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Every once in a while, lightning strikes twice in the same place.

And every once in a while, someone becomes almost unbelievably rich from one simple idea… one product.

Take copywriter Gary Dahl as an example. He was sitting in a bar one night with friends as they discussed how difficult it is to take care of pets.

Dahl started thinking about what sort of pets would require no care. And boom – he came up with the idea of the Pet Rock.

He sold 1.5 million Pet Rocks in the mid-1970s, which made him an instant millionaire.

Pretty sweet story, right?

Thing is, Dahl’s experience is really rare. Very few marketers come up with a product idea that turns them into an instant millionaire.

I’m not going to sugarcoat this: it’s very unlikely to happen to you.

That’s not to say you can’t make yourself filthy rich if you wanted to. Difference is, most of us need to take a few extra steps in order to enjoy that sort of success.

But most people don’t take those steps.  Most people don’t even know the steps. Even though the steps are surprisingly easy!

Let me explain…

Make MORE money online

The Internet Fantasy

Maybe it’s all those sales letters promising overnight riches that made us think we could put a website tonight and be the next Rockefeller by tomorrow morning.

Maybe it was the sketchy “get rich” infomercials, or the offline “workshops” that made it all look so easy.

Remember the days when you could put up an opt-in form and people would flood your mailing lists?

Or how about the Dot Com boom where every new website that went up had people throwing money at it?

Those days are gone. Thankfully. Because once the dust settled and the novelty of the internet itself wore off, only those who used a proven money-making system survived, thrived and raked in the cash.

We got wealthy by using a good strategy, NOT by dumb luck.

Now if you’re reading this blog post carefully, you may have perked up when I said “money making system.” 

Maybe you’re hoping I’m going to spill a brand-new secret that no one on the planet has ever shared with you before.

Well… not quite. But I AM going to share with you a proven system. Think of any successful business owner, and I’m betting they’ve used this system.

Heck, you can literally go back thousands of years to the beginning of commerce, and you’ll discover those who made it big have ALWAYS used this system.

Except there’s one little problem…

Most folks don’t know how to apply the system to their business. It’s an ancient secret – but that doesn’t mean you need to sell spices on the Silk Road in order to make the most of this strategy.

You can use it online, starting right now, to make more money.

No matter what you’re selling, no matter who you’re selling to, and no matter what your business model is, this thing works.

Now that’s where we come in. You can think of us as your “modernizers.” We’ve distilled this ancient secret into a compact marketing formula that you can use to apply to today’s modern business. That’s right, I’m talking about YOUR online business.

Who knows what they called their system back in ancient Mesopotamia.

We’ve named our new and improved, modernized version the Make M.O.R.E. Money system.

So, here’s the scoop…

There are only FOUR ways for you to make more money in your business. 

You might spend late nights scrolling through blog posts, watching videos, reading reports and buying products looking for that one elusive secret that’s going to launch your business into the stratosphere.

And sure, everyone and their brother is going to bark at you like a carnival worker and try to tell you that they have what you’re looking for.

But if they’re not teaching this four-part method for making more money, then their methods aren’t worth the pixels they’re written on.

Let me share with you the four parts of the Make M.O.R.E. Money system:

  • Market Reach
  • Order Percentage
  • Range of Profit
  • Extra Purchases

And here’s a quick explanation for each part…

Market Reach

The first component is Market Reach, which is all about getting your offers in front of more people. In other words, this is all about getting traffic to your website.

Now here’s a big key: this needs to be TARGETED traffic.

For example, imagine if I’m selling quilting patterns online.  And imagine if I went to a Harley Davidson motorcycle expo to sell these patterns.

Would any big, burly Harley dudes buy my pretty floral quilting patterns? Maybe. But then I’d probably be checking if Hell had frozen over.

Nah, if you were at a motorcycle expo, you’d sell motorcycle-related stuff: t-shirts, leathers, stuff like that.

And if you were selling quilting patterns, then you’d need to get yourself to a quilting expo, a quilting group online, and similar places where you could get targeted eyeballs in front of offers.

Point is, you need traffic… but not all traffic is created equally. You want PROSPECTS, not random hits to your traffic counter. 

Random visitors aren’t going to help you pay the mortgage, so be sure to focus on attracting traffic that wants what you’re buying.

Which brings us to the next part of our modernized money-making system…

More Money Online

Order Percentage

The second component of the M.O.R.E. formula is Order Percentage, which is about converting more browsers into buyers.

