#1 affiliates on many of my major launches!

I’ve worked with Simon and Jeremy for years and have only one word for them as affiliates – SUPERB!These guys know the affiliate game very well and are able 10 convert massive sale… They’re always on my short list whenever I need some real help with a launch or promo. and they have been #1 affiliates on many of my major launches! Thanks Guys. You Rock! 


Ewen Chia

two of the most respected and knowledgeable marketers I’ve come accross

Jeremy & Simon are certainly the experts you want to learn from when it comes to affiliate marketing. During my last product launch, they dominated the entire launch contest and snagged the top place.

I would highly recommend everyone to learn from these guys as they’re certainly two of the most respected and knowledgeable marketers I’ve come across during the past 4 years I’ve been marketing online

Calvin Woon

They get better conversion rates than all other affiliates

Simon & Jeremy are two of sharpest minds in internet marketing and consistently outrank all other affiliates in our sales contests… They’ve taken the #1 spot on most of our launches and have sold thousands of units of our products over the years.

More importantly.- They get better conversion rates than all other affiliates, earning more money per click, and per customer than anyone else!

Soren Jordansen, John Merrick & Cindy Battye

They’re in the 10% group of people bringing in 70-80% of my total sales.

Jeremy and Simon have been among my top affiliates. usually in the top #1-#3 places, for many of my Private Label Rights product launches and limited time sales. They’re in the 10% group of people bringing in 70-80% of my total sales.

I owe a big part of the foundation of my business success to this dynamic duo, I’d say its even life-changing! Thanks Jeremy and Simon, for helping me out with my product launches and being among my best and favorite Joint Venture partners

Edmund Loh

they beat the best in the industry

Jeremy and Simon know affiliate marketing inside and out and when it comes down to a full out brawl they beat the best in the industry! My recent Autoblog Samurai launch hit #1 on ClickBank. Over 500 affiliates (including every big name marketer you’ve heard of) promoted it, and these guys came out on top-

They know their stuff when it comes to affiliate marketing. If you want to win big affiliate competitions and see your name at #1 then listen to whatever they have to say

Paul Ponna

Michael Rasmussen

Simon and Jeremy have been winning the affiliate game for years: Pure Internet marketing hard-core. guys that know how things really work in our industry.
As a vendor I’d want them promoting my products in a heartbeat, if you’re an affiliate (and up against them in a competition) then you should be quaking in your boots the minute they walk in the room…
If they ever decide to ‘reveal all” l recommend you grab yourself a front row ticket

Michael Rasmussen

Simon and Jeremy are amazing partners to work with

Simon and Jeremy are amazing partners to work with – they know what it takes to really sell online! In a recent promotion, they came from nowhere to blast past over 200 other affiliates and become our #1 affiliates just from sending a couple of emails…

Richard Legg

Jeremy and Simon are two of the top affiliates in Internet Marketing today

Jeremy and Simon are two of the top affiliates in Internet Marketing today.
Everytime I launch a product my goal is to get these guys on board since their participation alone will mean thousands and thousands in sales and almost guarantee a successful launch

Jeff Dedrick

These guys can bring the HEAT!

Jeremy and Simon have been our top affiliate over the last few years and they continue to deliver. They always provide additional value to their subscribers by offering some of the best bonus packages around – which is why people love buying through them. Have loved working with these guys and for the future to come. Thanks for all of your continued support!

Mark Thompson

Incredible Support. Bring The Heat!

WOW – Jeremy and Simon, You guys are amazing! I have not ever seen anyone that puts together a better affiliate promotion than you guys. You went after it like it was your own launch. And the results tell the story. HUNDREDS (and hundreds) of units moved – and they just kept coming. You guys operate with the highest integrity, your people love you – and your support is second to none. Thanks so much for being a part of it with us – WOW!! Those numbers are incredible! Anytime – anywhere.

Walter Bayliss

Everytime you promoted, you were among the Top 3 promoters – HATS OFF to you Guys!

