It’s Official! W.O.M.B.A.T Is GREAT!

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It has been a long time in the making. But it's now official!

Our word of mouth marketing add-on... 

The W.O.M.B.A.T. for ProductDyno is now available!

Are you ready to maximize your profits and level-up your game with referral marketing?

Word of mouth marketing

So what's it all about?

Well, the biggest issue facing most membership owners, course creators and digital product sellers is getting enough targeted traffic to your site for it to grow.

Until now you basically had three options:

1) Paid Traffic (hard to master and expensive)
2) Affiliates/JV's (can be painstakingly slow to get results)
3) Existing Audience/Email List (not everyone has)

Like we said - Until Now!

If you’re looking to maximize exposure and profits while consistently working towards acquiring new customers, there is no better way than with word of mouth or 'referral' marketing.

That's why we created the WOMBAT...With it you can incentivize members/customers to go out and bring people to your business.

And here is another reason that referral marketing is important!

According to recent surveys and a lot of statistics, 63% of people do a thorough internet search before buying a product. They want to see what actual customers have to say about a company before handing over their money.

So, it’s important to make sure that if someone searches for your product or service, they see others who have also purchased from your brand. 

Referral, viral and word of mouth marketing is all about encouraging people in your niche to share your products and services.  

Ultimately, there is no easier way to better position your brand and leverage your existing customer base than to design a referral system that actively encourages sharing. 

Word of mouth might be the most important part of your marketing since 75% of people have little faith in traditional advertisements!!

Think about it... Genuine endorsements from people they know or respect will go the distance.  

WOMBAT is a fully automated, built from the ground-up, referral marketing/word of mouth add-on that integrates directly into ALL of your ProductDyno products and collections!

With no financial risk... unlike paid ads/traffic
With minimal effort... unlike an affiliate program

It's FREE traffic for you and in a nutshell: "Word Of Mouth Marketing Made Easy"

Just as a quick side note: This isn't limited to memberships. Because you can use ProductDyno to securely deliver ALL kinds of digital content, even license SaaS platforms, it means you'll be able to instantly add a viral marketing campaign to ANY of your future offers to drive more sales and build your audience virally.

It's A Game Changer!.. So if you'd rather spend more time creating content, rolling out new products, or helping your customers/members and a lot less time worrying where the next click or sale will actually come from, then I'd urge you to look at this while you still get in


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