidly. There was, of course, a need to get into both accounts but that was overcome easily.

The ‘Pagedyno’ product is great (which is what I expected as I also use Productdyno).

Thanks to all at PromoteLabs.

Keith Watson

Keith Watson

A Great Service Dept!

This is a little note to your service dept.  I really appreciate all the support.  All of you have been taking care of all my calls at all hours.  It does not matter if it’s day or night, weekends or early mourning someone from Promotelabs will answer your question. This is the company I chose to help me get started with my online quest to make some money one day.  SureFireWealth is affiliated with PromoteLabs and if you are wanting to learn anything to do with online marketing, you really need to see what they have to offer.  I am writing this testimony because of the service I get from support, I had to put the names of just a couple of the companies they own in here.  Keep it up support because people like me are counting on you.   Thanks, Tim

Timothy McDonald

Good Products – Great Support

I love PromoteLabs and the products they produce. ProductDyno is another excellent product from PromoteLabs. I’ve been using it for the past several months and I can’t say enough good things about it. Not only has it saved me time but has helped me streamline my business. In typical PromoteLabs fashion, it’s a solid product with even better support behind it. Any time I’ve had an issue, the Customer Happiness team has done what their name suggest, solved my problem and made me happy.
Rest assured that when you invest in a product from PromoteLabs that you’re investing in a quality product that is going to help you and your business.

Robert Borsuk

Best Customer Support in the Industry

I have been consistently impressed with outstanding customer service I have received from the Promotelabs team. The products are always great but it’s really the customer service that shines brightly over the rest of the industry.

Justice Whitethorn


Amazing Support

Honestly, I’ve never really believed in customer service. I always thought that sellers forget about you once the have your money but that’s not true here. I had an issue that has been bothering me for some time and they’ve sacrificed their time and energy just to make me happy. A stranger they have never met. I am amazed.

Bogdan Krstic

Promote Labs Just Get It When It Comes To Online Promoting

I’ve been using the products from Promote Labs for years now and look forward each new year to see what these guys come up with. Truth of the matter, these guys just get it! Every tool has a major purpose in helping to promote my social media service and attract more customers, and all tools are so easy to use and apply to my business.

Currently, I have 9 tools from Promote Labs….my newest is Feedback Fox & Genius Lander!
I keep a list of all my tools and logins in one place so I have quick and easy access anytime I

It’s nice to know that these guys have me covered from A-Z with all my online promotions. Honestly, with so many things coming out these days, I appreciate not having to look any further than the products and tools that Promote Labs offer.

Gary Pettit

Gary Pettit

Memo Chip Free Product But Excellent Support

Could not get memo chimp to work, one ticket to the support team. They came back with a suggestion and the offer of more support if that didn’t work. The solution worked and now I have a solution should I hit the same snag with any of the chimp/monkey range of products. Great teamwork

Charles CM Bannister

Outstanding Customer Support

I reached out to the Promote Labs customer services with a minor issue I was having with the system. As it was a Sunday evening I was not expecting a response until the next working day. How wrong I was!! within the hour Jennifer from the Customer Happiness Team had been in touch and sorted it all out. What more can I say? many thanks for your swift response, Awesome customer service.

David Whitham


I would just like to thank you from the bottom of my heart – truly!

Thank you for being so incredibly nice toward a fellow customer to whom you have had no previous contact or even knowledge of!! A truly commendable quality indeed!
I also feel as if my trust level has skyrocketed with you guys!
As for the products, I absolutely LOVE THEM ALL!!!
The very best quality that they all have in common, despite all being completely different to one another – is SOLIDNESS…
They are Rock Solid and just will not break!
I’ve not ever had a page go down – EVER, and this further increases the level of faith I have invested into these products!
I have around 7 of them – and counting.
My latest is Conversion Gorilla, and this is no exception to the Promote Labs rule of being reliable, solid and very easy to use!!
VERY IMPRESSED GUYS!! Keep it up. I’ll be buying your entire business one day soon, as I almost have shares in this great & wonderful company.
By the way – I was NOT paid to say any of the things I have, nor was I somehow directly nor indirectly coerced into saying these things. They are all simply from the bottom of my heart.
You are a wonderful and a very successful business and I wish you all the best guys!!
Thanks again.
God bless…

Steve Calo

Not just product – stellar customer service as well

Purchased MonkeyPlayr sometime ago and recently experienced an access issue. The support team worked tirelessly to fix the problem keeping me informed along the way. Outstanding customer service – well done to all of the team.

Gavin Ridley

Great Customer Support!

I purchased a reseller license for Automated List Profits because I saw the immense value of having lead magnets for marketers. However when I attempted to put the sales page together I found out that my technical skills were really lacking. Jennifer, Annie and the rest of the Customer Happiness Team stuck with me until I Got it up and running. They were great and I can’t say anything but good things about the service they provided!

