Create Lead Magnets – Get More Leads. Simple Strategies To A More Profitable Business

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If you want to make more money with your business, then you need to make contact with potential customers or "leads".

Not just any lead, you need a lot of QUALITY leads, which means you need lead magnets.

Best Practices for Lead Generation Using Squeeze Pages

You know what a lead magnet is... It's the term for an irresistible free item or service that is given away for the purpose of starting a relationship by getting a person's  contact details.

You need different lead magnets to appeal to different subsets of your population. It’s the only way to build a big, responsive and segmented list.

Now, you should know the ninety percent of ALL marketers fail because they just didn’t ‘get’ how important list building and developing a relationship with their subscribers actually is… 

You see, some online marketers create a single lead magnet and call it a day. Then they use that lead magnet over and over again, sometimes for months on end.

Yikes. That’s a common yet horrible mistake.  That’s because you’re not doing a very good job of encouraging people to join your list if you only offer them one lead magnet.

For starters, a chunk of your population simply isn’t going to be interested in that particular lead magnet.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t want to be on your list. You just haven’t offered them the right carrot to persuade them to join. And if you’re not offering more than one lead magnet, then you’re leaving a lot of subscribers and money on the table.

Secondly, if you’re only offering one lead magnet, then you’re missing an opportunity to segment your list. Offering multiple lead magnets to both prospective and existing subscribers gives you insight into what they want. In turn, you can send out highly targeted content and ads to your different list segments, which boosts conversions.

Third, if you’re offering only one lead magnet, then you’re missing out on sales. Every lead magnet you create gives you an opportunity to passively generate more sales. So the more lead magnets you’ve set free in your niche, the more money-making opportunities you’ve created for yourself.

In short, if you want to make more money and grow your list, then you need to have a lot of lead magnets!

And that’s why we’ve created this post. In just a few moments you’ll learn more about the top ways to create lead magnets, including time-saving and money-saving tips and tricks you’ve never even thought of before.

We’ll cover a couple of methods including doing it yourself (DYI) and using PLR plus one of the very best ways to create lead magnets instantly. 

Do All The Work Yourself

This is probably the most popular way to create a lead magnet: just roll up your sleeves and do it yourself.

But of course there are plenty of disadvantages to doing it yourself, including:

  • You may not have the skills to create a good end result. We all like to think of ourselves as rock stars when it comes to our business, but sometimes our efforts leave a lot to be desired. There’s no shame in admitting that you’re not a good writer. In fact, your business depends on you accurately assessing your skills.
  • It’s a huge time suck. While these lead magnets are very important parts of your sales funnel and your business as a whole, it still takes a lot of time for you to create them yourself. And if you’re creating a lot of lead magnets, you may soon find yourself having very little time to do much else. Which brings us to the next point…
  • It slows your business down. If you’re trying to do it everything yourself, including creating lead magnets, then your business is going to grow about as fast as a snail carrying a pail of molasses.

Now despite these downsides, there are also some very good reasons to do it yourself!

The two best reasons include:

  • You have complete control over the product. When you do it yourself, you get to turn your vision into an exact reality. You create it in a way that you think works best. This doesn’t always happen when you outsource a project.
  • It’s a good option when you’re low on cash. While you can consider outsourcing as an investment rather than an expense, you still need to come up with the cash to make it happen. And if hundreds or even thousands of dollars just isn’t in your budget right now, then you may just opt to create your lead magnets yourself.

Now, you might opt to create a couple lead magnets yourself, and then reinvest some of the profits later into creating other lead magnets.

It’s a good way to share your expertise. If you have strong credentials to teach a particular topic, then you might find that creating the lead magnet yourself is the only way to teach advanced concepts to your readers.

For example, if you have a medical background, then you are uniquely qualified to share information about living a heart-healthy lifestyle (and you may not want to leave this important topic in the hands of a freelancer).

Point is, even though it takes a lot of time and slows down your business growth, there are some good reasons to create a lead magnet yourself.

If you do choose this option, then keep these best practices in mind if you’re creating a report or other text-based lead magnet:

  • Create a great impression. Be sure you put forth your best content, proof read it, and format the content in a way that looks polished and professional. You only get one chance to make a great first impression, so do it right the first time.
  • Convert to a PDF. That’s really the only acceptable format for a downloadable text-based lead magnet such as a report. Be sure any links you include inside the report are clickable.
  • Consider reinvesting your profits. As mentioned, creating all your lead magnets yourself can take a lot of time. So one option is to create some of your lead magnets yourself, and then reinvest your business profits into outsourcing some of your other lead magnets.

Outsource The Work

The idea behind this method is to find a competent freelance writer (or writers), and leave them in charge of creating all the lead magnets you need.

Let’s look at the pros and cons…

First, here are the advantages of outsourcing:

  • It’s fast. This is particularly true if you have multiple freelancers working to create your lead magnets. What might take you months to do on your own (such as creating a year’s worth of lead magnets), may take as little as a few days or weeks for a team of freelancers to tackle.
  • It frees up your time. When you’re not stuck at your computer creating lead magnets, you have more time to devote to other high-value tasks such as finding marketing partners or placing ads.
  • You get a great end result. A professional writer not only knows how to create a grammatically correct piece of content, but they also know how to create engaging and persuasive content that helps you close sales. (Provided you do your due diligence and pay a goodly sum to hire a writer who is this talented.)

As with any method, there are of course a few downsides to outsourcing.

