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School kids, Retirees, Minimum-Wage Workers, College-Dropouts, Artists, Authors, Gamers and More Are Making Tens of Thousands or Even Millions of Dollars With NFTs…
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The news stories coming out of the NFT space are absolutely astonishing:

NFTs For Entrepreneurs Coaching Program

Digital artwork by a virtually unknown artist sold for $69 million at Christie’s

NFTs For Entrepreneurs Coaching Program

The original copy of a popular meme (Nyan Cat) sold for nearly $600,000.

NFTs For Entrepreneurs Coaching Program

A college student made nearly $60,000 selling digital artwork in just six months.

NFTs For Entrepreneurs Coaching Program

CryptoPunks are now selling for upwards of six and seven figures… EACH.

NFTs For Entrepreneurs Coaching Program

Musicians releasing NFT albums are generating millions of dollars in sales.

Intrigued yet?

Those are just a few examples out of thousands. Every day, someone is finding a new and innovative way to use NFTs to generate revenue, grow a business, build a brand, generate publicity, fight counterfeiting thieves, bond with fans and more.

And Now It’s YOUR Turn to Cash In On The Burgeoning Popularity of NFTs… If You’re Quick!

NFTs For Entrepreneurs Coaching Program

When an opportunity like this comes along, it’s the first ones in who pull the most money out. And NFTs are no different. Right now they’re exploding in popularity – which means you can ride this tidal wave right to the bank!

And we’re going to help you…

Introducing NFTs for Entrepreneurs – a video course package designed to quickly get you up to speed on all things NFT!

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Here’s What's Included in This Video Based Coaching Program

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3+ Hours Of Video Content

Instant access to our 11-module, three+ hour video based training program.

Video Transcripts & Bonus Content

The video course transcripts, plus valuable bonus information that’s not included in the videos

NFT Strategy Checklist

A checklist you can put to work to help you design your own custom NFT strategy and implement your plan!

NFT Resource Document

A resources document you'll reference again and again as you start working in the NFT space.

Here’s what you’ll discover inside each of the course modules:


Module 1: Digital Property Rights are Here – And Opportunities Are EVERYWHERE

This introduction give you a simple explanation of what NFTs are and why you should care. (Hint: there are about a million reasons to care!)


Module 2: How Businesses and Individuals are Rocking NFTs for Fun, Profit and Fame

Inside this eye-opening module you’ll find out how even the most conservative, buttoned-up businesses in the world are using NFTs. You’ll discover:

  • 13 conventional industries where NFTs are already at work… in some very surprising ways!
  • How industries like healthcare are using NFTs to secure your private medical information, track your blood donations and more.
  • Innovative ways luxury manufacturers and retailers are using NFTs to reduce counterfeiting and cheap knock-offs.
  • How the entertainment industry is using NFTs in multiple ways - and entertainers are making millions of dollars!
  • How authors with obscure books and small audiences are making HUGE profits!

And more – this module is going to blow your mind and get you thinking and innovating in your industry!


Module 3: What Everyone Needs to Know About the Technical Side of NFTs

Here you’ll get a beginner-friendly explanation of:

  • How to select a secure wallet to store your NFTs.
  • The quick and easy way to mint (AKA create) your own NFTs so you can start cashing in too - no tech experience required!
  • The very best places to buy, sell and trade NFTs for collectors, investors and/or sellers.
  • Safety tips to ensure no one can steal your NFTs and disappear into the night.


Module 4: Coming Up With Your Own Fabulously Profitable and In-Demand NFTs and Collections

Here’s what you get inside this module:

  • Eight powerful reasons why people buy NFTs - once you understand the psyche of your buyers, it's much easier to create a high-value, in-demand NFT!
  • Five solid ways you'll benefit when you sell NFTs - yes, one is profit, but the other four may surprise you!
  • A simple step-by-step process for deciding exactly what to create and sell for maximum profit and benefits.
  • What you need to know about your audience before you create your first NFT - get this right, and you could be selling to the whales for huge profits.


Module 5: Launching Your NFTs – And Your Dreams

Inside this exciting module you’ll discover:

  • How to develop a "hook" for your NFT so that you can stand out from all the other sellers on the market.
  • An overview of how to set up a website that helps you promote your NFTs.
  • The keys to building a big, responsive mailing list - next time you drop an NFT, you're going to have an eager, waiting audience!
  • What communities you need to get involved in to boost your exposure.
  • Eight surefire ways to build a buzz, generate traffic, and promote your NFTs.


