Solid Tool That’s Going to Help Tons

After reviewing I’m happy to say that this is a solid, high-value tool that’s going to actually make a big difference in your business… unlike ‘hype’ tools that have been launched and will stop being updated after a few months. Make sure to take advantage of this generous discount & offer before the price rises.

All We Have to Say Now is WOW!

After paying a professional $1000 to split test our first product launch, we knew the practice was a solid investment as our sales increased dramatically. But for our recent Keyword Supremacy launch, we decided to test out Split Test monkey to see if we could somehow pull off split testing our live traffic ourselves and hopefully increase sales and save a few bucks as well.

To be honest, we were quite nervous about the decision as launch time is definitely NOT the time to be learning how to set up split test software. We thought it was going to be complex, full of difficult coding and HTML code changes and basically a pain the ass to implement. But all we have to say now is WOW. We were totally blown away by the simplicity and effectiveness of this tool.

It didn’t take days and weeks to figure out and set up. It took about 5 minutes to figure it out, and another 10 minutes to set up our first tests. We ran Split Test Monkey throughout our launch and were easily able to triple our conversions, saved $1000 and feel 100% confident to set up split testing for future products.

Todd Spears & Herc Magnus
Finally split testing doesn’t have to be complicated OR expensive

I have to say I’m not an out and out techie, and so I am not one for getting software for the sake of it. If I do invest in software it HAS to be important to the success of my business. Well, I paid my own hard earned cash (yes I’m a REAL customer) to invest in Split Test Monkey.

From logging to creating my first split test it took me approximately 3 minutes! I know you hear all the time that things are newbie friendly, well this is as user friendly as it gets. Fill in a couple of fields, and you are just about done. Once it is up in running you get simple and clear stats to enable you to easily analyze the stats you create.

When you consider you are getting lifetime access for a one off investment that is a fraction of some products that do a similar thing, it becomes a bit of a no brainer as far as I’m concerned. Just purchase once and you can do as many tests as you want…forever!

Split Test Monkey just goes to prove that split testing doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive and I am happily recommending it to all my students.

19.43% List Conversions and $4985 in Revenue?

During my beta tests with Split Test Monkey, I found it simplifies things to make it easier to setup and fast without all the complex features.  I ran a list building campaign with cold YouTube Video SEO traffic for 16 days. I expected conversions at 4-10% or much lower because people didn’t know me. I tested two totally different pages and sent 1212 unique visitors to them.

As you can see in the image below, URL 1 got 15.43% conversions while URL 2 got 19.43% conversions with the help of the Auto Optimizer feature.


Had I “assumed” URL 1 worked out of the gate because it looked beautiful, without even testing URL 2, I would’ve been gambling with my money.  So now I have a winning strategy to push my traffic towards URL 2. Ultimately these leads converted into 5 high ticket sales ($997 each) – which is $4985 in revenue.


So as you can see, without split testing, you’re throwing all you’re time and money in hopes it’ll hit the bulls-eye.  What these tests reveal is typically the one you think is going to convert, just doesn’t. That said, I highly recommend grabbing Split Test Monkey today.  I absolutely love it and know it’ll do great things for my business.

Split Test Monkey is One of the Most Powerful & Easy to Use Tools for Split Testing!

I used to spend $100s a month on over bloated split-testing tools and I have to say Split Test Monkey is one of the most powerful and easy to use tools out there for split testing not just URLS but elements on the page too. I love it and highly recommend it.

31.9%, 66.3% & 70.1% More Conversions!

Those are the results from just 3 of the split tests I was able to run in a recent launch thanks to Split Test Monkey! There are some tools that are simply indispensable to my business, Split Testing is one of those things, but I’ve not found one that would do everything I want, and be easy to use, until now…I’m rolling out split tests on every sales page I have, squeeze pages next, and looking forward to making significantly more profit from the same traffic! Split Test Monkey is the first split tester that I’ve actually wanted to use since it’s so damned easy!

Matt Garrett
Fun Split Testing – Are You Serious?

Yeah, I’m serious. I remember the days of split testing – you installed a php script, you had to put weird variables in your sales page. Make a mistake and you were snookered. Then of course trying to understand the stats meant getting men in white coats to look at it. The guys at Promote Labs have made split testing fun!

An easy to use web interface that allows you to copy on piece of code and then track your conversions. And don’t worry about declaring winners etc, split test monkey does all that for you! You gotta split test, you gotta know your conversions, you gotta buy this – plain and simple!

Richard Butler
26% Increase With 2 Minutes Work…

Split Test Monkey isn’t the first testing software I’ve used, but I think it might just be the easiest and fastest to get working. In less than two minutes I setup my first test which is already showing a 26% increase in conversions. It’s easy to use and it makes me more money. What’s not to like?

The increase in revenue from just this one little test would cover the cost of the software many, many times over. (I can’t wait to start more tests and see how much more I can increase sales!) Great stuff from you guys as always.

Richard Legg
Split Test Monkey takes a really complex task and makes it “point and click” easy.

Split testing is one of those tasks that I’ve always hated because of how complicated and time consuming it is. I knew it was important but man, was it difficult to get right…that is, until now. Like all of Promote Labs software Split Test Monkey takes a really complex task and makes it “point and click” easy. I literally purchased the software and had my first Split Test set-up and live on my site 2 minutes later. And not only is it easy to use, it makes a BIG difference to results.

A simple A/B Split Test on one of my squeeze pages showed that Option 1 got 30% more subscribers that Option 2 and the only difference was a few words in the headline. 30% more subscribers, not bad for a simple split test that only took 2 minutes to set-up. I’m really impressed so far and will be using Split Test Monkey on a daily basis in my business going forward and so should you too!

Noel Cunningham
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