5 Secrets for Creating Unbeatable Facebook Ad Campaigns

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You’re going to want to check out these three surefire secrets for creating Facebook ad campaigns that really work… Because throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks is a fun frat house party game, but it’s no way to run a serious Facebook ad campaign.

Understand the Facebook Audience

People who see your ads on Facebook aren’t necessarily looking to buy anything. Rather, they’re in browse mode. They’re chatting with friends and playing games. They’re posting pics of their dinner. They’re catching up on the news. But they’re not sitting there with a credit card in hand.

That’s why your Facebook ad campaign needs to be geared towards people who aren’t necessarily in the buying mood. The key is to create an engagement campaign, where you bring people into your sales funnel using an enticing free offer. You can then follow up with your prospects using email to warm them up to your offers.

FaceBook Ad Campaigns

Get Insight Into Your Audience

The second thing you need to do is find out what you can about your specific audience. That way, you can create ads that are geared towards a highly targeted market, which in turn will boost your response rate.

A good way to get this insight is to use a software tool called Audience Analyzer. This tool lets you mine Facebook’s database to uncover thousands of keywords related to your niche. You can then double check the size of the audience for each keyword, to make sure you’re targeting words with a big audience.

Which brings us to the next point…

FB ad campaigns

Create Multiple Ad Sets

Once you understand your audience by taking the steps above, then it becomes clear that you’ll need to target different segments of your audience in different ways. In other words, you don’t want to show the same ad across the board. If you tweak your ads to appeal to different segments, then you’ll enjoy a better conversion rate.

For example, let’s suppose you’re giving away a weight-loss guide in order to get people onto your mailing list. The way you approach 20-something men who want to get ripped for the beach is going to be different than the way you approach 40-something men who are starting to worry about the health risks of the extra weight they’re carrying. So, even though you’re giving them the same guide, you’ll want two different Facebook ads (and landing pages), with both tweaked to appeal to a specific audience.

Here’s a nice bonus benefit of this strategy: when you create multiple ads to appeal to different segments of your audience, it makes it super simple to segment your mailing list too. You can then continue sending content and offers geared towards these different segments, which again will boost your response rates.


Design Eye-Catching Ads

Yes, you need to employ good copy writing techniques in order to get people clicking through on your ad. But it all starts with using striking imagery to grab attention.

Now is not the time to use an image of your company logo, because that’s a straight ticket to Yawnville. The only one who’s going to pay attention to an ad like that is you, your competitors, and maybe your mother.

For everyone else – for your actual audienceyou need to use bold, relevant images to get attention. Simple, uncluttered images are best. Smiling people and cute animals tend to get attention, where relevant.  You’ll need to do some testing to find out what your audience responds to, which brings us to the final point…

FB Ad Campaigns

Test, Track, Tweak

One of the big keys to a successful Facebook ad campaign is to test, track and tweak the entire campaign. This means testing the audience, the ad, the landing page and the offer. Once you find the right combination that produces big conversion rates, then your profits will be virtually unstoppable!

Final Thoughts

If you want to join the legions of small business owners who run really profitable Facebook ad campaigns, then be sure to put the above five tips to work for you. If buying ads fills you with dread, even after reading out tips then, you might want to read our "No Ad Spend Secrets" post here

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