Lead Generation: Squeeze Pages VS Landing Pages

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Many marketers use lead pages in their marketing. A lead page is a single standalone webpage, that you make specifically for a marketing or media campaign. It's where a prospect (prospective customer) “lands”; both landing pages and squeeze pages have similar looks and components. They both have a header, a call-to-action, some graphics and a form to collect contact information but a landing page may have more options. 

If creating a squeeze page or a landing page, make sure you use a clear and direct CTA “call to action” on both. A CTA is as simple as just asking your prospective prospect to subscribe to your list. And remember to use blog content, social media announcements and newsletters to link back to this landing/squeeze page.

Your goal is to spread the word quickly and direct potential subscribers to your products from as many platforms as possible.

Landing Page VS Squeeze Page


A dedicated landing page allows you to be able to curate all your content in one place while encouraging visitors to subscribe to your email list.

It’s simply easier to use a landing page to market your products if you can direct all your traffic to one spot. You can use a resource like WordPress to create a blog dedicated to your products where you can turn each post into chance to build a relationship with your prospects.

For instance, our main page at PromoteLabs.com lets visitors subscribe for FREE to get access to 10 exclusive tools... We offer some of our best tools free so that when a person subscribes to our list, they see how awesome our products are, right from the start of our hopefully long term relationship.

subscribe for FREE to get access to 10 exclusive tools

Now the difference is pretty small, between a landing page and a squeeze page... A squeeze page is a tool that allows you to ask (a call-to-action) or “squeeze” visitors to give you a real email address by presenting an offer; be it some valuable content or special access to content - and that's it. You do not want to add anything to a squeeze page that will take the focus away for getting that email address. Because getting that email - generating that lead is often the first step to marketing success.

In fact, 85% of marketers claim lead generation is their most important content marketing goal (VentureBeat, APSIS), which allows them to convert more of the leads they gather into paying customers.

Squeeze pages are the number one tool we use to gather those leads and start a profitable "relationship". And they will work for you to connect with your target audience and build a memorable brand.


Actually, email is not dead at all. Almost 80% of the top-performing businesses have been using some sort of marketing automation to generate leads for three or more years. (Pardot). In many cases that software is an email autoresponder used in tandem with a form to collect contact information via a squeeze or landing page.

Email is one of the best ways to reach out and start a relationship with your prospects. AND many people hook their email notifications to their cell phones so even people that only use a mobile device or tablet will be able to be reached with this method.

Keep your squeeze pages short and sweet!...

A squeeze page is to gather contact information from people that have not yet seen your offer. Whether it is someone you have already started a relationship with and you want to segment them onto a new list, or gathering new prospects from organic traffic. This means that no one visiting your page, knows about your offer yet so you only have a few seconds to get a prospect interested in what you are offering.

Give them only what they need, including the most important benefits, a killer headline that gets them excited about your offer and clearly outlines what matters most to them, so they will part with their contact info.


Basically a squeeze page is in most cases is just a landing page with a laser focus. 

It's a type of landing page, that as a marketer, you use as a tool to collect email addresses from visitors. 

Squeeze pages can be kept quite short, but they should include: 

  • A solid main headline and a supporting headline/tagline/subtitle that very clearly communicates the benefits your offer provides
  • A USP (unique selling proposition) a unique benefit to separate your brand from competitors. 
  • The benefits of what you are offering that gives enough information for the prospect to make an affirmative decision... often presented in a bulleted list.
  • A clear CTA (call to action). Ask for the email address. Simple 
  • An embedded email form that includes just one (or two) fields (name optional). Your form doesn't need to require an area to input their name. While a name is valuable information to gather, the most important job is to get a valid email, and an extra field may slow a prospect from taking the action you want them to take without leaving the page.

Other Optional Items You May Want to Include:

These are optional items that can be trimmed if your squeeze page gets too long and starts to roll down where your browser needs to move. If a prospect has to scroll to read more they may just click exit instead and this is not something you want to chance. So, keep all your pertinent information "above the fold".

  • Images or video showing highlights and ways to use your products (often a good video can be more effective than a text list of benefits)
  • Social proof and/or testimonials (not a social share button! The goal is to NOT have prospect leave the page)
  • A reinforcement statement - include anything that strengthens or increases your call to action.
  • A closing argument that focuses and reinforces the key issues for an extra push to get your point across.

Writing That Killer Title and Tagline:

People landing on your squeeze page will be asking: "What's in it for me?". Remember as you are writing, that in marketing, no one cares about YOU. Write with the reader in mind. Keep "I" out of your copy as much as possible.

This means you’ll need a compelling title and an attention-grabbing tagline that paints a clear picture as to what your prospect gets for trading their email address. 

The title of your squeeze page can be as simple as stating what you are offering ie. "Get All 10 tools FREE! - Sign Up" or a catchy phrase or tagline you use in conjunction with your product.