Jeremy & Simon – I accept that I take inspiration from you guys and your methods. I LOVE the products you create, I promote them to my list as well as buy them for my own personal use because of their High Quality & High Perceived Value. And guys, your support on my HQplrStore.com’s product launches is Just OUT OF THIS WORLD – AWESOME!!! Everytime you promoted, you were among the Top 3 promoters – HATS OFF to you Guys! If you are in Internet Market, do not miss these guys for their support & ideas for getting better & better. Thanks again!

Dr. Amit Pareek

The experts at over delivering!

I first met Jeremy & Simon back in 2007 and I realised very quickly these guys were people to learn from and (try to) emulate. What they don’t know about marketing online you don’t need to know, they’ve probably forgotten more than I actually know! They were the first people I saw building real Funnels for launches and are always ahead of the curve with what’s working and what’s coming next. Every one of their launches that I’ve promoted has made me a big pile of cash, they’ve consistently given me some of my biggest affiliate paydays and I know my subscribers will always be happy with their offers, they over deliver on value every single time! Keep it up guys, and thank you!

Matt Garrett


Huge thanks for your support of my product launches in January & your solid performance as a JV partner even at short notice 🙂 As you know both products launched hit #1 on the Top Sellers within hours of launch. As JV support goes you mailed several times for both my launches – with solid double figure conversions huge EPC’s & 200+ sales per promo – YOU GUYS ROCK!

Chris Hitman

Want Your Launch To Succeed?

Here is a few points that most already know and one point YOU can benefit from that many do NOT yet know. Here is the known; Here at RZM Inc. we fuel massive launches. Currently behind the #1 and #3 all time record holding launches on JVZOO and STILL holding 1st place on Warrior plus since 2012! Here is something you might not yet know, Jeremy and his team are a massively powerful force in the affiliate game. If you want your launch to succeed? You MUST talk to these guys, without their support your launch might hit 6 figures. BUT with their support? SEVEN figures WILL come into view a LOT faster! 

Aon Thompkin

One of the few genuine super affiliates

When these guys support you, they go the extra mile and not only drive a ton of targeted traffic, but send first class customers too. They communicate extremely well and were a HUGE asset to the launch of our new podcasting platform, Audello. They beat out many super affiliates and crushed it for us. They absolutely know their stuff when it comes to affiliate marketing and their numbers are incredible. Thanks guys, you know where I am if you ever need anything. You rock!

Josh Bartlett

Jeremy and Simon are the REAL DEAL!

Jeremy and Simon are the REAL DEAL! When they come on board a launch, they go the extra mile by not only driving lots of traffic, but also have custom bonus packages that come along with the promotion – ensuring high conversions that go a long way to helping your launch stats as well. Hence it’s no coincidence that hey have always been one of my TOP affiliates whenever I launch any product. If you have a chance of getting them on board to promote your launch, or to promote their products, grab them in a heartbeat, you’ll not regret it! Thank you Simon and Jeremy for being so awesome!

Lester Lim

These Guys Rock!

Jeremy and Simon ROCK! Every time they support one of our launches they are always on the top of the leaderboard and drive hundreds of sales. Their support and dedication is always amazing and I truly appreciate all the effort they put into their promotions and how they have such a great relationship with their customer base. If you have a chance to work with these guys, do it. I always look forward to seeing what they are coming up with as products and when we are planning a launch they are one of the first JVs we reach out to. Look forward to working with you both in the future…

Sean Donahoe

Jeremy and Simon are consistently on top

Jeremy and Simon are consistently on top of pretty much any affiliate contest they choose to enter. Over the last three years on JVZoo they have sold tens of thousands of products and generated well into the seven figures with their affiliate promotions. If you can get these guys promoting your offer, I hope your servers can handle it.

Bryan Zimmerman

I take inspiration from Jeremy.

I take inspiration from Jeremy. He’s an avid marketer with an outstanding yet humble driving force. Like many launches, he came on top and held the #1 position. His conversion rates and EPCs are also notably high, which says a lot about how well he takes care of his subscribers. Thanks again for the tremendous value you bring to the Internet space. I look forward to work with you again.



