Its a perk and its a monstrous perk. They have found an accurate name for themselves, the Perkzilla.

Imagine a thing in your contest creation routine and before you can form a wrinkle on your forehead you’d find its already thought about and taken care of! These guys are thorough and comprehensive! They it seems have crawled under the hood with mindset of a demanding tough detail oriented customer.

Automation of communications is a double cherry on the scoop! No other contest service could think of it, so far.

Their fraud detection tool works as well as the Scotland Yard.

I often times showcase their elegance of allowing integrations through simple HTML form to any autoresponder to other SAAS providers on how to make things POWERFUL & SIMPLE!

In trying to do an integration with FOMO type social proof I found it a breeze to get things off the ground and completed with ease.

Detailed, thoughtful, careful service provider right from concept to delivery.

There are so many in this world who have smart things to offer & perkzilla surely is one yet its one smart thing that has a rock solid backing of sincere people.

Shall I conclude by saying Sincerely Smart & Smartly Sincere!

Jeremy Gislason

Co Founder at Promote Labs Inc
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