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We are going to be posting several articles about getting to be a super affiliate. This article will go over how to Connect, Entice and Convert your prospects.

Super Affiliate Secrets

So many of you are sure you can get to the top with pure determination. Fully believing that in order for you to be a super affiliate all you need to do is make your first dollar. Rinse and repeat, right?

Well, in a manner of speaking you could do it by yourself… BUT that is the long way around.
Honestly, it is better to stand on the shoulders of giants. You can take a look around just about any niche, and you'll quickly figure out the names of the BIG players. Be nice if they would share their secrets, right?

So, yes you CAN figure out how super affiliates make over one hundred thousand dollars a month from affiliate sales.

You COULD work from that first dollar to being a middle class affiliate who make anywhere between $1k to $20k a month but why would you when you could get a complete game plan for making more sales, beating out all your competition, and become THE dominant affiliate in your chosen niche. Skipping all the drudgery and mistakes that others go through.

Here is a scary fact many new affiliates make ZERO affiliate earnings. You don’t want to be a Zero earner and that is why you are taking steps to do it right, that is why you are reading this post right now.

YOU want to be a one of the Super Affiliates who're pulling down huge commission checks. The person every vendor wants to promote their products and every other affiliate is jealous of their success.

These are the players who command total respect in the niche. They got it all - money, power, success!

We want you to be that affiliate too. So YOU can promote our products. No really!! that is why we offer posts with advice like you will read about below and offer courses on how to be an incredible force in the affiliate area! Or just skip all our articles and get into our SUPER AFFILIATE SECRETS Membership to get started on the road to be a super affiliate all that quicker!

Take The Easy Road To Be A Super Affiliate!

The Super Affiliate Secrets membership includes everything you need to set up your business, including step-by-step video tutorials, additional walk-through videos, software and downloadable insider guides (and even more added extras)

If you want to stand out in the affiliate marketplace, maximize your income quickly while building a list of ultra-targeted, insanely loyal customers, then you will want to read these solid tidbits of advice…

With all that said here are the 3 important steps in the process of becoming a super affiliate.

Connect, Entice and Convert.

Connect with Your Audience to be a super affiliate


Connecting with your target audience means much more than simply getting them onto your mailing list, or funneling them to your website or sales system. It also requires more than just a couple of quick emails sent out through an autoresponder sequence.

The top affiliate marketers – every one of them – all have one thing in common: they know exactly how to connect with their audience on a personal level, and they’re willing to go the extra distance – further than the competition does.

That doesn’t mean they spend hours of their time crafting personalized emails, or doing the back-breaking work of one-on-one conditioning. You can still easily connect with your target audience in a way that demonstrates your commitment to them without having to sacrifice every second of your spare time catering to individuals with a thousand questions or concerns.

It all begins with how you meet your prospect. This means that every element in your sales system needs to be tweaked so that it speaks directly to your target audience and demonstrates clear value.

From your landing page, squeeze page, sales page (if you sell products yourself), to your email campaigns, you need to know who your demographic is so that you can create compelling content that not only is share-worthy, but speaks to your market as though you are a friend guiding them every step of the way through every purchase decision they make.

You see, positioning yourself as someone who is looking out for your customer will set you head and shoulders above the competition. You know the kind of affiliates I’m talking about – the ones who shovel dozens of emails into the faces of their audiences with little regard to whether the products or services they are promoting will ever improve the lives of their prospects.

You’ve probably been on several lists of affiliates just like that, and if you’re anything like us, you couldn’t get off those email lists fast enough.

They come across as hard sellers, rugged marketers who are only looking out for one person: themselves. And this becomes crystal clear to anyone who follows their methods long enough. That’s why they have to work so hard to constantly recruit new customers! Because they quickly burn their lists out and are forced to rebuild time and time again.

Even brand new customers who may not be as savvy with Internet Marketing tactics will quickly discover that these affiliate marketers don’t have their back and will ultimately abandon them.

Don’t be that kind of affiliate marketer. Instead, look for ways to design your emails and landing pages around what best serves your prospects. Speak their language, touch down on what’s most important to them and above all else, offer them incredible value.

Earn their trust, and you’ll earn their loyalty.

And that’s the ultimate connection that you want to make.

Super Affiliate Secrets - Entice


Enticing your prospect involves knowing what makes them tick, what their most interested in, and what they are looking for. Offer that to them and you’ll break through all barriers and earn that commission time and time again. We’ll talk more about the easiest ways of enticing prospects and winning that sale.

When we talk about enticing or basically 'bribing' your prospects, we don’t mean that you offer something that’s too good to be true and then fail to deliver.

We also aren’t talking about compensating them for purchasing through your affiliate link in a way that takes money out of your pocket.

On the contrary, we are talking about “ethical bribery”, where you offer your prospects additional value – for free – just for purchasing through your link.

You never want to create a component that is already part of the main package that you’re promoting. Always strive to offer something not already included, as well as a bonus item that enhances the value.

You want the benefit to be clear to anyone who is considering purchasing through your links, letting them know why they’re making a smart decision by buying through you. We wrote an article earlier that has some awesome ideas for bride and lead magnets here if you want to check out some solid ideas on good ethical bribes. 

Super Affiliate Secrets -How to convert


Converting a prospect into a customer happens automatically when you’ve connected and enticed. If you’ve done your job at earning trust, and persuading that prospect that you have exactly what they need to improve their life in some way, you’ll see an immediate increase in conversion rates across the board.

Affiliate marketing really is the best way to get started making money online. Check out this article on the building blocks of being a super affiliate!

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To get the best conversions, your offer should demonstrate clear value and be an absolute no-brainer to those who are considering purchasing through your link.

Always work towards creating a bonus offer that enhances the value of the product being sold, and limit distribution whenever possible. Make the offer unique and special in some way, and whenever possible, exclusive to your offer.

Now, the real beauty of affiliate marketing is that you don't need to create your own products or bonuses. Private label websites are a great place to source content that you could turn into high-quality bonus offers, but consider combining multiple private label products together to create something new.

Reports, interviews, webinars, eBooks and video training are all highly sought after bonus items that will maximize the value of your customers purchase while making it easy for you to stand out in the affiliate marketplace.

Affiliate marketing really is the best way to get started making money online. You don't need to lose sleepless nights with the hassles of setting up a secure payment system and download system. You don't need to deal with customer service inquiries, refunds or anything else.

All you have to do is put other peoples' offers in front of targeted prospects while presenting them with a few 'ethical bribes'... and pocket your COMMISSION CHECKS!

Seems easy right?

Problem is 99% of affiliate marketers make absolutely nothing - probably because they try to go it alone - that is ZERO, ZILCH, NADA!

We do not want that to happen to YOU! 
If you’re looking for the net’s best collection of tips, examples, insights, ideas and strategies to start getting better and more profitable results from affiliate marketing, then Super Affiliate Secrets is exactly what you need. Watch the video on the sales page here  and learn to avoid the pitfalls.

Watch that video and also discover WHY... And more IMPORTANTLY, how to stand out and excel in a field where failure is the most common outcome

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