I would just like to thank you from the bottom of my heart – truly!

Thank you for being so incredibly nice toward a fellow customer to whom you have had no previous contact or even knowledge of!! A truly commendable quality indeed!
I also feel as if my trust level has skyrocketed with you guys!
As for the products, I absolutely LOVE THEM ALL!!!
The very best quality that they all have in common, despite all being completely different to one another – is SOLIDNESS…
They are Rock Solid and just will not break!
I’ve not ever had a page go down – EVER, and this further increases the level of faith I have invested into these products!
I have around 7 of them – and counting.
My latest is Conversion Gorilla, and this is no exception to the Promote Labs rule of being reliable, solid and very easy to use!!
VERY IMPRESSED GUYS!! Keep it up. I’ll be buying your entire business one day soon, as I almost have shares in this great & wonderful company.
By the way – I was NOT paid to say any of the things I have, nor was I somehow directly nor indirectly coerced into saying these things. They are all simply from the bottom of my heart.
You are a wonderful and a very successful business and I wish you all the best guys!!
Thanks again.
God bless…

Jennifer Taylor

Customer Happiness Team at Promote Labs Inc
Aged techie who helps babyboomers overcome their fear of "technology" and shows that there is no need to panic - it's all quite easy really! ...Hikes, travels, picks and eats olives, owns and runs Siberian Huskies

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