WordPress Plugin – Suggestion Box

“Give Your Audience Exactly What They Want And Take The Guesswork Out Of Content Creation Forever!”

“Survey your market!”

Seems like that’s the rallying cry of every info-product and membership site creator. They’ll all tell you not to put a single word down in pixels or outline another course without finding out exactly what your readers and fans want (and need) next.

They even give you some amazing tools to use to ask for the info.

The problem is…

Most “Survey” Tools Produce As Many Crickets As An Unwanted Product!

Here’s the problem with surveys and polls: We ask too much!

  • Readers have to leave your site and navigate an unfamiliar interface just to do you a favor.
  • They’re asked to answer open-ended questions about the problems they’re having in life and business (and lets face it, no one wants to think too hard about this stuff).
  • They may be asked to leave a name and email, so anonymity is out the window.

And all of this takes several minutes to complete!

Or–even worse–we ask too little!

You know your readers are annoyed with long involved surveys, so you set up a quick Facebook poll or form on your website. One question. Super easy, right?

Easy, yes. Helpful? Maybe not.

In most systems, respondents are limited to choosing from the pre-defined answers you’ve provided. What if they really need something different from you? What if instead of blue, red, or greet T-shirts, they truly want black? How will you know?

Offline Businesses Understand The Power Of The Suggestion Box

Customers love to have a say in the products and services offered, as long as it’s quick and easy. That’s why you see so many restaurants, libraries, grocers and even doctors’ offices host a handy “suggestion box.”

Fill out the card with your thoughts about your experience, and what else you’d like to see them offer, and if enough customers agree with you, you might just find your favorite chocolate cake back on the menu.

It’s a tried-and-true system that’s worked for decades, and now you can use it on your website, too!

Suggestion Box Is A Must-Have Tool For Product Creators & Membership Owners

Finally, the power to quickly and easily find out exactly what your readers and members want and need is available to you. This easy-to-use WordPress plugin makes your next product creation choice as easy as clicking a button.

Simply install the plugin on your WordPress website, and begin setting up a one-click voting system that gives your readers a fast and fun way to share their thoughts, while giving them the flexibility to add suggestions you may not have considered.

With Suggestion Box, you can…

  • Create public or private polls – one click of a button allows only your members to vote, or everyone who visits your site. The choice is yours.
  • Automatically close the voting after a specific day. Launch your product on schedule every time, and encourage visitors to take action with a time-sensitive poll!
  • Decide on a clear winner by closing the poll when a certain number of votes have been cast.
  • Restrict voting to one per person with sophisticated cookie tracking technology.
  • Run multiple polls at the same time and allow your readers to easily see and vote on all of them from a single page.
  • Add as much detail to your polls as you need with the familiar WordPress WYSIWYG editor. Add images, colors and more.
  • Allow your readers and members to create their own suggestions–you’ll never be left guessing again!
  • Let readers and members vote on the suggestions of others, so you can easily make the right choice when it comes to new products and service offers.
  • Create several suggestions and allow your members to rank them simply by voting on their favorites. You’ll easily prioritize your next course modules and give them just what they need most.
  • Customize the voting button colors to match your website and make it easy for members to click the correct button.
  • And because it’s made for WordPress, you know “Suggestion Box” is super easy to install and configure. You’ll be polling your audience in minutes, and be well on your way to creating in-demand content as soon as you post your first poll.

Stop Guessing, And Start Producing In-Demand Content!

Think you know what your readers, members, and clients want? Now you can find out for sure, and you’ll never hear crickets again when you release a new product. In fact, you’ll have more customers than ever knocking on your door, when you become known as the product developer who reads their minds!

Grab your copy below, and find out what your market really wants.

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