Take a look:

  • You need a bundle of cash. Even though a good freelance writer is worth it, they ARE expensive. Depending on what you’re creating, you may need to invest hundreds or even thousands of dollars. And if you’re just getting started, you may not have that sort of cash laying around.
  • You’re dealing with a writer, NOT an expert. Your writer can craft a snazzy piece of content – but they’ll never be as proficient as you are in your field. So when you’re looking to create something technical or advanced, you’re going to need to give your writer a lot of information. Alternatively, you may create a rough draft and have your writer apply a little spit and polish on it.
  • It can be a nightmare. Outsourcing is a total dream come true when you find the right freelancer. But it can also be a total nightmare. You might encounter everything from missed deadlines to freelancers who take your deposit money without creating anything in return.

Now if you’re looking to outsource the creation of your lead magnets, then you’ll want to check out these tips and best practices:

  • Do your due diligence. One of the best ways to create a good outsourcing experience is by doing your due diligence thoroughly during the hiring process. Sure, it takes time to do all that research and it may even sound like a hassle. But doing it upfront will save you a lot of time and money over the long run, so it’s well worth the effort.
  • Create detailed briefs. Your writer isn’t a mind reader. So if you’re sending out half-baked project briefs, then you can expect to get a half-baked end result. If you want good results, then invest the time in creating detailed briefs which lay out exactly what you want the lead magnet to look like.
  • Choose a freelancer who understands marketing. Some writers can create a grammatically correct piece of content, but they couldn’t create something persuasive if their life depended on it. If you want lead magnets that produce sales, then choose a writer who understands copywriting and marketing.
PLR for lead magnets

Buy And Use PLR For Lead Magnets

If you want to save yourself both time and money, another option is to create your lead magnets from private label rights (PLR) content.

Let’s take a look at the advantages:

  • It’s a fast way to create lead magnets. If you purchase high-quality PLR content, then all you need to do is tweak it a bit to create lead magnets. This is much faster and easier than creating your lead magnets from scratch.
  • It’s a fast way to create lead magnets. If you purchase high-quality PLR content, then all you need to do is tweak it a bit to create lead magnets. This is much faster and easier than creating your lead magnets from scratch.
  • It’s less expensive than outsourcing. Even if you hire a freelancer to do the tweaking, this is a much less expensive option than hiring a freelancer to create the content from scratch.

As always, there are some downsides to this option. Take a look:

  • Finding high-quality PLR content can be challenging. Not only that, but finding a LOT of high-quality PLR from the same source is even more challenging.
  • You need to rework the content. Sometimes you can get by with just a few tweaks. In other cases, you may need to rework it in a major way, especially if you’re looking to create something unique. In other words, you usually don’t want to use PLR content straight out of the box, as you’d be directly competing with everyone else who holds a PLR license.

We suggest using Automated List Profits membership site, you get access to hundreds of past lead magnet packages and two new ones each month. These are 100% original creations just for Automated List Profits members to use (and profit from).

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If you do decide to use private label rights content to create your lead magnets, keep these points in mind:

  • Do your due diligence. It takes a bit of time upfront, but it will save you a lot of time and heartache in the long run. What you want to do is research the vendor and the content itself to be sure you’re not going to run afoul of any copyright laws. (Which can happen if you purchase PLR from a vendor who plagiarized someone else’s work, or who’s selling the rights to someone else’s content.) You also want to make sure you’re getting well-written and well-researched content. (See above)
  • Read the terms of service carefully. Be sure that your private label rights license lets you do the things with your content that you want to do. Think about not only what you want to do with the content today, but also what you may want to do with the content in the future.
  • Rework the content. Even if you encounter a piece of content that’s absolutely perfect right out of the box, you should still rework it so that you create a unique piece of content to use as a lead magnet.

Here are some ideas for ways to rework content to make it unique:

  • Compile two or more pieces of PLR content to create something new. For example, you can combine a report, a section from an ebook, a couple articles to create something completely unique.
  • Extract an excerpt out of an ebook to create a short report as a lead magnet.
  • Turn the content into another format. For example, turn a PLR article, blog post or report into a set of checklists or an infographic (or vice versa).You can also turn audio or video content into a text product, and vice versa.

Remember you are trading your time for money... so use your time wisely and get the best results by working with the PLR content.

It’s a good idea to tweak the content in the following ways:

  • Tweak it so that the content reflects your voice. You want your content to be consistent across your platforms and products, so be sure your PLR content sounds like something you wrote.
  • Tweak the content to reflect your strategies and build YOUR BRAND. Sometimes even really good PLR content may include strategies or links with which you don’t agree. So be sure to remove these references, so again your content is consistent across platforms and it builds you up and not someone else.

In short: make it unique, and make it your own when you use PLR content to create your lead magnets.

So as you can see, there are plenty of ways to create lead magnets.

And as mentioned, there are plenty of both advantages and disadvantages to all of these methods. What you ultimately choose depends on your skills, budget, business goals and preferences. But you should keep in mind that online business is a numbers game. It’s predictable and powerful.

Focusing on constant email list growth means keeping more lead magnets in front of more people every day to build a community of more people who buy your products.

If you want to double your income, double your list size. Period. It has been proven to work.

To double your list size, create more lead magnets.

Remember when we mentioned time is money?

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Thanks for reading. I would say good luck but I know now that you are armed with the knowledge and tools you need... You got this!

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