Simon & Jeremy Can Double Your Launch Profits in 48 Hours

If you want a big launch, if you want to break records and if you want other JVs and affiliates quaking in their boots you want to get Simon & Jeremy on board for your launch. Massive firepower, massive bonuses, massive credibility and massively ethical. You could not ask for better partners than Simon & Jeremy. I’ve worked with them for over 7 years and still pee my pants a bit in excitement when I see them committing to one of my launches!

Michael John Cheney

Get These Guys on Your Side… They’re Awesome!

Jeremy and Simon are consistently at the top over every new product launch and private promotion that we release. Not only can they bring the heat with every promotion, but they’re top-notch guys as well, and truly care about their customers. You want these guys on your side… trust me, your business will love you for it.

Matt Callen

Our #1 Affiliates 10 Years In A Row

After hundreds of launches in the last 10 years, Simon & Jeremy have consistently been our top affiliates. They keep re-inventing the affiliate game to drive sometimes up to 80% of all our combined sales. They know how to drive hordes of buyers, and they never compromise with quality. The efforts they put into each one of their promotions, and their willingness to always satisfy their audience is second to none in this industry. My business would not have been as successful for now 10 years without Simon & Jeremy’s amazing support.

Schoeffel Jean-Philippe

Highest Integrity, High Quality Products, and Care About Their Customers

Back in 2007, Jeremy and Simon promoted one of my Private Label Rights videos products and became one of the top affiliates. I was blown away. Since that point, I followed them and their products and they are consistent in putting out the highest quality products; products that I feel confident and secure promoting as an affiliate. As a veteran Internet Marketer since 2003, I’ve seen many things come and go. Many people come and go. I’ve worked with many gurus as well behind the scenes building their products. In the world of Internet Marketing, there are good marketers and there are ones that try to take shortcuts by making money in deceitful ways. There are also ones that pretend to be good. Not Simon and Jeremy. Even now, having worked with them behind the scenes with them on many launches, I can still say that they are the great marketers (highest integrity, ethical, innovative, and always looking for ways to help their customers succeed). That’s the side I’ve always wanted to be on. As far as affiliate marketing goes, till this day, they are always on the top leaderboards because they provide the high quality stuff. Since then, I’ve gained more knowledge from them to quadruple my own sales. So you will want to listen and pay close attention to what they have to say, if you want to do the same.

Stephen Luc

They Bring Huge Sales. Period!

Whenever Jeremy & Simon promoted our offers, they always top the affiliate leaderboard with the outrageous amount of sales and customers they bring in to our business. They didn’t just do it once or twice — but they consistently bring us tons of sales EVERY SINGLE TIME they promoted our offers. When it comes to promoting your offers, rest assured that Jeremy & Simon are the top guys to go to. Just make sure your customer service team is ready to handle the huge spike of new customers that they’re going to bring in! I highly endorse these guys. Thank you for your continued support!

Welly Mulia

These Guys are Automated Sales Machines….

The very first time I got a chance to work with Jeremy and Simon, what I saw wasn’t your regular affiliates… it was a beast incarnate at work raking in 100s upon 100s of sales straight into my funnel day after day… it was so crazy I asked myself “what the heck have I been doing this whole time that I never worked with these guys”. If you get a chance to work with these guys… don’t take it… STEAL IT by any means necessary!

Precious Ngwu

You want these guys supporting your next launch!

Not only are Jeremy and Simon some of the most prolific and highly respected product creators in the industry, they also know how to cook up a real mean affiliate promo. Even coming in late to the Engagifire launch they still managed to pull off a top 5 place in our launch contest without breaking a sweat. Considering we’d already passed $150k by that point this was no mean feat and seriously impressive. So guys, big thanks for the support and can’t wait to see the damage you’ll do to our next leaderboard! If you’ve got a great product and you want a big launch then you NEED these guys on board.!

Stuart Frank

Jeremy and Simon are true super affiliates.

