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If you want to build the kind of email list that puts money in your bank account month in and month out and that's full of subscribers who wait for every email you send with baited breath, then you must absolutely WOW them from the beginning- The smartest way to do that is with a great 'lead magnet' and follow up sequence.

I'm talking about the kind of lead magnet that will have your new subscribers so impressed that they'll want to buy everything you sell.  But there's one big problem.

See, most people either don't know how to create the kind of information that impresses readers so much that by the time they finish devouring the content, they'll swear you're a long lost relative...  Or they simply don't have the time to put everything together.

Now sure, you could scour the net trying to find just the right combination of skills and tactics to develop this type of lead magnet, or (because you're smart) you could invest your time focused only on profiting from your list.

​Let me handle all the hard work for you...  while you'll only have to copy, paste, and profit!

The White Label Lead Magnet Kit Web Profits Edition Collection!

The #1 Copy/Paste And Profit Lead Magnet Bundle...

Drop Shipping Speed Bumps Lead Magnet Kit

Uncover the most common drop shipping pitfalls so you can eliminate risks, instantly!

Discover the best way to create a smooth customer experience that encourages more repeat business.

Uncover the top drop shipping tools and resources that will help you skyrocket your income and build a scalable, sustainable e-commerce business, even if you're a complete beginner!

Find out everything you need to know about reducing refunds and returns!

Drop Shipping Speed Bumps Lead Magnet Kit
Drop Shipping Speed Bumps Lead Magnet Kit

Amazon Affiliate Expert Lead Magnet Kit

Uncover the secrets of making big money promoting simple products on Amazon as an affiliate!

Find out how to get tons of traffic without having to depend on Google's crazy rules!

Discover the secrets to choosing the right products to promote for the most income possible!

Learn how to promote products without spending a single dime on paid traffic!

Amazon Affiliate Expert Lead Magnet Kit
Amazon Affiliate Expert Lead Magnet Kit

Authority Blogging Lead Magnet Kit

How to quickly set up a powerful traffic campaign that'll drive targeted traffic to your website for free!

The secrets to converting traffic into loyal subscribers! This is exactly how the 6-figure bloggers do it!

Find out how you can position yourself as an authority in your market! Cut your workload in half & skyrocket your income faster and easier than ever before!

The fail-proof strategies to launching your blog in a HUGE way! These are the heavy-hitting strategies used by profitable bloggers in your niche market!

Authority Blogging Lead Magnet Kit
Authority Blogging Lead Magnet Kit

Native Advertising Secrets Lead Magnet Kit

Uncover the secrets to getting massive traffic with native ad networks like Taboola!

Find out how why native advertising is the perfect evergreen traffic source!

Discover the proven strategies the big boys use to get traffic day after day for next to nothing!

Learn how to analyze successful campaigns to get laser targeted traffic quickly and easily!

Native Advertising Secrets Lead Magnet Kit
Native Advertising Secrets Lead Magnet Kit

Video Play Book Lead Magnet Kit

How to create your own professional videos without having to outsource them or spending a fortune!

Discover the fast & easy strategies to using videos to boost your exposure and maximize your profits!

Find out and where to host your videos securely for a fraction of the usual cost!  (this could save you a small fortune in conventional hosting fees)

Uncover the #1 resource used by the super successful and serious video marketers who want their videos to go VIRAL with the minimum amount of effort!

Video Play Book Lead Magnet Kit
Video Play Book Lead Magnet Kit

White Label Profit Plan Lead Magnet Kit

How to INSTANTLY make money with high-quality white label products! No learning curve involved (Discover how to work smarter not harder!)

Find out how you can quickly gain a foothold in any niche market you choose!

What you absolutely MUST know about white label and private label products before you start selling them! Read this section before you even think about buying white label licenses!

Powerful money making ideas that will boost your income all while building a rock-solid online business that will continue to drive in sales month after month!

White Label Profit Plan Lead Magnet Kit
White Label Profit Plan Lead Magnet Kit

If You're Building Lists In Internet Marketing, Work From Home, Ecommerce, Biz-Op or Web Marketing Niches These Lead Magnets Will Work Like Crazy!

These Lead Magnets Will Work Like Crazy!

Here's What You'll Receive When You Get Started Today

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    Six Professionally Written Fully Editable Reports - Value Over $2,000
    You'll get the above 6 reports that are all professionally researched, written and edited.  They are guaranteed to keep your new readers glued to their devices.  The reports are provided in ready to deliver PDF format (big time saver) and also in Word .docx format so you can easily edit them in your favorite word processing software to add your name as the author/expert, your website info, your own promotional links or offers and customize the content however you choose.

