Literally SAVED My Business At The Last Minute

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I’ll never forget it… I had this launch, in December 2018, and was destined to be our biggest ever.

It was early morning, and the flood gates were about to open. Huge amounts of traffic were about to start rolling in.

And that’s when I realized what happened…

Our entire WordPress members area had melted down… I still don’t know if it was because of a WP update… or an update to DAP (Digital Access Pass) the membership plugin we were using… or what… But the entire members area software had pooped its pants and stopped working. Right at the start of the launch…

Now, all the WordPress membership plugins we had ever tried had always sucked anyway, including the one we were using at that moment. Even when it was working it was terrible and made life hard for me, my virtual assistants, and my customers.

But having it melt down at the beginning of a massive launch? That was devastating.

After an hour of pulling my hair out trying to fix it, I said screw it. I’m done with these stupid WordPress plugins.

I remembered Simon & Jeremy mentioning ProductDyno several times. I was reluctant to have to learn a new platform… but I had no choice.

I grabbed ProductDyno, chugged another energy drink, and I started watching the tutorials – trying to focus as much as my brain would on almost zero sleep over the past 48 hours (as is usually the case prior to a big launch).

I started going through the process of creating the new product listings inside the members area and…

…I was blown away.

It was… So. Damned. Easy.

“Weird!” I thought. Membership platforms aren’t supposed to be this easy.

Linking each of my JVZoo products to a product in ProductDyno took like 60 seconds.

Fleshing out the membership pages and thumbnail images for each product took maybe 2-3 minutes.

Setting up the automated welcome/login details messages took like 60 seconds.

Linking all the upsells and downsells together so that everyone had just ONE login to access everything they purchased ended up being SUPER easy – couple clicks of the mouse.

Customizing which unpurchased products people could and couldn’t see thumbnails for… took like 5 seconds!

No WordPress nonsense. No complex settings. No “protect this url, don’t protect that url” nonsense. No backend “theme” crap. No WordPress “web designing” each product page.

NONE of that usual crap that you deal with when using a WordPress Membership Plugin.

I was absolutely blown away.

By the time I was done with everything, we were already a few hours into the launch and had probably a hundred or so angry customers.

All NEW incoming customers would now be sent into the new awesome members area and given perfect access to their purchases and NOW it was time to see how easy it would be to migrate the EXISTING buyers from that morning into the new ProductDyno members area.

Piece of cake. Took like 5-10 seconds per previous customer to migrate them over.

The launch… was saved. And so was my business.

It was honestly the single most easy and enjoyable members area experience I had ever had and I have stuck with it ever since. Creating new products and offers is a breeze now, not stressful like it used to be. Running my business is so much more enjoyable today and my customers are so much happier, thanks to ProductDyno.

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