Michael Boone
Blue Chip Marketing, LLC

Amazing Customer Support

I have several of the products Promote Labs offers, and have had the pleasure of working with the Customer Happiness folks a number of times before — and usually it’s just a case of me not quite understanding a process, or missing a step.

But with one product, they simply went above and beyond.

I’ve recently switched over to a newer email service which was supported in general terms but which was not set up to link to specific campaigns within the software.

I explained the problem, and both Donna E. and Jennifer T. worked with me to connect me to the engineers, make sure they had what they needed to essentially build a new piece of software with the app to work with my email provider’s specific needs… and the results were flawless.

If you have a problem, THIS is what you hope customer support will be.

Holly Lisle

Awesome Customer Service

I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on products over the years. Unfortunately, you don’t always get a great product, nor great customer service. However, Simon, Jeremy and Promote labs always deliver superior products and their customer service is the best bar none. I will continue to be a loyal fan and affiliate of Promote labs. Thanks for the top notch company! I am sure as long as you all continue to remember who your are you’ll continue to remain my number one go to company for great products and customer service!!

Rodney Noran

Great support!

I bought commission gorilla a while back and after using it for a while I decided to go ahead and buy Monkey Playr.

At first, I was having trouble trying to integrate the two systems, but after contacting support they were very helpful and fast to log into my account and see what was going on.

PromoteLabs makes greats products and has great support!

Kenneth Michael Drennon

Best Customer Support in the industry!

I now own several of the “Gorilla” suite and have had several opportunities to interact with the customer service team for things like upgrades, a password glitch, and a renewal. They always respond very quickly, not just with an automated response, but with personal attention that lets me know they are working on my request. My most recent issue came up on the weekend, and even though they are at reduced staff, the requests were handled in the same manner, but they actually got things taken care of.

Quick response, personal attention and an explanation of the action taken and the problem or question fixed. You are the Gold Standard for customer service in this industry!

Miles Austin

Awesome Support

My support questions were answered promptly and thoroughly.

I love Landing Page Monkey and how easy it is to use. It has an abundance of options giving me the ability to create unique and fabulous looking landing pages.

Thanks for a great product!

Krystalya Marie’

Krystalya Marie'

Nice support and my problem was solved quickly 🙂

I have to answer my question of support team quickly the answer and were nice. You solved my problem quickly.

Thanks Donna 🙂

Janos Heckenberger

Great and Understanding Support Team

It’s nice to know that PomoteLabs and specifically ProductDyno has a great support team.

So, I would like to thank the Sara and Donna particularly, who helped to quickly resolve my account issues which put me back in business.

I plan on using ProductDyno in a variety of ways and glad they have my back.

–Joseph Yanni

Joseph Yanni

Great costumer service

Customer service is amazing! They were quick to respond and didn’t give up until the issue was resolved! Thank you Donna!

Robin Nelson

Superb Support

Just want to give a well deserved praise to the support team members of Annie and Donna. They have been kind, gentle and professional. Wonderful response time and very helpful.

Mario Ortiz

Awesome Product Backed By Best Customer Service Ever

I purchased Landing Page Monkey and had a question about integration. The support staff was prompt in answering my question.

Landing Page Monkey is an awesome product and helps me to create great pages that I can’t do with my autoresonder service.

Bryant Dodd


I was surprised with the short time you took to solve my problem and notify me. Thanks again, you are the best


John Witherspoon


Just wanted to say thanks for the great products you guys are putting out there! So many landing page services are not up to par and best of all LPM offers a LIFETIME Membership where others do not! THANX PROMOTE LABS!

Caleb P Saxe

Friendly, Professional & Supportive

My interaction with the support team was more than excellent. Very knowledgeable, and usually response immediately and very cordial. Keep up the good work!

Kris Waterson

Fantastic Products & Support People

I love Promote Labs products. Not so much for the products themselves (which are awesome btw) but for the people that stand behind them and for the support they provide when you get an occasional hiccup.

Mark A Carillon

Wonderful, wonderful people

Customer Service rarely gets raves, but that’s because it rarely rates raves. PromoteLabs customer service folks are a spectacular exception.

How spectacular? I rebought a product I’d cancelled and had already received the refund on because they went the extra mile in working with me to get it up and running on my site. (The product is great, too, but that’s another story.)

Buy with confidence. Even when things DON’T go perfectly right out of the gate, you’ll be in good hands.

Holly Lisle

Fast, Responsive Support From A Competent Team

Responsive support from a competent and knowledgeable technical team is extremely important, especially when your site is bringing in thousands of visitors.

I installed a new plugin soon after its launch and experienced an error that affected my site. I contacted customer support and received an immediate response.

I found the support team to be very responsive and was really pleased with the fact that they remained in contact with me until the issue was fixed.

Martin Aranovitch

Fast Customer Service

Kudos to Jennifer and Donna on the customer happiness team in helping me figure out why my image link was not working. All is working fine now and I greatly appreciate the quick responses and assistance.

Laura Walker

customer support Rating 10+

Just wanted to give you a quick testimonial on my experience with Promote Labs’s Excellent customer support team.