Module 6: What the Top Marketers Know About NFT Digital Marketing and Branding

This module shows you how to use NFTs to grow your existing business. You’ll find out:

  • How to create and sell NFTs to generate big publicity and revenue.
  • How to produce branded NFTs - you can even create "wearables" for people to use in virtual worlds!
  • Why you might create NFTs that are tied to physical products. (Hint: Big brands like Nike are very keen on this idea!)
  • How to use NFTs as a counterfeit-proof tool in your business for coupons, loyalty cards, and more.
  • How and why businesses are using NFTs for live events and ticketing - and why customers absolutely love it!
  • A clever way to use NFTs to raise funds for your business - say goodbye to Kickstarter and hello to profitable NFTs!
  • How to generate publicity and goodwill in your community by selling NFTs for charitable causes.
  • How to collaborate with others on an NFT project to further boost the benefits and profits.
  • The surprising reason why simply purchasing specific NFTs can help you grow your business.!


Module 7: How to Purchase and Collect NFTs for Fun and (Jaw-Dropping) Profit

Buying NFTs is super-fun – and collecting them for investment purposes is smart, fun and profitable! Here’s what you’ll learn about inside this module:

  • Three essential questions to ask yourself before you purchase your first NFT - your answers are going to drive your entire strategy!
  • Nine important points to look for when evaluating NFTs - don't skip this step, or you could buy a "lemon" or even a scam.
  • A crash course in the technical aspects of buying NFTs.
  • How to buy really expensive and popular NFTs on a shoestring budget!
  • A simple way to protect your investments (hint: you can't just run to your regular insurance guy)!


Module 8: Investing in Crypto Projects in the NFT Space: Good Idea or White-Knuckle Roller Coaster?

This module reveals yet another way to take advantage of the NFT popularity boom – invest in companies that are working in this space! You’ll discover:

  • The five "due diligence" points you need to cover before you even think about investing a single dollar!
  • Five big NFT-based companies that investors are going crazy over right now.
  • The cryptocurrency companies you need to keep an eye on - as soon as they make a move into NFTs, opportunities are going to really open up for you!
  • Dozens of specific public companies and brands you already know and love who may dip their toes into NFTs - and when they do, you'll want to be ready!
  • Private companies working in the NFT space that may go public - this is a huge investment opportunity if and when they do!


Module 9: Clever Ways to Use NFTs to Lend or Borrow Money

If you want to really maximize how you’re using and profiting from NFTs, then check out this module. You’ll discover:

  • How to borrow money using your NFTs - no hoops to jump through and no credit checks required!
  • How to lend money to others - you can earn interest on these investments, plus get a high-value NFT if the lender defaults.
  • The best place to go if you want to lend and/or borrow using NFTs as collateral.


Module 10: Staying Inside the Law and Away From Scams

NFTs are fairly new, so the regulatory landscape is likely to change (and rapidly) soon. Here’s what you need to know:

  • You'll find out what rights you have when you purchase an NFT - don't make an assumption that could cost you a six-figure legal battle!
  • How to spot scam marketplaces and platform so that you don't lose your crypto, your cash or your NFTs.
  • Three tips for recognizing and avoiding phishing scams and malware designed to steal your NFTs or security information.
  • How to easily avoid the "scammy service" and "fake giveaway" scams that so many others fall prey to every day.


Module 11: The Future is All About NFTs – Are You Ready For It?

Fortune favors the brave – and you can prove this to yourself by taking action on everything you’re going to learn in this course!

You’re About 3 Hours Away From Getting Up to Speed On All Things NFT So You Too Can Start Cashing In

Opportunity isn’t politely tapping – it’s damn near banging your door down. 

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Our Lawyers Made Us Say It - Legal Disclaimer:

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Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back!  What you’ll find out in this course is going to open your eyes and get your heart racing as you discover all the profitable and exciting possibilities that await you! And we're willing to put our money where our mouths are with a rock-solid 30-day money-back guarantee! If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, just let us know within 30 days and we’ll refund every penny.