Jeremy and Simon are true super affiliates. When ever they promote one of my offers, they send 100’s of sales and either win the JV contest, or place in the top 3. And they put great care into their promotions with quality bonuses and multiple mailings. They’re also friendly and easy to work with 🙂 They’re one of the first people I contact when ever I launch a new product!

Max Rylski

Ten Year Track Record and $100,000’s Commissions

I’ve known Jeremy and Simon for over ten years now and have to say – these guys ALWAYS deliver. They have always been in my top ten affiliate competitions and won a few along the way. I recently paid them over $20,000 commissions from ONE promotion. Cool guys, top service. Love them!

Andrew Fox


The guys at Memberspeed recently drove over $43k worth of sales! Not only can they bring serious heat on a promo, but they are also top guys to work with and lead with integrity!

Josh Ratta

The Real Deal – True Champions

I’ve been working with Simon & Jeremy for over 2 years now, They haven;t just been involved but they have dominated some of our biggest launches.. time after time these guys perform. True gentlemen. A pleasure to work with.

Simon & Alex

The Best of The Best

These guys are the bomb, the real deal, best of the best, whichever superlative I think of, it fits perfectly with what Simon & Jeremy do. They are quite simply ALWAYS the number one affiliates whenever they promote for us. We had over 100 affiliates making sales on our last launch, these guys did over 20% of the sales, so you do the maths, they accounted for only 1% of our money making affiliates but brought in over 20% of the total sales! Amazing figures, from truly amazing marketers, who are a pleasure to work with. Thanks a million guys and I hope we can continue to work together long into the future.Paul O'Keeffe
Paul O'Keeffe


I’ve known Jeremy Gislason and Simon Hodgkinson since I started doing
business online in 2005 and became two of my few real friends in the
industry but when the time comes to compete with them in JV contests, it’s
always an honor to be with them on the same leaderboard… and THAT is not
always easy! I admit, if there’s a more powerful word for being ‘super’ or
‘power’ affiliate, they deserve it! They are also two of my TOP affiliates
whenever I launch my own products and I always consider them a BIG asset in
every launch event…

Ian del Carmen

Stormed It… From Day 01!

The moment Jeremy and Simon hit “Send”, I knew they were going to SHOOT to the top of our leaderboard… and it happened in less than 60 minutes. I’ve been marketing for a while, but working with J&S was a real education. They REALLY understand how to connect with their subscribers, provide the maximum value possible and make sale after sale… for the entire launch. It’s great to see two mega-successful marketers who also CARE about their customer experience. They don’t just promote anything just because the numbers look good, but instead carefully ‘vet’ the product to ensure that it provides great value AND makes money. Communication, professionalism and incredible conversions. I look forward to their continued support on our promotions and also hitting them back as hard as possible!

Rob J. Temple


These guys came into my launch late in the day due to other commitments and shot into 2nd place among a leaderboard of serious heavy weights. When they commit – they really commit and bring 100s of sales through an epic promo campaign. I’m pleased and honored to have Simon and Jeremy as strategic partners.


Paul Clifford

Stellar EPC’s and Massive Traffic Muscle!

Every time Simon & Jeremy promote, they always smash the leaderboards – often taking first place with their combination of stellar EPC’s and massive traffic muscle. It’s been an honour to not only know you, but work closely with you over the years and I’m excited about joining you for many years to come of killer product releases I’ll back 100% (no brainer really… everything you release ROCKS!) and the epic affiliate support you guys can send too!

Cindy Battye

A Force to be Reckoned With!

Jeremy and Simon are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to promotions, when these guys promote, they REALLY deliver! Over the years I have known these guys they have generated TENS of THOUSANDS promoting me and win pretty much every competition they enter. As well as their overwhelming support, they are also true gentlemen and all round GREAT guys who I trust implicitly and respect greatly. I really can’t say enough great things about these two guys. Thanks for your AWESOME support – YOU ROCK!

Dave Nicholson

These guys can bring the heat!