I contacted Promote Lab’s support and was given a very fast and quick solution.

Now… If all online business’s would be as professional and solution driven, they would have not just a one time customer but a raving fan!

And that’s what you guys have turned me into!

I will definitely continue to not only purchase from you guys, but I will make sure to tell others about how awesome you guys are!

Thanks again,
Sam Guerrero

Sam G.

Outstanding Tech Support

Thank You for providing such responsive and effective technical support. Annie worked consistently on my difficult issue and did not complain when I made mistakes. She is knowledgeable and personable.

Terry Grieve

Marketing Mastery

I have replaced all of the advertising possible with Commission Gorilla. Powerful, Simple, and Responsive. Thanks for such a premiere product.

Terry Grieve

What a great service from Your Helpdesk!

Annie That was amazingly FAST….

Thank you very much!

I had given up when I thought that I would have one more try after remembering my old emails.

Thinking that I had no chance to get back in….


I hope you have a great YEAR!

Best regards Annie,


Paul Evatt

A job well done

I am very thankful for the patience shown to me. The problem was resolved and I am eternally grateful to be able to move forward.

The experience that I have had with the product has been quite unique to me. I purchased the product paying through PayPal. However, the product did not register on my product list with JVZoo. The team provided me with a URl to access my product, which was great, and I will still be able to access the product through my email if it were needed. A job well done. Thanks again, Brian

Brian Elliott

The fastest customer support team ever

I placed an order after hours for product. I placed the wrong email address for delivery. I sent a support ticket. Within 5 minutes someone sent what I needed with a smile and no questions

Malik Bey

Consistent support

We haven’t tried any of products yet, but after noticing their consistency when it comes to communication and answering our questions, we chose to give it a shot. We’re creating our own video channel and we hope that their MonkeyPlyr helps us with that.

Kharel Navarro

Fast and Friendly Service Reps!

Donna and Sara were very helpful with my support needs. Not only did they respond quickly, they took care of my needs efficiently! Thank you for the awesome service!

Robin Lockbeam

Amazing Support

I had several questions about Chit Chat Chimp and the responses were quick and spot on! Thanks Jennifer!!!

Adrian La Fosse

Landing Page Monkey fun to Use

Landing Page Monkey is fun to use. Also Quick turnaround to change our company email request. Thanks guys great work.

Natures Bounty Art Gallery

All I needed in ONE place

This is by far the most amazing tool I’ve ever used I really got everything in ONE place from landing pages to pop-ups , I loved it .
Highly Recommended

Fadwa A Soliman

Fast Support!

This was an extremely fast reply. Donna pointed me in the right direction to get the answer I was looking for. Thank you Donna. 🙂

Danny Blanco

Solid Tool That’s Going to Help Tons

After reviewing I’m happy to say that this is a solid, high-value tool that’s going to actually make a big difference in your business… unlike ‘hype’ tools that have been launched and will stop being updated after a few months. Make sure to take advantage of this generous discount & offer before the price rises.

Ben Murray

A Cornerstone Partner For Our Launch!

Jeremy and Simon hit our offer hard and with ultimate precision! They had the highest conversion rate while also winning our overall contest. When I saw their Bridge Page, I was overwhelmed…it was better than our own sales page! Plus, they hit it every day of the launch period. They didn’t hit it once and wait. They went head-on, full steam ahead from day 1 – all the way through to the final countdown! Actually, I’m honored and fell lucky that they agreed to promote; and I’m very pleased with their overall performance. They are at the top of my list of go-to top promoters!

Phil Benham

All We Have to Say Now is WOW!

After paying a professional $1000 to split test our first product launch, we knew the practice was a solid investment as our sales increased dramatically. But for our recent Keyword Supremacy launch, we decided to test out Split Test monkey to see if we could somehow pull off split testing our live traffic ourselves and hopefully increase sales and save a few bucks as well.

To be honest, we were quite nervous about the decision as launch time is definitely NOT the time to be learning how to set up split test software. We thought it was going to be complex, full of difficult coding and HTML code changes and basically a pain the ass to implement. But all we have to say now is WOW. We were totally blown away by the simplicity and effectiveness of this tool.

It didn’t take days and weeks to figure out and set up. It took about 5 minutes to figure it out, and another 10 minutes to set up our first tests. We ran Split Test Monkey throughout our launch and were easily able to triple our conversions, saved $1000 and feel 100% confident to set up split testing for future products.

Todd Spears & Herc Magnus

Best Promoters in the Biz!!!!

