Finally split testing doesn’t have to be complicated OR expensive

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I have to say I’m not an out and out techie, and so I am not one for getting software for the sake of it. If I do invest in software it HAS to be important to the success of my business. Well, I paid my own hard earned cash (yes I’m a REAL customer) to invest in Split Test Monkey.

From logging to creating my first split test it took me approximately 3 minutes! I know you hear all the time that things are newbie friendly, well this is as user friendly as it gets. Fill in a couple of fields, and you are just about done. Once it is up in running you get simple and clear stats to enable you to easily analyze the stats you create.

When you consider you are getting lifetime access for a one off investment that is a fraction of some products that do a similar thing, it becomes a bit of a no brainer as far as I’m concerned. Just purchase once and you can do as many tests as you want…forever!

Split Test Monkey just goes to prove that split testing doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive and I am happily recommending it to all my students.

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