The #1 Way To Make Money Online

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There are scads of ways to make money online. And there are also scads of ways to epically fail.

And most beginning marketers seem to stumble into epic-fail mode without even trying.

There are a lot of reasons why this happens. But most of it boils down to one underlying reason it is hard to make money online…

These marketers pick complicated, time-consuming and/or expensive methods for making money. (psst... if you keep reading you will find that we hide a FREE resource below to help with the expense of starting out)

Here’s what happens…

The pour all their resources into making something work. And when it doesn’t work, they have no time or money left to tweak it. They give up because they have to. And their dreams get crushed right along with their business idea.

Make Money Online

So, let me share with you a little secret…

If you’re just getting started making online, you need to pick something that’s simple, quick, and affordable. In other words, you can’t be trying to create the next Facebook, because you’re bound to run out of resources before you get that puppy off the ground.

Question is, what’s something almost everyone can do that’s quick, simple and affordable?

Here’s the answer: license other peoples’ popular digital products and resell them!

Here’s why this is a good option:

  • It’s quick. You can literally purchase the license to a product right now and start selling it later today (especially if a sales page comes with the product).
  • It’s proven. If you choose products from reputable vendors who’ve done their homework, then you know the products will sell well. In most cases, the vendors have already tested the market and proven that their products are in demand.
  • It’s affordable. If you outsourced the product creation, it could set you back thousands of dollars. In most cases, you don’t to invest anywhere near that amount to get the rights to some very high-quality digital products.

If you can drive targeted traffic to your website, then this is virtually a foolproof way to make money.

But heads up…

This only works if you’re careful about where you get your licenses.

Follow these best practices…

Do Your Research

When you start looking for products you can resell, you need to research two things:

  • Check that the product is in-demand. In other words, will your niche buy this sort of product? Easiest way to check this is to find out if the vendor sold the product to prove its demand.
  • Research the vendor. You’ll want to run the vendor’s name and business name through Google. Run like hell if you see any red flags such as a vendor who doesn’t honor refunds, who produces poor quality work, or anything else that gets your gut twitching uncomfortably.

Check the Quality of the Content

If the vendor checks out, the next thing you need to do is check the quality of the content itself. Ask for samples and answer these questions:

  • Is the content factually accurate?
  • Does it offer a good solution to users?
  • Is it well-written?
  • Is the content engaging?


Check the Graphics

If this is the sort of product that you’d be proud to sell, then the next step is to see if you get any graphics (such as an ecover graphic). This isn’t an absolute necessity, but it makes your life easier if the licensing includes the right to use high-quality graphics.

Look for Sales Pages

Another thing that’s not an absolute necessity but is definitely a huge plus is if there is a sales page included with the product. This makes selling the product incredibly quick – all you have to do is paste in your own payment button, tweak the sales page as needed, and you can be taking orders in minutes.

Purchase Multiple Licenses

Still another thing you’re going to want to look for is a vendor who sells the licensing to multiple products.

Here’s why…

Once you go through the process of doing your due diligence as outlined above, then you don’t need to go through that process again if you use the same vendor.

This makes it quicker and easier than ever to get more products to add to your sales funnel.

Which Vendors Tick All These Boxes?

It takes a lot of research to find vendors and sift through the offers to find resell rights products that are even halfway decent.

Well now we're going to make this process incredibly easy for you… We are trustworthy vendors and have a few good offers to help you out!

Here's the thing—you don't need to be an expert on every marketing tactic in order to sell it. That's why white label solutions exist. So we put together a bundle of premium white label products that are ready to get you started on the #1 way to make money online...

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