The 5 Secrets Super Affiliates Use to Crush Their Competition

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Imagine yourself in a flowing red cape with a big red “S” emblazoned on your chest…But you’re not Superman or Superwoman. You’re something better. Your powers are stronger… And that’s because you’re a Super Affiliate.


You don’t need to be born on a distant planet or get bitten by a beast to get your super affiliate powers. You also don’t need to be born with a big list or a pocketful of money.

If you want to be a super affiliate, then all you need to do is arm yourself with the best insider tips, tricks and hacks. You can get started right now by checking out these five things the super affiliates do to generate the big commission checks…

Super Affiliates Use 'Owned' Platforms

It’s no secret that you need to build up your platforms so that you have a waiting audience ready to jump on your promos.

But here’s a big mistake a lot of affiliates make…

They spend too much time building their audiences on platforms they don’t own, like social media (especially Facebook, Twitter and YouTube).

Problem is, if you don’t own the platform, then you can lose the audience in the blink of an eye. The platform can change its rules. The owners can ban you. The platform might even just fold up and shut down.

Sales-blink of an eye

That’s why smart marketers use platforms they own, such as mailing lists. Sure, you can (and should) use a trusted third-party email service provider to host and manage your lists. However, you should have full control of your subscriber’s contact information – meaning you can download it and take it to another email service provider if you want.

And maybe you’re looking at your own list-building efforts and want to learn more about that aspect of being a super affiliate, we have a post about that called "Lead Magnets That Work: 7 Days To The Perfect Lead Magnet" that you may also want to read (of course, after you finish this post) - click here - it opens in a new tab.

But of course just having a big list doesn’t generate all those sales. The key to a responsive platform is to build relationships with the audience.

Which brings us to the next point…

Super Affiliates Value Relationships

Super affiliates seek to use their mailing lists, blogs and other platforms to build relationships with the following groups:

  • Vendors. Once an affiliate start doing really well, then vendors will flock to that affiliate. But until then, it’s a good idea for affiliates to start developing good relationships with their vendors. Doing so puts you in the vendor’s inner circle, which gives you access to special perks, such as getting to promote a new product before everyone else gets access, getting discounts for your customers, enjoying instant commissions and similar benefits.
  • Prospects. Super affiliates work hard to build trust with prospects by establishing their authority in a niche and becoming a trusted source of information.
  • Customers. A good affiliate knows a proven buyer is valuable asset, so good marketers on-board new customers (if they’re selling their own product) and give special discounts and other perks to loyal buyers.

Super Affiliates Don’t Promote Everything

Your prospects are inundated with offers all day long. Tell you what, they’re not looking for someone else to broadcast a bunch of ads to their inboxes.

Here’s what they REALLY want: a trusted gatekeeper. That’s someone who sifts through the mountain of products or services in the niche and tells the prospect the truth about those offers.

Should they buy them? If so, why? If so, why not?

If you want to become a super affiliate, then your first step is to stop promoting everything that comes down the pike.

Doesn’t matter if the offer has a big commission and high conversions… because it’s not about you.

It’s about your customers and your long-term relationship with those customers.

That means you should only be promoting the best of the best. Promote honestly. Become the gatekeeper in your niche, and you’ll boost your long-term profits almost effortlessly.

Super Affiliates Set Themselves Apart

Look around – there are a whole lot of other marketers in your niche, and they’re all trying to elbow each other out of the way.

If you want to make some money, you don’t need to push anyone else out of the way. All you have to do is calmly demonstrate to your prospects over time that you’re their trusted go-to expert.

But hang on…

You can’t be the Expert of All Things in your niche. It doesn’t work that way.

Instead, you need carve out one specialty for yourself and establish yourself as the expert in that one topic…

Blanket your niche with content. Do webinars. Do interviews. Write books and create videos around that topic. Pioneer new strategies.

Be the first to drop news on that topic. And above all, be sure every piece of content you put out on the topic is bloomin’ fabulous.

Super Affiliates Add Value to Offers

One thing about being affiliate is that you always have plenty of competition. There might be dozens or even hundreds of other affiliates promoting what you’re promoting.

But here’s the thing…

The majority of them take the path of least resistance. And that opens the door to a huge opportunity for you.

Here’s why: if you want to make more sales than everyone else, then all you have to do is give your customers more bang for their buck. In other words, add value to the offer by giving your customers a free product or service.

For example, if your customers are purchasing a high-end piece of software from you, then offer free installation.

If your customers are purchasing a job-hunting guide from you, then offer a free set of resume templates and swipes.

Or maybe your customers are purchasing a bodybuilding course – you can put together a video that shows them the proper way to perform the most effective bodybuilding lifts.

Now if you’re selling online marketing products, then this whole process of getting your hands on high-quality bonuses is easier than ever.

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And there you have it – you just discovered the five secrets the super affiliates use to crush the competition, win affiliate contests, and pull down the huge commission checks.

Go ahead and put these tips to work for you to start growing your very successful affiliate marketing business!


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