Jeremy, Simon and the rest of the Promote Labs crew HIT and STAYED in the #1 position throughout the Shopified App launch. They’ve made over $100,000 in sales now for our product! (more than many launches do in total) Complete professionals though and though. They came in with a plan and then they executed the plan with precision. As a JV Broker/Product Creator it is hard to find such hard working and dedicated Affiliates. But not Promote Labs. These guys know how to build a promotion that BRIDGES THE GAP with their list. Anyone whom is lucky enough and who gets to work with them knows what I’m talking about. So I give them my highest recommendation. Thanks guys you all absolutely ROCKED IT! Karl “The SharK” Schuckert

Karl Schuckert

Finally split testing doesn’t have to be complicated OR expensive

I have to say I’m not an out and out techie, and so I am not one for getting software for the sake of it. If I do invest in software it HAS to be important to the success of my business. Well, I paid my own hard earned cash (yes I’m a REAL customer) to invest in Split Test Monkey.

From logging to creating my first split test it took me approximately 3 minutes! I know you hear all the time that things are newbie friendly, well this is as user friendly as it gets. Fill in a couple of fields, and you are just about done. Once it is up in running you get simple and clear stats to enable you to easily analyze the stats you create.

When you consider you are getting lifetime access for a one off investment that is a fraction of some products that do a similar thing, it becomes a bit of a no brainer as far as I’m concerned. Just purchase once and you can do as many tests as you want…forever!

Split Test Monkey just goes to prove that split testing doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive and I am happily recommending it to all my students.

Andrew Waring

Like Winning The Lotto Every time They Promote…Incredible!

Over the past 5 years that I have gotten to know Jeremy and Simon I have been blown away at their consistency with our promotions! Without fail they appear at the top of our leaderboards every single time! The effort they put into each promotion is nothing short of impressive! They go all out for the products they promote! Get these guys on your side! You won’t be disappointed! Can’t recommend them enough for their integrity and the respect they have earned in this space! My hat’s off to them!

Paul Counts

19.43% List Conversions and $4985 in Revenue?

During my beta tests with Split Test Monkey, I found it simplifies things to make it easier to setup and fast without all the complex features.  I ran a list building campaign with cold YouTube Video SEO traffic for 16 days. I expected conversions at 4-10% or much lower because people didn’t know me. I tested two totally different pages and sent 1212 unique visitors to them.

As you can see in the image below, URL 1 got 15.43% conversions while URL 2 got 19.43% conversions with the help of the Auto Optimizer feature.


Had I “assumed” URL 1 worked out of the gate because it looked beautiful, without even testing URL 2, I would’ve been gambling with my money.  So now I have a winning strategy to push my traffic towards URL 2. Ultimately these leads converted into 5 high ticket sales ($997 each) – which is $4985 in revenue.


So as you can see, without split testing, you’re throwing all you’re time and money in hopes it’ll hit the bulls-eye.  What these tests reveal is typically the one you think is going to convert, just doesn’t. That said, I highly recommend grabbing Split Test Monkey today.  I absolutely love it and know it’ll do great things for my business.

Stephen Luc

Jeremy and Simon are consistently on top

Jeremy and Simon are consistently on top of pretty much any affiliate contest they choose to enter. Over the last three years on JVZoo they have sold tens of thousands of products and generated well into the seven figures with their affiliate promotions. If you can get these guys promoting your offer, I hope your servers can handle it.

Bryan Zimmerman

Split Test Monkey is One of the Most Powerful & Easy to Use Tools for Split Testing!

I used to spend $100s a month on over bloated split-testing tools and I have to say Split Test Monkey is one of the most powerful and easy to use tools out there for split testing not just URLS but elements on the page too. I love it and highly recommend it.

Sean Donahoe

Server Melting Traffic and Ruthless Leaderboard Domination!

Simon and Jeremy promoted our vooplayer launch and absolutely dominated from the moment they began promoting. They came out of nowhere on day 2 and overtook the top 5 big dog JVs and ultimately won our overall and closing contest with a major lead over the #2 spot. Very impressive to say the least. If you can get these guys on your launch, be sure to prepare your server well in advance for the abuse it’s about to receive.

Peter Beattie

31.9%, 66.3% & 70.1% More Conversions!

Those are the results from just 3 of the split tests I was able to run in a recent launch thanks to Split Test Monkey! There are some tools that are simply indispensable to my business, Split Testing is one of those things, but I’ve not found one that would do everything I want, and be easy to use, until now…I’m rolling out split tests on every sales page I have, squeeze pages next, and looking forward to making significantly more profit from the same traffic! Split Test Monkey is the first split tester that I’ve actually wanted to use since it’s so damned easy!

Matt Garrett

They Bring Huge Sales. Period!

Whenever Jeremy & Simon promoted our offers, they always top the affiliate leaderboard with the outrageous amount of sales and customers they bring in to our business. They didn’t just do it once or twice — but they consistently bring us tons of sales EVERY SINGLE TIME they promoted our offers. When it comes to promoting your offers, rest assured that Jeremy & Simon are the top guys to go to. Just make sure your customer service team is ready to handle the huge spike of new customers that they’re going to bring in! I highly endorse these guys. Thank you for your continued support!

Welly Mulia

Fun Split Testing – Are You Serious?

Yeah, I’m serious. I remember the days of split testing – you installed a php script, you had to put weird variables in your sales page. Make a mistake and you were snookered. Then of course trying to understand the stats meant getting men in white coats to look at it. The guys at Promote Labs have made split testing fun!