When Simon and Jeremy sign up to promote your launch all the other JV’s get nervous because there’s about a 100% chance that these guys will dominate your leaderboard. Melinda and I are always impressed with their performance on our launches. Rock solid campaigns, value packed bonuses combined with honest ethical marketing. Memberspeed is the real deal Holifield. Simon and Jeremy simply know how to get it done. These guys can bring the heat!

Omar Martin

Sent over 100 clients

In 2006, Simon promoted the first version of Tracker.ly, called GoTryTHIS, and sent over 100 paying clients. Over 4 years later, we were still getting clients coming in from his promotion. Thanks Simon!

John Reel

Top Notch Guys!

Jeremy and Simon? Wow, this duo is incredible. Not only these guys are top affiliates and can bring you the heat but they are very smart marketers as well. They are truly amazing partners to work with, have the highest integrity, are ethical, and always CARE about their customers. In my last launch they dominated my leaderboard and are constantly on top of pretty much ANY affiliate contest out there!

Devid Farah

Server Melting Traffic and Ruthless Leaderboard Domination!

Simon and Jeremy promoted our vooplayer launch and absolutely dominated from the moment they began promoting. They came out of nowhere on day 2 and overtook the top 5 big dog JVs and ultimately won our overall and closing contest with a major lead over the #2 spot. Very impressive to say the least. If you can get these guys on your launch, be sure to prepare your server well in advance for the abuse it’s about to receive.

Peter Beattie

Like Winning The Lotto Every time They Promote…Incredible!

Over the past 5 years that I have gotten to know Jeremy and Simon I have been blown away at their consistency with our promotions! Without fail they appear at the top of our leaderboards every single time! The effort they put into each promotion is nothing short of impressive! They go all out for the products they promote! Get these guys on your side! You won’t be disappointed! Can’t recommend them enough for their integrity and the respect they have earned in this space! My hat’s off to them!

Paul Counts

Best Promoters in the Biz!!!!

Jeremy, Simon and the rest of the Promote Labs crew HIT and STAYED in the #1 position throughout the Shopified App launch. They’ve made over $100,000 in sales now for our product! (more than many launches do in total) Complete professionals though and though. They came in with a plan and then they executed the plan with precision. As a JV Broker/Product Creator it is hard to find such hard working and dedicated Affiliates. But not Promote Labs. These guys know how to build a promotion that BRIDGES THE GAP with their list. Anyone whom is lucky enough and who gets to work with them knows what I’m talking about. So I give them my highest recommendation. Thanks guys you all absolutely ROCKED IT! Karl “The SharK” Schuckert

Karl Schuckert

A Cornerstone Partner For Our Launch!

Jeremy and Simon hit our offer hard and with ultimate precision! They had the highest conversion rate while also winning our overall contest. When I saw their Bridge Page, I was overwhelmed…it was better than our own sales page! Plus, they hit it every day of the launch period. They didn’t hit it once and wait. They went head-on, full steam ahead from day 1 – all the way through to the final countdown! Actually, I’m honored and fell lucky that they agreed to promote; and I’m very pleased with their overall performance. They are at the top of my list of go-to top promoters!

Phil Benham

Memo Chip Free Product But Excellent Support

Could not get memo chimp to work, one ticket to the support team. They came back with a suggestion and the offer of more support if that didn’t work. The solution worked and now I have a solution should I hit the same snag with any of the chimp/monkey range of products. Great teamwork

Charles CM Bannister

Promote Labs Just Get It When It Comes To Online Promoting

I’ve been using the products from Promote Labs for years now and look forward each new year to see what these guys come up with. Truth of the matter, these guys just get it! Every tool has a major purpose in helping to promote my social media service and attract more customers, and all tools are so easy to use and apply to my business.

Currently, I have 9 tools from Promote Labs….my newest is Feedback Fox & Genius Lander!
I keep a list of all my tools and logins in one place so I have quick and easy access anytime I

It’s nice to know that these guys have me covered from A-Z with all my online promotions. Honestly, with so many things coming out these days, I appreciate not having to look any further than the products and tools that Promote Labs offer.

Gary Pettit

Gary Pettit