If you start with targeted traffic (we’re talking honest-to-goodness targeted prospects), then you’re already way ahead of the game.

But just having targeted traffic isn’t going to have you rolling around with bags of money any time soon.

When it comes to getting your prospects to convert, there are oodles of other factors involved that can make or break your success.

For example: do your prospects actually want to buy your product after they read your sales letter?

See, you can have the absolute best product in the world – the kind of product that people would push little old ladies out of the way just so they could beat a path to your order button – but if your sales letter stinks, no one is going to buy.

One big problem with a lot of sales letters is that the marketer makes it all about themselves. Me, me, me… I created such as awesome product… you’re an idiot if you don’t buy it… I, me, my.

Even super-targeted prospects are going to click the back button a sales page like that.

Here’s why: when your prospects hit your landing pages, they’re going to be thinking, “What’s in it for me?” Your sales letters need to answer that question with benefit-driven copy that makes your audience want your product more than they’ve ever wanted anything in their lives.

Okay, so maybe that’s a tiny bit of an exaggeration.  But a good sales letter needs to touch your prospects emotionally, get them imagining how awesome it will be to use your product, and then persuade them to hit your order button now without delay.

That’s just one tiny example of how to boost your order percentage. As mentioned, there are oodles of factors that go into turning prospects into cash-paying customers, and once you nail them then you’re going to start seeing more cash flowing into your accounts. (I’ll tell you where to learn about the other factors in just a moment.)


Range of Profit

The third component of the M.O.R.E. formula is Range of Profit, which is where you get your customers to spend more money with you every time they make a purchase.

You’ve got a hot prospect who really wants what you’re selling. They click the “buy” button… now what?

If you said, “they complete their order,” well… thanks for playing, you’ll find some great parting gifts in back, but that’s not quite the answer I was looking for.

What you want to happen now is for your prospect to purchase your product and agree to purchase a related product as well.

This is how you turn a $100 order into $125, $150 or more.

Think of the last time you went to the grocery store and walked by the ice cream case. I bet there was a display near the ice cream that was full of good things like hot fudge, chocolate sauce, marshmallow and cones.

Person says, “I’m going to buy ice cream.” Store says, “You want hot fudge with that?

Person walks into McDonald’s and orders a hamburger. Clerk says, “You want fries with that?

Prospect clicks the “order” button to buy a diet guide. Order form asks, “You want a low-calorie cookbook with that?

You get the point – your order form shouldn’t be the end of the prospect’s purchases. Instead, it should be just the beginning, as you offer them one or more related products to help them achieve their goals or complete a task.

Which brings us to the next point…

Extra Purchases

The final component of the Make M.O.R.E. Money formula is to get your existing customers to purchase additional offers from you.

That whole thing I just mentioned about your order form being the beginning of the prospect’s purchases?

Yep… it starts on the order form, and from there on out you recommend related products and services to help your customers achieve their goals.

Think about the last time you purchased a car. If you bought it from a dealership, then you probably received offers to get your car maintained at the dealership.

Or let’s suppose you’re purchasing a puppy training guide. Next thing you know, you’re getting offers for supplies (collars, leashes, beds, treats), additional training guides, health insurance for your new pup and everything else you need to raise a healthy, happy puppy. (And someone is making a fortune off your extra purchases!)

No matter what you’re selling, you need to do the same thing. Ask yourself, what ELSE can you offer your customers? What else do they need and want? Figure that out, and you’re going to hit on a goldmine of backend sales.

Now a few parting thoughts…


As we’re wrapping up, here’s the big takeaway I want you to remember…

Putting any one of these methods to work in your business is going to boost your profits.

But the big key to generating your full revenue potential is to deploy all four components of this strategy for making M.O.R.E. money with your business.

You just learned a few tips that you can use starting right now to make more money with this strategy.

That gives you a good start, but it’s just the tip of the profits iceberg.

If you want to know what the world’s wealthiest business owners and entrepreneurs know about turning a modest business into a profit powerhouse, then you’re going to want to get your hands on the Make M.O.R.E. Money video training course!

This course lays out the complete strategy along with dozens of tips and examples that you can put to work immediately.

This is the exact same strategy profitable companies everywhere use – from your neighborhood deli to the big companies topping the Forbes 500 list.

Now you too can use it to grow your business and take it to the next level.

Click here to get all the details:

And do it now – because this is a gamechanger for anyone who’s ready to take bold action starting today!

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