An easy to use web interface that allows you to copy on piece of code and then track your conversions. And don’t worry about declaring winners etc, split test monkey does all that for you! You gotta split test, you gotta know your conversions, you gotta buy this – plain and simple!

Richard Butler

Top Notch Guys!

Jeremy and Simon? Wow, this duo is incredible. Not only these guys are top affiliates and can bring you the heat but they are very smart marketers as well. They are truly amazing partners to work with, have the highest integrity, are ethical, and always CARE about their customers. In my last launch they dominated my leaderboard and are constantly on top of pretty much ANY affiliate contest out there!

Devid Farah

26% Increase With 2 Minutes Work…

Split Test Monkey isn’t the first testing software I’ve used, but I think it might just be the easiest and fastest to get working. In less than two minutes I setup my first test which is already showing a 26% increase in conversions. It’s easy to use and it makes me more money. What’s not to like?

The increase in revenue from just this one little test would cover the cost of the software many, many times over. (I can’t wait to start more tests and see how much more I can increase sales!) Great stuff from you guys as always.

Richard Legg

These guys can bring the HEAT!

Jeremy and Simon have been our top affiliate over the last few years and they continue to deliver. They always provide additional value to their subscribers by offering some of the best bonus packages around – which is why people love buying through them. Have loved working with these guys and for the future to come. Thanks for all of your continued support!

Mark Thompson

Split Test Monkey takes a really complex task and makes it “point and click” easy.

Split testing is one of those tasks that I’ve always hated because of how complicated and time consuming it is. I knew it was important but man, was it difficult to get right…that is, until now. Like all of Promote Labs software Split Test Monkey takes a really complex task and makes it “point and click” easy. I literally purchased the software and had my first Split Test set-up and live on my site 2 minutes later. And not only is it easy to use, it makes a BIG difference to results.

A simple A/B Split Test on one of my squeeze pages showed that Option 1 got 30% more subscribers that Option 2 and the only difference was a few words in the headline. 30% more subscribers, not bad for a simple split test that only took 2 minutes to set-up. I’m really impressed so far and will be using Split Test Monkey on a daily basis in my business going forward and so should you too!

Noel Cunningham

Sent over 100 clients

In 2006, Simon promoted the first version of Tracker.ly, called GoTryTHIS, and sent over 100 paying clients. Over 4 years later, we were still getting clients coming in from his promotion. Thanks Simon!

John Reel

I Made My First Sale From JvZoo… Thanks To Commission Gorilla.


Vijay here from India. I been working as a Internet Marketing affiliate. I struggled a lot for getting sales for me. But, Once i saw this “Commission Gorilla” Bonus Page Builder, It changed my entire life. Now i am getting sales like a “PRO” EveryDay. Thanks to “PROMOTE LABS”. I always looking to use and promote your “Awesome Money Making MONKEY TOOLS”. You Guys ROCK…

Vijay Kumar


I sent an email to support & received a response in less than 5 minutes…5 STAR service…special thanks to ANNIE! Thank you…

Steve Edgar

Stephen Edgar


The guys at Memberspeed recently drove over $43k worth of sales! Not only can they bring serious heat on a promo, but they are also top guys to work with and lead with integrity!

Josh Ratta

First class customer service

Jennifer Taylor helped me enormously over the past week or two. I used to be able to handle these ‘techy’ things quite easily, but with my medical condition I find it really confusing sometimes these days. Even when things are explained to me it sometimes ‘doesn’t click’ – that’s where Jennifer’s patience was so important, she was able to cope with my repeated questions and my not understanding things that really should have been pretty straightforward.

Donna was also very helpful, but I only ‘spoke’ to her once or twice so it’s Jennifer that gets most of my feedback. If you have quite a few customer service staff she should be training them! She knows her stuff, and she knows the most important thing is to show patience and to treat people respectfully.

In my case, for example, I have had helpline staff talk down to me because I was so obviously in need of assistance (not from your company, by the way). The very thing they’re there for, they fail at almost immediately; as soon as you show that you really need help they treat you like an imbecile. Jennifer was the exact opposite – helpful and patient, and she came across as a normal person, not some pre-programmed individual with lots of ready answers but zero personality.

In cases where customer service has been bad, believe me I let them know about that too! It’s a pleasure to be able to give such high praise to someone so good at their job.

Ken Hutton

These guys can bring the heat!

When Simon and Jeremy sign up to promote your launch all the other JV’s get nervous because there’s about a 100% chance that these guys will dominate your leaderboard. Melinda and I are always impressed with their performance on our launches. Rock solid campaigns, value packed bonuses combined with honest ethical marketing. Memberspeed is the real deal Holifield. Simon and Jeremy simply know how to get it done. These guys can bring the heat!

Omar Martin

All I can say is thanks

Thanks for answering my questions about Split Test Monkey so quickly. I appreciate the response.

