What Is Tassi And How To Profit With It

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What is Tassi?

Well, Tassi is a Social Media Management Software. It is also a highly productive social media automation tool for digital managers and social media marketers to help simplify marketing operations while empowering them to run their social media accounts quickly and effectively.

Creating a schedule for your social media posts and having them automatically post at specific times is only a small part of the battle when it comes to social media marketing.... Your social media management software should do way more for you and not take a whole day to figure out how to do it, either.

Social media managers and business owners alike. who need advanced scheduling tools not found in first-generation automated social media scheduling software now can manage a month's worth of social media marketing in less than one hour with a new social media management software, Tassi©, powered by Marketing Solved™ based in Orange County, CA.

TASSI was designed to not only give you the ability to easily schedule your social media posts and the general capabilities that other social media schedulers offer, but also creates the posts for you and a lot more... without a huge learning curve.

Tassi Functions and Features:

  • Analyze & Report with Simplified Analytics
  • Auto Publish Your Content (basically writes it for you)
  • Brand Tracking & Awareness
  • Content Management
  • Creatives (complete database full of custom images)
  • Customer Engagement
  • Intuitive Dashboard
  • Multi-Account Management
  • Posts Scheduling Calendar (Holidays are built in)
  • Social Media Monitoring

Tassi is simple to use and understand - Easy calendar, includes a HUGE amount of pre-designed images, pre-written quotes, statuses and posts, all built into an auto-scheduling system and we could go on and on about TASSI’s image editor; that gives you the ability to brand yourself by editing images. You can even add your own custom text to the images or your logo.

The driving force  behind Tassi is Kat Sullivan. If you're on social media, you probably have seen her stuff - and you probably didn’t even know it was hers.

She's built a highly successful social media agency, then a huge online marketing company, and a million-dollar software - all by using organic social media.

She's also the brains behind the social media for some of the biggest celebrities in the world. 

    Brian Sullivan

"Most small businesses have no idea how to use social media to market and grow their business. They simply don't know what to post or when to post to increase engagement, exposure, or brand recognition. And those that do, don't have time to create all of the necessary content. So, we sought to create an easier way to help our customers utilize social media. We created a system that makes it easier than it's ever been to use social media to grow your business,".

Brian Sullivan / Co-Founder and C.O.O. of Marketing Solved

Here's why that's REALLY good news for you... This was the part that is too good to keep to ourselves, we had to bring you in the loop! The answer to the question...

How Can You Profit From Tassi?

Kat Sullivan told us how she's been able to generate five thousand to twenty-eight THOUSAND in a DAY...just using social media, without spending a dime on ads.

This is exciting in itself because she outlined the FASTEST and EASIEST way to sell anything on social media without having to have a huge amount of followers, or spending hours online marketing to people, or spending a fortune on ad spend!

Her system is called the Social Selling System AND it's FREE.

(If you want to skip reading about it here), go get her FREE training right now then, click here.

More and more people are on social media every day, the time couldn't be better for you to tap into this billion-dollar buying market and learn how to do it FREE!

This PromoteLabs article has a link to Tassi's Kat Sullivan FREE training... Kat is going to share a cool hack on how to make "bonus" cash! That is a reason alone to go sign up for that training!

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So, more about that free training...Well, if you want to work from home and turn your social media into an ATM machine then you are going to LOVE this...

For the first time ever, Kat agreed to let YOU in on the little social media secret she's been keeping for years.

She's NEVER revealed this system before but since you're a part of the PromoteLabs community - you're going to get the exclusive training.

Spots are extremely limited and you can't watch this training anywhere else so be sure you save your seat right now to learn this insane Social Selling System

There has never been a better time to sell on social media.

Not only are more people online but more people are buying.

Which is GREAT for you because once you find out how easy it is to sell ANYTHING on social media, you're going to be able to build as many new revenue streams as you want.

So, if you are ready to increase your income, save yourself time, make more money, be your own boss, and work from wherever you want...

Click Here to Save Your Seat 

Whether you want to sell more of your own products, or start a new business, or add a little side income...

This is an online training you don't want to miss. It might just change your life and your income!

OH AND... Kat is also going to share a cool hack on how to make "bonus" cash! That is a reason alone to go sign up for that training!

She's been working behind the scenes with some of the most powerful entrepreneurs and celebrities in the industry and this is the first time she's sharing her secrets. Don't miss this.

She's going to show you The FASTEST (and Easiest) Way to Profit From Social Media…

And no you don’t need a MASSIVE following…

You won’t be spending countless hours every day on your phone messaging people…

Or spending a fortune on paid advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

It’s actually a lot simpler than you think, and she's used this exact same proven system to build her own 8-Figure agency while helping over 20,000 entrepreneurs scale their businesses by simply profiting on social media

And you can automate this system down to the point where you are only working 1 hour per month, while you focus on growing the parts of your business that will get you to that 7 and 8 figure mark with ease.

So come and join her free training ...
Register For This Exclusive Training Here

You'll find out how to use social media as a way to promote and grow a business. 

Use it to your advantage. 

Let it do the work for you. – these are the tips you may be missing in your strategy or the pieces you will need to really start strong if you are just getting into the social media marketing arena. 

We believe you will benefit from Tassi so much that we have even added a few bonuses to help get you on the road to sell ANYTHING on social media and to build as many new revenue streams as you want.

You Get to Pick Any ONE of Our Premium Products:

CHOICE #1: Platinum Reseller Lifetime License - $999+ Value!
CHOICE #2: ALP Reseller Lifetime License - $999+ Value!

Here's how to claim your extra bonus ...

Step 1: Watch the Exclusive Training SIGN UP HERE
Step 2: Join in on Kat Sullivans' Special Premium Offer

After you've joined, send in a copy of your full receipt including transaction number, full name and email used and your bonus choice to this email address: help@promotelabs.com

Subject: 'Kat Sullivans' Premium Offer - Extra Bonuses Claim'

Please allow up to 72hrs for our friendly support team to verify your sale and send you your bonus access.

Register For This Exclusive Training Here

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