It's Jeremy & Simon here the founders of PromoteLabs, Inc. with a heart to heart to all of our loyal subscribers, clients and partners ...

As we all know things are changing rapidly by the day (even by the hour) right now and many are not prepared for it.

We understand you might be scared, worried and uncertain right now.

Yes, it's serious, but so is getting in your car everyday driving 60 miles per hour with nothing but a yellow line and a few feet between you and oncoming traffic, yet no one thinks twice about that.

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Also did you know that the top 10 most dangerous jobs in the world include fishing, roofers, drivers, police, farmers and construction workers - maybe you know someone in one of those industries right now?

I sure do, I even worked in some of those when I was young.

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Many people are freaking out now about everything including having to stay home, work or study from home or go find work elsewhere.

Many are also prepping for what they think is going to be the zombie apocalypse and surely a years supply of toilet paper and dry goods will help with that.


This is really interesting to me ( Jeremy ) since I've been working from home and living life on my own terms since 1997 so I asked myself why are so many acting crazy right now?

I finally realized it's due to the fear of change, fear of the unknown and ultimately the biggest fear of all death.

Let's face it, none of us are immortal (at least not yet) and we are all here on this planet for a limited time. 

But we can surely make the best of the time we have here, can't we?

This is where FAITH comes into play in our lives.

Whatever your beliefs are the best thing you can do right now is to use this as an opportunity to make your life better while you're here.

Right now you can do one of two things...

You can panic, be fearful, watch the news all day and get depressed, turn to mind numbing substances, Netflix and chill until you're told what to do next.


You can use this time to improve
your health, your relationships, your mindset, your financial situation & your future.

Little story...

I actually just got back last night from a week of hiking, mountain climbing and outdoor adventures in red rock country - Sedona, AZ with my family.

Jeremy went to Arizona - Promotelabs

You can learn more about that place here

We didn't let things affect us and we all had an amazing time!

Everything worked out great and the people running the shops and restaurants there were all super friendly, in good spirits and happy to see us.

We also had a private sweat lodge ceremony with a Native American Shaman, the temp was around 200F for over an hour to help detox us.

On the way back, there was hardly any traffic in Phoenix and not many people at the airport or on the plane on the way back and everywhere we went, everyone was overly polite - I thought it was nice for a change 🙂

After we got back we went to our local co-op and restocked our fridge just fine (no shortages or fresh produce or anything there).

We all got a good nights rest and am now ready to get back to work!

What's my point in all this?

We could have taken the path of fear and been scared everywhere we went or just cancelled our trip, raided Costco and gone to live in a bunker.

Instead we decided to live our life and enjoy it on our terms.

It's about having the right mindset, being aware and taking precautions but not being controlled by fear.

The media along with certain political and religious leaders are great at installing fear in everyone these days.

Master Y- PromoteLabs

"Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering." - Master Yoda 

George Lucas was certainly ahead of his time when he created Star Wars and there are a lot of subtle life lessons throughout my all time favorite movie series.

So here's what you can do right now to make your life better through all of this while you're at home ..

Boost Your Health & Immune System By...

  • Staying Active - working out is a powerful way to boost your immune system, do home workouts or take a walk or a run in the country side or a safe park. Raising your body temperature can help kill germs (every wonder why we get fevers?)
  • Eat Healthy - eat fresh whole foods as much as you can, ensure you get enough vitamin C, D and Zinc right now. Eat foods that help support a healthy gut and immune system basically. If you can't get what you need through food alone (it is hard) then take organic supplements. 
  • Get Enough Sleep - try to get 7-9 hours a night to reboot & repair your system.
  • Reduce Stress - there's a strong link between your immune health and your mental health. Doing the 3 things listed above will help with this. So will not having to drive through rush hour, fight to get through crowded places or rush through schedules.
  • Don't Smoke - yes this is one of the hardest things to quit but if you want to keep your immune system strong (especially your respiratory system) do NOT smoke.
  • Avoid Infections - wash your hands frequently, keep your house, car, office etc clean, and if possible use a sauna often.

Boost Your Relationships By ...

  • Spend time with your kids - lots of time now to play games, do activities, help with homework etc
  • Video calls with your friends and relatives - thank modern technology for this, even just 10 years ago this would have been very difficult.
  • Join online communities and events - everything from concerts, theater and parties have now gone online recently.

 Boost Your Mindset & Improve Yourself By ...

  • Reading self development books - anything by Napoleon Hill or Tony Robbins is usually great for this
  • Listening to thought provoking podcasts - lots of these now just go search on your favorite topics
  • Learning a new skill by watching a how to video or course - you can learn 10 marketing & business skills for free right here​training/

Boost Your Income & Financial Situation By ...

  • Starting or working on your online business - if you've been putting this off or didn't have time before, now is the perfect time for this! We've got lots of resources for you to use on our blog
  • Growing your audience - now is the time to do more top of funnel marketing to acquire more leads for your business - here's a great low cost tool we recommend for that
  • Developing a new infoproduct to launch - we've actually got something very cool being put together for you that we'll be letting you know about soon! (hopefully next week)

We are going through a shift right now in society, things may never be the same again after hundreds of millions of people have experienced working from home for the first time.

We're now all in a great position to be serving them with the tools, resources and help they need to thrive in an ever growing online business world.

Now is the time to NOT be retreating but to be ADVANCING and GROWING your online business and marketing!

Our entire team at PromoteLabs Inc is here to help support you in every way we can by providing you with the shortcuts, strategies and online marketing tools to do that.

So be healthy, active & prosperous throughout these changing & challenging times 🙂

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