Vernon Rudolph

Our #1 Affiliates 10 Years In A Row

After hundreds of launches in the last 10 years, Simon & Jeremy have consistently been our top affiliates. They keep re-inventing the affiliate game to drive sometimes up to 80% of all our combined sales. They know how to drive hordes of buyers, and they never compromise with quality. The efforts they put into each one of their promotions, and their willingness to always satisfy their audience is second to none in this industry. My business would not have been as successful for now 10 years without Simon & Jeremy’s amazing support.

Schoeffel Jean-Philippe

A Force to be Reckoned With!

Jeremy and Simon are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to promotions, when these guys promote, they REALLY deliver! Over the years I have known these guys they have generated TENS of THOUSANDS promoting me and win pretty much every competition they enter. As well as their overwhelming support, they are also true gentlemen and all round GREAT guys who I trust implicitly and respect greatly. I really can’t say enough great things about these two guys. Thanks for your AWESOME support – YOU ROCK!

Dave Nicholson

Highest Integrity, High Quality Products, and Care About Their Customers

Back in 2007, Jeremy and Simon promoted one of my Private Label Rights videos products and became one of the top affiliates. I was blown away. Since that point, I followed them and their products and they are consistent in putting out the highest quality products; products that I feel confident and secure promoting as an affiliate. As a veteran Internet Marketer since 2003, I’ve seen many things come and go. Many people come and go. I’ve worked with many gurus as well behind the scenes building their products. In the world of Internet Marketing, there are good marketers and there are ones that try to take shortcuts by making money in deceitful ways. There are also ones that pretend to be good. Not Simon and Jeremy. Even now, having worked with them behind the scenes with them on many launches, I can still say that they are the great marketers (highest integrity, ethical, innovative, and always looking for ways to help their customers succeed). That’s the side I’ve always wanted to be on. As far as affiliate marketing goes, till this day, they are always on the top leaderboards because they provide the high quality stuff. Since then, I’ve gained more knowledge from them to quadruple my own sales. So you will want to listen and pay close attention to what they have to say, if you want to do the same.

Stephen Luc

Stellar EPC’s and Massive Traffic Muscle!

Every time Simon & Jeremy promote, they always smash the leaderboards – often taking first place with their combination of stellar EPC’s and massive traffic muscle. It’s been an honour to not only know you, but work closely with you over the years and I’m excited about joining you for many years to come of killer product releases I’ll back 100% (no brainer really… everything you release ROCKS!) and the epic affiliate support you guys can send too!

Cindy Battye


These guys came into my launch late in the day due to other commitments and shot into 2nd place among a leaderboard of serious heavy weights. When they commit – they really commit and bring 100s of sales through an epic promo campaign. I’m pleased and honored to have Simon and Jeremy as strategic partners.


Paul Clifford

Stormed It… From Day 01!

The moment Jeremy and Simon hit “Send”, I knew they were going to SHOOT to the top of our leaderboard… and it happened in less than 60 minutes. I’ve been marketing for a while, but working with J&S was a real education. They REALLY understand how to connect with their subscribers, provide the maximum value possible and make sale after sale… for the entire launch. It’s great to see two mega-successful marketers who also CARE about their customer experience. They don’t just promote anything just because the numbers look good, but instead carefully ‘vet’ the product to ensure that it provides great value AND makes money. Communication, professionalism and incredible conversions. I look forward to their continued support on our promotions and also hitting them back as hard as possible!

Rob J. Temple


I’ve known Jeremy Gislason and Simon Hodgkinson since I started doing
business online in 2005 and became two of my few real friends in the
industry but when the time comes to compete with them in JV contests, it’s
always an honor to be with them on the same leaderboard… and THAT is not
always easy! I admit, if there’s a more powerful word for being ‘super’ or
‘power’ affiliate, they deserve it! They are also two of my TOP affiliates
whenever I launch my own products and I always consider them a BIG asset in
every launch event…

Ian del Carmen

The Best of The Best

[su_quote cite=”Paul O’Keeffe” url=””]These guys are the bomb, the real deal, best of the best, whichever superlative I think of, it fits perfectly with what Simon & Jeremy do. They are quite simply ALWAYS the number one affiliates whenever they promote for us. We had over 100 affiliates making sales on our last launch, these guys did over 20% of the sales, so you do the maths, they accounted for only 1% of our money making affiliates but brought in over 20% of the total sales! Amazing figures, from truly amazing marketers, who are a pleasure to work with. Thanks a million guys and I hope we can continue to work together long into the future.[/su_quote]

Paul O'Keeffe

The Real Deal – True Champions

I’ve been working with Simon & Jeremy for over 2 years now, They haven;t just been involved but they have dominated some of our biggest launches.. time after time these guys perform. True gentlemen. A pleasure to work with.

Simon & Alex

Ten Year Track Record and $100,000’s Commissions

I’ve known Jeremy and Simon for over ten years now and have to say – these guys ALWAYS deliver. They have always been in my top ten affiliate competitions and won a few along the way. I recently paid them over $20,000 commissions from ONE promotion. Cool guys, top service. Love them!

