Split testing is one of those tasks that I’ve always hated because of how complicated and time consuming it is. I knew it was important but man, was it difficult to get right…that is, until now. Like all of Promote Labs software Split Test Monkey takes a really complex task and makes it “point and click” easy. I literally purchased the software and had my first Split Test set-up and live on my site 2 minutes later. And not only is it easy to use, it makes a BIG difference to results.

A simple A/B Split Test on one of my squeeze pages showed that Option 1 got 30% more subscribers that Option 2 and the only difference was a few words in the headline. 30% more subscribers, not bad for a simple split test that only took 2 minutes to set-up. I’m really impressed so far and will be using Split Test Monkey on a daily basis in my business going forward and so should you too!