Building A Profitable Funnel Starts With Your List

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This post offers tips on making high converting optins using dedicated landing pages and some insights on ClickFunnels alternatives to get your funnel up and running quickly without breaking the bank. 

You’ve probably heard the saying, The money is in the list. This is one of the most popular saying in the world of business, and it’s absolutely true.

Content may be king, but the list is the emperor. If you aren’t leveraging the power of email, you’re more than likely leaving money on the table.

Email subscribers using clickfunnels alternative

Remember, it’s never too late (or too early) to start building an email list. The best time to start, if you haven’t already, is now!


According to HubSpot, 80% of business professionals believe that email marketing increases sales and customer retention.

And besides that - let’s say for demonstration purposes that on average, each person that subscribes to your email list can generate approximately $1 per week net for you. That means if you have 100 subscribers, you could make $100 each week. 1,000 subscribers could make you $1,000 a week.

So, every day you wait is potentially several subscribers you lose forever. Those people may never cross your path online again. Isn’t it better to get those people on your list while you have the chance?

Have I convinced you that a list is where you should start your funnel? Now I will assume, yes... but where should you start? 

A great way to start getting a list together is by creating a solid landing page

A page that offers a lead magnet in exchange for a email address.

A lead magnet, in case you’re not aware, is whatever you’re giving away as an incentive to get people to join your list. This might be a free video, a report, an eBook, a multi-day email course, or perhaps just a free coupon or discount offer. If you are interested in learning more about building the perfect lead magnet, check out our blog post here.

A beautifully created dedicated landing page for email marketing can lift your conversion rate and boost profits.

  • Offer something of value that will attract visitors.
  • Design it with correct colors (something contrasting) and solid placement.
  • Make the 'CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE' button bright and noticeable.
  • Add nice images or insights that will gain attention.

Next question you might be asking, "How do I get a dedicated landing page that looks great and converts?". 

You could go to a website designer and get one created... But working with a website designer is frustrating, isn't it?

It takes forever to get anything created… and it somehow never
looks quite right and blah, don't even mention the frustration of trying to fix a typo or broken link not to mention how hard it is to split test and track.

Groove Pages Alternative To Web Designers

Some page builders that claim to make it easy for you…
well…not so much. Most of them are written on old outdated and
slow code…and still aren't easy to change.

And then there are a few professional services like ClickFunnels and LeadPages but they end up being extremely expensive on a monthly basis.

Not that a service like this does not have some great features but as I see it, the biggest problem with Clickfunnels  seems to be that it is either too simple or too complicated. For instance, the easy templates are too simple and won’t convert very well, and the more complex templates are just impossible to figure out without a lot of time and a large learning curve. Then with Leadpages and similar services like it, same thing overly complex and hard to learn.

And you need to get that list started so a learning curve and then not having the site look right...


Well honestly, bad squeeze or landing page is going to kill your list building efforts faster than anything else. If your landing page is poorly constructed, you could be losing out on a very large number of subscribers.

Let’s look at this example... With 3,650 subscribers, if your squeeze page converted at 5% instead of 10% your conversion rate would be halved (only 1825). That’s potentially a difference of getting $1,850 on average per month instead of $3,650 per month if each subscriber was worth $1!

Plus, you probably won’t come up with a perfect squeeze page right off the bat. It might take testing several iterations before you come up with the right version. Maybe even send some paid traffic to your squeeze page iterations to test them before you start using them.

I’m sorry that there’s no one be-all, end-all squeeze page example I can give you that is guaranteed to work in any niche. Different markets will respond better to different tactics. That’s why you should test different styles, different headlines, different images, different colors, even different lead magnets until you get a squeeze page that converts well.

Sounds daunting? 

Well there is a LeadPages / ClickFunnels alternative that will not break the bank. GroovePages!

Our Pros and Cons Review of GroovePages is located here

Groove Pages VS ClickFunnels

Groove Pages vs ClickFunnels is an easy decision, especially if you can get a great deal on the Groove Pages page builder (in fact, a whole website builder). We set-up a bonus page here with a great set of bonuses on things to make the lead magnets you will need to get your list going too! (Remember that tip above to offer something of value?)

This GroovePages V2 Bonus deal will let you ditch any ideas about expensive web designers and doesn't have the huge learning curve that will not kill your profits with huge monthly fees.

GroovePages is created by one of a few software visionaries (Mike Filsaime), who have never abandoned any software they created. Also co - founder of WebinarJam, EverWebinar, GrooveKart and many other familiar software services... so you know Groove Pages going to be freaking awesome!

Mike Filsaime

GroovePages is created by one of a few software visionaries (Mike Filsaime)

The software is a drag-n-drop funnel builder… and their goal is to make the software so easy and intuitive, even your great grandma could use it.

They had been looking for people with all levels of experience to get in there and use the software, report bugs, and provide some feedback. Imagine, never having to pay for a website again. Simply drag-and-drop from dozens of pre-made professionally designed template blocks to build the page of your dreams.

If that's not enough, they are planning the release of hundreds of full-funnel templates in the coming weeks.

Clickfunnels alternative

And even though it's in beta... Here are some of the things that are included when you login today:

  • Unlimited web pages
  • Unlimited funnels
  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited free hosting
  • Unlimited custom domains
  • Thousands of searchable royalty-free stock images
  • Image galleries, countdown timers, testimonials, video players, forms… everything you need to build a high converting website.
  • Plus Mobile-first responsive design

All built using a super-fast code that simply works and works well…

Plus, there's a published list of developments so you can know what's being worked on by the dev team, and vote up any feature requests that you'd like to see prioritized!


  • Analytics
  • Split testing
  • Funnel sharing
  • Blog functionality
  • Video backgrounds
  • And so much more!

It seems that every business needs GroovePages!
Especially if you take advantage of the Lifetime Access No Monthly Fees GroovePages V2 Special and the incredible bonuses that go with it!

Check Out What Is Included FREE 
When You Order Your GROOVE PAGES Account Below:

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