Andrew Fox

Jeremy and Simon are true super affiliates.

Jeremy and Simon are true super affiliates. When ever they promote one of my offers, they send 100’s of sales and either win the JV contest, or place in the top 3. And they put great care into their promotions with quality bonuses and multiple mailings. They’re also friendly and easy to work with 🙂 They’re one of the first people I contact when ever I launch a new product!

Max Rylski

You want these guys supporting your next launch!

Not only are Jeremy and Simon some of the most prolific and highly respected product creators in the industry, they also know how to cook up a real mean affiliate promo. Even coming in late to the Engagifire launch they still managed to pull off a top 5 place in our launch contest without breaking a sweat. Considering we’d already passed $150k by that point this was no mean feat and seriously impressive. So guys, big thanks for the support and can’t wait to see the damage you’ll do to our next leaderboard! If you’ve got a great product and you want a big launch then you NEED these guys on board.!

Stuart Frank

These Guys are Automated Sales Machines….

The very first time I got a chance to work with Jeremy and Simon, what I saw wasn’t your regular affiliates… it was a beast incarnate at work raking in 100s upon 100s of sales straight into my funnel day after day… it was so crazy I asked myself “what the heck have I been doing this whole time that I never worked with these guys”. If you get a chance to work with these guys… don’t take it… STEAL IT by any means necessary!

Precious Ngwu

Get These Guys on Your Side… They’re Awesome!

Jeremy and Simon are consistently at the top over every new product launch and private promotion that we release. Not only can they bring the heat with every promotion, but they’re top-notch guys as well, and truly care about their customers. You want these guys on your side… trust me, your business will love you for it.

Matt Callen

Simon & Jeremy Can Double Your Launch Profits in 48 Hours

If you want a big launch, if you want to break records and if you want other JVs and affiliates quaking in their boots you want to get Simon & Jeremy on board for your launch. Massive firepower, massive bonuses, massive credibility and massively ethical. You could not ask for better partners than Simon & Jeremy. I’ve worked with them for over 7 years and still pee my pants a bit in excitement when I see them committing to one of my launches!

Michael John Cheney

I take inspiration from Jeremy.

I take inspiration from Jeremy. He’s an avid marketer with an outstanding yet humble driving force. Like many launches, he came on top and held the #1 position. His conversion rates and EPCs are also notably high, which says a lot about how well he takes care of his subscribers. Thanks again for the tremendous value you bring to the Internet space. I look forward to work with you again.



These Guys Rock!

Jeremy and Simon ROCK! Every time they support one of our launches they are always on the top of the leaderboard and drive hundreds of sales. Their support and dedication is always amazing and I truly appreciate all the effort they put into their promotions and how they have such a great relationship with their customer base. If you have a chance to work with these guys, do it. I always look forward to seeing what they are coming up with as products and when we are planning a launch they are one of the first JVs we reach out to. Look forward to working with you both in the future…

Sean Donahoe

Jeremy and Simon are the REAL DEAL!

Jeremy and Simon are the REAL DEAL! When they come on board a launch, they go the extra mile by not only driving lots of traffic, but also have custom bonus packages that come along with the promotion – ensuring high conversions that go a long way to helping your launch stats as well. Hence it’s no coincidence that hey have always been one of my TOP affiliates whenever I launch any product. If you have a chance of getting them on board to promote your launch, or to promote their products, grab them in a heartbeat, you’ll not regret it! Thank you Simon and Jeremy for being so awesome!

Lester Lim

One of the few genuine super affiliates

When these guys support you, they go the extra mile and not only drive a ton of targeted traffic, but send first class customers too. They communicate extremely well and were a HUGE asset to the launch of our new podcasting platform, Audello. They beat out many super affiliates and crushed it for us. They absolutely know their stuff when it comes to affiliate marketing and their numbers are incredible. Thanks guys, you know where I am if you ever need anything. You rock!

Josh Bartlett

Want Your Launch To Succeed?

Here is a few points that most already know and one point YOU can benefit from that many do NOT yet know. Here is the known; Here at RZM Inc. we fuel massive launches. Currently behind the #1 and #3 all time record holding launches on JVZOO and STILL holding 1st place on Warrior plus since 2012! Here is something you might not yet know, Jeremy and his team are a massively powerful force in the affiliate game. If you want your launch to succeed? You MUST talk to these guys, without their support your launch might hit 6 figures. BUT with their support? SEVEN figures WILL come into view a LOT faster! 

Aon Thompkin


Huge thanks for your support of my product launches in January & your solid performance as a JV partner even at short notice 🙂 As you know both products launched hit #1 on the Top Sellers within hours of launch. As JV support goes you mailed several times for both my launches – with solid double figure conversions huge EPC’s & 200+ sales per promo – YOU GUYS ROCK!

Chris Hitman

The experts at over delivering!

