More Exciting PageDyno Features!!

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More Demos - More Awesome... More Exciting PageDyno Features!!!

PageDyno just keeps getting better and better 🙂

...  We've added the functionality to optimize your conversions:
Introducing "Multi-Step / Yes/No Pages" (click here to see a DEMO)

PageDyno Featrues

Depending on your campaign, using a multi-step, opt-in process can lead to significantly higher conversion rates

Instead of immediately asking for the opt-in you can now use a 'Step 1' page to ask a question or demonstrate something before visitors are shown the opt-in form 'Step 2'

It's completely optional
 (and off by default) but we recommend using it as running a multi-step opt-in is a fast and easy way to fine tune your audience targeting and segmentation 🙂

Multi-Step functionality also means you can now do MUCH more with PageDyno!

- For instance you can now create campaigns that aren't just lead capture pages. 

You can use them for ANYTHING.

Maybe to deliver bonuses or downloads without collecting opt-ins at all  (See the new demos on the beta invite page for examples).

Great right?.. 

Well, there's more...

Turn Pages Into 'Pop-Ups': (click here to see how this works)

Demo of PageDyno

We've added the option to embed your opt-in boxes (or new multi-step boxes) into your web pages directly using a simple, copy/paste code snippet.  Just add the code to your HTML page(s), works with WordPress sites too, and set a trigger to activate it.

PageDyno Triggers?  What's that?

We've extended this new Pop-Up functionality to include activation 'triggers' which let you control how and when your new pop-up boxes are displayed:

Via a click 'Class Click' - connect this to buttons or links on your page that when clicked will trigger the pop-up.

Instantly on Page Load - Great for news and special announcements, discount codes and sales.

After a certain period of Time On The Page - Target your most engaged visitors only.

After a certain Percentage Of The Page Has Been Scrolled.  Pick your perfect spot to trigger the pop-up (your visitors might just think you have some kind of Jedi powers) 🙂

As an Exit Intent - Catch visitors before they leave with a cool incentive to stay and buy or opt-in.

The cool trick with these triggers is that they're set at the point where you pick up the code snippet.  (From the Campaign Management tab under Get Code)...

...  Which means you can SET DIFFERENT TRIGGERS for the same pop-up box, depending on which pages you decide to place them on and WITHOUT having to create new pages 🙂

You can also configure the pop-ups to 'LOCK' the page below it - TIP:  Locking a page is a great way to collect opt-ins before visitors can access specific content on your site and is used extensively on mainstream news sites.

  You can also control the frequency of Pop-Ups for returning visitors (Every visit, daily, weekly or just one time and never show it again).

Awesome right?

What's even better ...

 this goes public, we're inviting you as a valued customer to get in before everyone else at special BETA with Benefits pricing 🙂

This means you'll also get all new core features added to your account at NO extra cost. (we just added a couple more really awesome features this month that are not even on the sales page yet)

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