    Typically, to get one report written of this quality would cost you easily $300-$500. But you'll save a mountain of cash via this offer and get all six for a fraction of the cost of just one.
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    Lead Grabbing Squeeze Page For Each Report - Value Over $2,000
    We all know that in order to really capture your new prospects attention, you have to connect with them in under 3 seconds when they hit your page.

    So it's not just what you say, but HOW you say it that's vitally important. We've done all the hard work for you when it comes to 'saying the right thing' with short, effective sales copy that's guaranteed to get visitors to opt-in to your list.  (includes simple instructions on how to add your autoresponder form code to the pages so you'll be on your way to building your lists fast).
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    Awesome Looking, Attention Grabbing Graphics - Value Over $1,000
    Each graphic pack comes with attention grabbing, professionally designed report covers, stylish page headlines and more, all ready to use - PLUS+ You'll also get the original PhotoShop .PSD files that you can completely edit/customize or re-title/rebrand any of the reports if you want to.
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    7 Copy/Paste Follow Up Emails For Each Report - Value Over $1,000
    Did you know that for some people you need to follow up with them seven times before they actually respond to your offers? Yep. It's true. But what do you say to these people once they get on your list?

    You could sit down for hours trying to craft the right words or you could use these follow up email swipes that are already pre-written for you.  Just copy them into a text editor, make any changes, add them to your autoresponder, then sit back and relax.

    Best of all, getting everything setup is incredibly easy. You could be ready to go under an hour! Just add your affiliate/offer links, export the reports to PDF, upload them and voila you're done.

If You Pass On This Special Offer, You're Literally Giving Up Thousands To Save Pennies!

Listen, I know you work hard for your money and I respect that.  However, if you're thinking, "I can just do all this stuff myself" then it's like giving up a pot of gold just to hold on to a $20 dollar bill.

Let me explain...  Let's say you spend the time researching and writing each report yourself. And to do so takes you around 3 to 5 days. Which, is around a TOTAL of 18 to 30 days to complete six new reports.

Next you open up your favorite graphic tool and spend another day per report creating the covers and images - that's an additional 6 days.  And from there you spend 2 days building out and tweaking up the copy on the squeeze pages.

And finally you spend half a day per report writing seven emails trying to answer your mailing list objections before they even have them. That's another 3 to 4 days total.

Now let's say you worked 6 to 8 hours a day each day on those items.  If that's the case (which it is) you'd spend over 240 hours working on this project alone. And when you calculate how much money 'doing it yourself' would save, you've actually LOST a whole lot of money.

Why? Because you can't get the time back you spent on those things.

So why spend over 200 hours trying to save pennies when investing in this Lead Grabber kit right now will not only save you a ton of time, but can help you make thousands in the process?

I know you're smarter than that.  And because my genuine goal here is to help you build a bigger list, a more targeted list and to do it faster than ever before...  

So here's the deal...

Get All 6 Lead Magnet Kits For $197, $97, $67, not even $47 ... Via This Private Page!!!

SAVE BIG! Get the collection now

SPECIAL ONE TIME ONLY/OFFER PRICING:  You definitely don't want to delay on this because once it's gone it's gone for good and you will never see another 'no-brainer' value packed offer like this again.  

Here are the license terms for the rights you get with each lead magnet kit:

[YES] You can use the reports yourself (they're packed with great info so make sure to read them).
[YES] You can sell these reports (excluding source code/raw files) at a price point determined by you.
[YES] You can give away these reports (excluding source code/raw files) to subscribers, members or customers as a bonus, incentive or gift.
[YES] You can add these reports (excluding source code/raw files) to a free/paid membership site.
[YES] You can modify the reports and email swipes anyway you see fit to add/remove content or make it a brand new unique product, break it up into articles, email or online course lessons.
[YES] You can rebrand, rename, redesign the report & create new graphics.

And here's what you can't do (the White label/plr rights are for you alone):

[NO] Give away, sell or transfer any of the source code/raw files/Word .docx or graphic .PSD files​.
[NO] Claim copyright to the report without a minimum of 50% changes to the original content.
[NO] Sell private label rights, master rights or resell rights to this product in any format.

30 Day Peace Of Mind Guarantee

If you don't 100% agree this kit is everything I've said, then I'll refund every penny.

Seriously, go ahead and take the next 30 days to try it out. Go through the materials and actually see for yourself how big a saving you're making here - If after purchase you're not convinced, then email me for a prompt and courteous refund.

SAVE BIG! Get the collection now

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