I first met Jeremy & Simon back in 2007 and I realised very quickly these guys were people to learn from and (try to) emulate. What they don’t know about marketing online you don’t need to know, they’ve probably forgotten more than I actually know! They were the first people I saw building real Funnels for launches and are always ahead of the curve with what’s working and what’s coming next. Every one of their launches that I’ve promoted has made me a big pile of cash, they’ve consistently given me some of my biggest affiliate paydays and I know my subscribers will always be happy with their offers, they over deliver on value every single time! Keep it up guys, and thank you!

Matt Garrett

Everytime you promoted, you were among the Top 3 promoters – HATS OFF to you Guys!

Jeremy & Simon – I accept that I take inspiration from you guys and your methods. I LOVE the products you create, I promote them to my list as well as buy them for my own personal use because of their High Quality & High Perceived Value. And guys, your support on my HQplrStore.com’s product launches is Just OUT OF THIS WORLD – AWESOME!!! Everytime you promoted, you were among the Top 3 promoters – HATS OFF to you Guys! If you are in Internet Market, do not miss these guys for their support & ideas for getting better & better. Thanks again!

Dr. Amit Pareek

Incredible Support. Bring The Heat!

WOW – Jeremy and Simon, You guys are amazing! I have not ever seen anyone that puts together a better affiliate promotion than you guys. You went after it like it was your own launch. And the results tell the story. HUNDREDS (and hundreds) of units moved – and they just kept coming. You guys operate with the highest integrity, your people love you – and your support is second to none. Thanks so much for being a part of it with us – WOW!! Those numbers are incredible! Anytime – anywhere.

Walter Bayliss

Jeremy and Simon are two of the top affiliates in Internet Marketing today

Jeremy and Simon are two of the top affiliates in Internet Marketing today.
Everytime I launch a product my goal is to get these guys on board since their participation alone will mean thousands and thousands in sales and almost guarantee a successful launch

Jeff Dedrick

Simon and Jeremy are amazing partners to work with

Simon and Jeremy are amazing partners to work with – they know what it takes to really sell online! In a recent promotion, they came from nowhere to blast past over 200 other affiliates and become our #1 affiliates just from sending a couple of emails…

Richard Legg

Michael Rasmussen

Simon and Jeremy have been winning the affiliate game for years: Pure Internet marketing hard-core. guys that know how things really work in our industry.
As a vendor I’d want them promoting my products in a heartbeat, if you’re an affiliate (and up against them in a competition) then you should be quaking in your boots the minute they walk in the room…
If they ever decide to ‘reveal all” l recommend you grab yourself a front row ticket

Michael Rasmussen

they beat the best in the industry

Jeremy and Simon know affiliate marketing inside and out and when it comes down to a full out brawl they beat the best in the industry! My recent Autoblog Samurai launch hit #1 on ClickBank. Over 500 affiliates (including every big name marketer you’ve heard of) promoted it, and these guys came out on top-

They know their stuff when it comes to affiliate marketing. If you want to win big affiliate competitions and see your name at #1 then listen to whatever they have to say

Paul Ponna

They’re in the 10% group of people bringing in 70-80% of my total sales.

Jeremy and Simon have been among my top affiliates. usually in the top #1-#3 places, for many of my Private Label Rights product launches and limited time sales. They’re in the 10% group of people bringing in 70-80% of my total sales.

I owe a big part of the foundation of my business success to this dynamic duo, I’d say its even life-changing! Thanks Jeremy and Simon, for helping me out with my product launches and being among my best and favorite Joint Venture partners

Edmund Loh

They get better conversion rates than all other affiliates

Simon & Jeremy are two of sharpest minds in internet marketing and consistently outrank all other affiliates in our sales contests… They’ve taken the #1 spot on most of our launches and have sold thousands of units of our products over the years.

More importantly.- They get better conversion rates than all other affiliates, earning more money per click, and per customer than anyone else!

Soren Jordansen, John Merrick & Cindy Battye

two of the most respected and knowledgeable marketers I’ve come accross

Jeremy & Simon are certainly the experts you want to learn from when it comes to affiliate marketing. During my last product launch, they dominated the entire launch contest and snagged the top place.

I would highly recommend everyone to learn from these guys as they’re certainly two of the most respected and knowledgeable marketers I’ve come across during the past 4 years I’ve been marketing online

Calvin Woon

#1 affiliates on many of my major launches!

I’ve worked with Simon and Jeremy for years and have only one word for them as affiliates – SUPERB!These guys know the affiliate game very well and are able 10 convert massive sale… They’re always on my short list whenever I need some real help with a launch or promo. and they have been #1 affiliates on many of my major launches! Thanks Guys. You Rock! 


Ewen Chia

Paul O’Keeffe Gives A Testimonial for PromoteLabs’ Super Affiliate Status

“(Jeremy Gislason and Simon Hodgkinson) are amazing partners to have and if you can make an alliance with these guys, I strongly advise you do it, they are the real deal, proper super affiliates, and really nice people to boot

Paul O'Keeffe