Below is an example of how we use this technique on our own landing/squeeze page. (You can click on the image, go to the page and get these tools...It will let you see a great example of how to run a successful funnel, too)

Click to Subscribe

A successful subtitle or tagline should answer the two main questions a prospect will have – “What is this?” and “Is This for me?”

These things may seem obvious to you but look at it from a person that had never come across your product or name before. They don’t know you or why they want what you are offering. This is your chance to tell them that in a few lines.

Remember that attention spans – especially online – are very short. You may only have a matter of seconds to “squeeze” a prospect and get them interested in your offer. Keep in mind that your goal is to have them subscribe to your list so you can show them more of what you have to offer in the future.

Make the title and initial subtitle compelling, interesting and short enough so a prospect can glance at it and get a good idea what your offer is about and why they should subscribe to your list to get it.

This will take some thought and a bit of work, but you can create a great title in the end.


Once you get that contact information it is not all smooth sailing. You will want to keep your list "warm" by keeping them updated on newly published blog content, special deals and promotions you’re running, and new product launches, all through email.

And you should automate the process to make things easier on you so you can spend your time creating more avenues to profit. Use an email service provider like Aweber, MailChimp, Drip, or Active Campaign. They’ll help you collect email addresses and send messages to your subscribers whenever you have something to share such as a product launch. Here is an article that reviews and compares the "Top 5 Email Marketing Software | Compared & Reviewed"

If you are interested in learning more about automating using a landing/squeeze page creator here is a good post on  "How to Choose a Landing Page Creator That’s Sure to Deliver Great Results"

Click to read post - Opens New Tab

You’ll likely want more than one squeeze page, connected to specific email lists so you can begin segmenting your email lists right from the start. 3% of your prospects are actively buying, 56% aren’t ready to buy yet, and about 41% are getting ready to begin buying. So getting these prospects into a relationship by getting their email is very important so you can start to "warm them up" -  allowing them time to get to know you and trust you enough to purchase from you.

One squeeze page could lead prospects into your main mailing list, with other internal squeeze or landing pages being offered to those who have transitioned throughout your sales funnel.

We cannot stress enough to keep your squeeze pages simple, especially your entry one when people are just getting to know your brand and are still learning about what you have to offer. There are some live squeeze/landing page examples below... 

One of the easiest ways to quickly build a targeted list is by offering a well-written report, guide or tutorial that helps your subscribers learn a new skill or improve an existing one.

Getting an email - generating that lead is often the first step to marketing success... Check out the secrets revealed in Lead Generation: Squeeze Pages VS Landing Pages

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Lack of resources and time are some of the biggest obstacles for 61% of businesses that want to generate leads. You can save a lot of time and money by skipping the creation process and purchasing access to a specialized service like our AutomatedListProfits where you’ll gain access to done-for-you reports and squeeze pages. This content is written by seasoned professionals, so you can rest assured it’s top-notch quality... not that we're partial or anything 😉 

One Last Detail

Did we mention that your squeeze page should be attractive?
For most niches you want a professional looking landing page that reflects the quality of your offer. Unless you are trying to have the feel of bargain flea market, in which case, by all means make your pages look off-kilter. 

A good number of people do not mean to have a less than beautiful page and fail when it comes to creating an attractive, unique squeeze page that gets attention because they may not be adept with code or a WordPress guru.

If creating a squeeze page yourself sounds daunting or the page you have created is not getting you the results you want, then of course one common option is to outsource your squeeze page design. Problem is, this is EXPENSIVE. If you’re creating multiple pages every month (or even every week), this option can dry up your budget pretty quick.

We would like to share our not-so-secret weapon... + Examples

We created PageDyno : we have the ability to make landing pages and squeeze pages that are attractive but we needed a way to do so quicker. And we wanted a more affordable way to create all the high-response - high-converting landing pages we needed.

PageDyno is our point-and-click easy way to create these pages. It takes about two minutes to create your first page, and every page you create after that is even faster.

Sounds like we are getting 'salesy' but we are actually very proud of how great these pages work. Check out the live examples below and see if you don't agree...

Live Squeeze/Landing Page Examples - Check Them Out

Below is an example of a squeeze page using a graphic background with a video enabled within the form - Click To See The Example (opens in a new tab) This type of Squeeze page is best used for creating a Launch List.

Next example is of a squeeze page using a video background with graphic enabled within the form - Click To See The Example (opens in a new tab) This example showcases how to deliver or use a Coupon Code & Book Launches to list build.

Next example is of a squeeze page using a graphic background with graphic enabled within the form - Click To See The Example (opens in a new tab) With just a click of your mouse you can embed background videos, animate your opt-in forms, and even overlay your forms on third-party sites! This example works great for Product Launches.

Hope you enjoyed these examples...

PageDyno is the quickest, easiest and best way to do it. And you don’t even have to take our word for it.

You can also see even more squeeze page examples at PageDyno.com

PageDyno Deal

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