Are Smart Bots Profitable?

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5 Powerful, Profitable Ways You Can Use Smart Bots To Grow Your Business

Welcome to the future. A very, very profitable future, where you can level the playing field between you and your biggest competitors.

How? By using smart bots in your business.

Until recently, only those with very deep pockets could use bots in their business. But all that has changed now due to the new technology used by platforms like Chit Chat Chimp. This platform makes it point-and-click easy for anyone to create a bot – and affordable for small business owners to use the same technology as their biggest competitors.

Since this technology wasn’t accessible until recently, very few marketers and small business owners have ever really thought about how they’d use a bot on their websites. You might be surprised at what a bot can do.

That’s why you’ll want to check out these five fun and profitable ideas for using smart bots on your website…

Sales Bot

The idea here is to train a bot to answer the common questions that people have when they visit your sales page.

Sure, your sales page and other documentation may contain the answers to your visitors’ questions. But people tend to be a bit lazy. They don’t want to go looking for the answer. If they can ask someone and get an instant answer, they’ll be happy campers.

So, what sort of questions are we talking about?  Obviously, some of the questions are going to be specific to your product or service.

Let me give you a few examples of the types of questions you can train your bot to answer:

  • Are there any coupons/sales available?
  • Does it come with a guarantee?
  • Will it work on an iPhone?
  • Do I need experience to use it?
  • Why should I buy this instead of [competitor’s product]?
  • How much is shipping?
  • Do you ship to [specific location]?

You get the point. There is no question that your bot can’t answer, as long as you train it correctly.

Best of all, your bot will get smarter over time. As visitors ask new questions, you can add the answers to your bot’s database of answers. And if your bot doesn’t know the answer, you can direct visitors to contact you directly via your help desk or other method.

In some cases, your visitors won’t even know that they’re not talking to a real person. In other cases they will, and many of them will enjoy the novelty of getting answers from a smart bot. Indeed, this is even more helpful if you sell software or any sort of cutting-edge tools or resources, as having a bot shows that you are indeed on the cutting edge.

Now let’s take a look at another a great use for a bot…

Customer Service Bot

Chances are, your customer service team spends a lot of time fielding questions from prospects and existing customers. And in many cases, the same types of questions pop up repeatedly.

Now imagine if you added a bot to your customer service staff. This bot could handle all the routine questions (such as, “How do I download another copy?” or “How do I reset my password?”). This frees up your customer service team’s time to focus on issues that can’t be handled by a bot, such as manually issuing refunds.

Best of all, your customer service bot works around the clock without complaint, so your customer service desk is always staffed.

Here’s another great use for a bot…


Training Bot

Do you need to train your prospects, customers or even your business partners? You can let your bot do the heavy lifting.

For example:

  • Your bot can train new affiliates to start generating sales.
  • You can use a training bot to teach customers to perform some do-it-yourself task (such as setting up a WordPress blog).

Your visitors can even ask questions to get the training they need.

For example, someone visiting a marketing site might ask your bot “What is the best payment processor to use?”

Or, someone visiting a home improvement site might ask how to install a bathroom exhaust fan.

Or maybe someone visiting a dog-training site might ask your bot how to stop a dog from jumping on people.

Your bot can answer all of these types of questions. You can even have your bot point out multimedia or tools, such as linking to a video to show how to install the bathroom fan.

This sort of bot makes a great addition to any site where people tend to need expert answers. You can even set up a site specifically for this purpose and let your bot field questions 24/7!

Here’s another idea…

Market-Research Bot

When you do market research, there’s usually a point where you need to survey your audience.

But guess what?

A lot of people don’t like to fill out surveys. They think surveys are boring and tedious. And they’re probably right.

So, how do you get people to answer your questions?

Simple: you put a bot in charge of your market research.

Your audience will think it’s fun to answer questions from a bot. And that means you’ll get a lot more information than you would from trying to get your audience to answer questions in the form of the traditional survey.

Now here’s one more good idea for employing a bot…

Fun Bot

Yep, bots are fun. If you have Siri, Alexa, OK Google or a similar bot on your phone, then I’m betting you’ve spent time just “playing” with your bot. The novelty still hasn’t worn off for most people, which is why they’ll be happy to interact with your bot.

So, what sort of “fun” bot can you create? One example is to simply set up a silly bot that tells jokes and answers questions in a humorous way. (Of course these should be niche-relevant jokes and questions.) In other words, create a bot that entertains people, and you’ll have a feature on your site that keeps visitors engaged and gets them referring their friends!

In Sum…

So, as you can see, there are plenty of ways you can use a smart bot on your site to boost conversions, save money, engage your audience and create a great customer experience for all of your visitors.

If you wanted a bot even a few short years back, you’d need to be prepared to shell out five or even six figures. Today you can get by for a song – we’re talking three figures. Hundreds, rather than tens of thousands of dollars.

How is this possible?

Simple – the technology has advanced so the price is coming down. All you have to do is use a bot-building platform like Chit Chat Chimp, and you could have your first bot up and running in minutes.

ChitChatChimp - CHIT CHAT CHIMP!

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