Software Developers Create WordPress Plug That Puts List-Building On Autopilot

Ask just about any blogger about the marketing issues that most concern them, and they’ll tell you list-building tops the list. That’s because many experts agree that a mailing list is one of a marketer’s most profitable assets. And yet plenty of bloggers agree that building a list is one of the biggest stumbling blocks to success.

The big players in any market have no problem building huge, responsive lists,” says Jeremy Gislason, who works with his business partner, Simon Hodgkinson, to build cutting-edge software for small business owners. “They have the time, the staff, the money, and the skills to create lead magnets, build lead pages, and grow their lists.

According to Gislason and Hodgkinson, the average small business owner simply doesn’t have the time or capital required to invest in list building. So they’re stuck growing their lists and their businesses slowly, with one lead magnet and one subscriber at a time.

It’s for this reason that Gislason and Hodgkinson developed their new WordPress plugin, which is called Post Gopher. Post Gopher makes list-building hands free, as it instantly turns a blogger’s posts and pages into downloadable lead magnets. In turn, a blogger can go from one or two lead magnets to dozens or even hundreds of lead magnets with just a few clicks of their mouse.

This plugin is leveling the playing field between the big business owners and the small business owners and bloggers,” Hodgkinson says. “Now anyone can instantly create dozens of high-quality lead magnet from their existing content – and they don’t need to spend a ton of time or money doing it.”

Hodgkinson and Gislason originally developed their plugin for bloggers, but they’re getting a lot of interest across a variety of people. Today their customers include bloggers of all types, authors, coaches, online marketers, affiliates, and many other small business owners.

According to Hodgkinson and Gislason, they have customers that run the gamut in terms of skill level. A lot of their customers are complete technical novices who are looking for an easy way to build a list, without having to deal with the technical complexities of formatting lead magnets or creating lead pages. But plenty of their customers are seasoned marketing vets, who recognized Post Gopher as the quickest and easiest way to generate lead magnets.

Gislason agrees. “Oh yeah, we have everyone from technophobes to software developers who are loving this plugin. A few of those developers said they wished they had thought of it first.

To learn more about Post Gopher and to see how it’s revolutionizing list-building for small-to-medium business owners, go to

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