"The Best TRAFFIC TRAINING Videos You've Ever Seen - And Now You Can Use Them to Grow Your Business, Impress Your Customers... And MAKE MONEY!"

Dear Business Owner...

As a marketer, you've no doubt discovered that you need a lot of great content to keep your business thriving...

...  You need content for blog posts, guest blogging, newsletters, forum posts, social media sites - and that's just the tip of the 'content iceberg'...   But the real key to online success is great content when it comes to your paid products! 

But there are two problems:

1. You can't do it all yourself. There are only 24 hours in a day. You could churn out buckets of content nearly every day and still not have enough. Certainly you wouldn't have time to do anything else if all you did was create content!

2. Hiring a writer is expensive. Have you shopped around lately?  Good content is expensive. It may be worth every penny, but maybe you just don't have that kind of a budget right now, or maybe you don't want to waste months and months of your time hunting for good writers amidst the sea of mediocre talent the outsourcing sites are awash with?.

It's discouraging. And it can make you feel like maybe you'll just have to settle for less content, which means growing your business slower and perhaps pushing your goals further back into the future.

Until now.


You Can Get The Private Label Rights To A Set Of 2 TRAFFIC TRAINING Video Courses With Sales Videos and Email Swipes, Plus Promotional Blog Posts And More.. At Blow Your Mind Pricing!

How is this possible?

Simple: You just purchase one of the exclusive PLR licenses to these 2 high-quality video courses below!

You see, using PLR content SAVES YOU TIME. Either you use it as-is (no work required!) or you spend just a little time tweaking and re-branding this premium level training as your own.  Either way, in just minutes you'll own the rights to not just one but three of the most comprehensive and up-to-date 'entrepreneurial success' programs you'll ever find online.

And Yes...  You can set your name as the author to instantly grow your reputation as the 'go to guy' in your marketplace!

The other big benefit here is you SAVE MONEY!  If you hired a researcher, a writer, a copywriter and then a video specialist to recreate these two courses and their sales materials, you'd expect to pay at least $8,000.

But you can secure a full private label license today and your investment becomes a tiny fraction of that amount - You'll still get the same high-quality training to sell to your audience, but your return on investment will be stacked far higher and it'll arrive almost instantly because everything is ready to go right now!

Here's Are The Two Courses...

Unbranded Course #1 
Basic Traffic Strategies

Whether you’re selling ebooks, software, garden spades, black socks, computer supplies, plastic vomit, t-shirts, services or anything else under the sun… this course will show you how to get the traffic you need so you can start making the sales you deserve.

  • Video 1: Don’t Confuse Traffic Quantity With Traffic Quality  Inside this first video you’ll find out the single biggest traffic mistake that leaves you utterly frustrated with your results and wondering where you went wrong. This will be the ah-ha moment that turns you entire business around so you can start getting the traffic results you want!
  • Video 2: Massive Traffic Made Easy  In this video you’ll find out the surprising ways top vendors create affiliate programs that everyone wants to be a part of. Plus you’ll find out how to get the super affiliates in your niche driving traffic to your site and slipping money into your pocket. If you have your own product, you don’t want to miss this video!
  • Video 3: Siphoning Traffic From Social Media  Nearly everyone sets up Facebook pages. Quite a few marketers use Facebook’s paid advertising platform. But so many people overlook this third strategy – and yet it’s so powerful it can attract thousands of eager customers to you. You’ll find out what it is when you watch this video!
  • Video 4: Get Your Buzz On  This video reveals how you too can get everyone in your niche absolutely buzzing and raving about your content, ideas, business and products.You’ll discover a simple four-step process for kicking off a viral campaign… plus you’ll find out an incredibly clever way to get more people than ever sharing your content. These are the same viral marketing secrets people use to generate hundreds of thousands or even millions of views, likes, comments and shares – just imagine your results when you put them to work for you!
  • Video 5: Have Cash, Will Traffic  Free traffic is great… but it’s not truly free. No matter how you get your traffic, you’re always paying or trading something – like your time. That’s your most limited asset. And that’s why in this video you’ll find out two of the best ways to buy the traffic you need – it’s fast, it’s targeted, and it frees up your time.
  • Video 6: The Secrets of Optimizing Your Existing Traffic  So many marketers let good traffic just slip through the cracks. It’s wasted. It’s like pouring a glass of liquid gold down the drain. Now it’s time to turn that around…This video shows you three surprising ways you can optimize your existing traffic and turn it into even more traffic, more sales, and more cash in the bank. These strategies will make a huge difference to your business this year, no doubt about it.
  • Video 7: Turning Words Into Targeted Traffic  It’s no secret that well-written content can drive traffic and even kick start a huge viral effect. But did you know about getting a ton of traffic by asking others to guest blog on your site? You get free content, you get free traffic … and you’ll learn how to take advantage of this surprising traffic strategy in this eye-opening video.
  • Video 8: Amazingly Simple Way to Get Traffic by Getting Involved  It sounds so simple, and yet it’s a great way to get a ton of traffic. All you have to do is insert yourself into the trending or even controversial conversations that are taking place in your niche right this moment… and within minutes you could be seeing a fresh batch of visitors landing on your virtual doorstep. You’ll get all the details in this video!
  • Video 9: Are You Overlooking This Huge Traffic Source?  What is it? It’s offline advertising. Inside this video you’ll find out the three best ways to reach your target market offline – these work so well, you’ll wish you had started doing them the day you launched your business!
  • Video 10: How to Super-Charge Your Promos  Most marketers start getting a bit of traffic and they’re happy. This video shows you two killer tricks to take it to the next level. You’ll find out how to protect yourself from losing traffic, plus you’ll find out how to make more money for every ad you push out. It’s so simple, yet so effective!

TRAINING YOUR BUYERS WILL LOVE!  Getting targeted traffic in front of your offers, blog posts and lead pages doesn’t have to be a mystery anymore. It doesn’t have to be a frustrating, hair-pulling experience. All you have to do is dive into these 10 awesome training videos and soak up the info then apply the strategies.

Your customers want more. More traffic… more subscribers… more customers… more cash in the bank.  And now with this license you can teach them how to do it in the fastest way possible.

Running Time: 62 minutes Format Video (MP4) 10 VIDEOS IN THIS SERIES 

Unbranded Course #2 
Advanced Traffic Strategies

Throughout the program you’ll discover how to GET traffic… and also how to capture it, keep it and make the most of it. Plus you’ll finally understand what “playing the numbers” means to the marketing Pro's – and why this is your key to massive traffic.

  • Video 1: The Surprisingly Effective Shotgun Approach to Advertising  Even if you’re using a shotgun, you better still be taking aim before you fire. So when you use shotgun marketing, you aim, you fire… and your advertising campaigns effortlessly find their targets so you can generate more traffic.How do you put this highly effective traffic strategy to work for you? That’s what you’ll find out how to do inside this first video.
  • Video 2: The Secrets of Renting Space in Your Prospects’ Heads  Here you’ll find out how to quickly obtain top-of-mind awareness in your niche, plus you’ll discover psychological tricks for establishing yourself as an expert – even if you’re brand-spanking-new to the niche.This strategy drives endless streams of traffic to your site day in and day out – it’s one of the most powerful ways to ramp up your business!
  • Video 3: Persuading the “Sneezers” to Infect Your Niche  If you want to drive a lot of traffic without spending a penny in advertising, then you need influential people on your side… and this video will show you how, including the best way to get the right people buzzing about your products.
  • Video 4: Amazing Ways to Leverage Other Peoples’ Best Assets  What you’re about to discover is how to get high-profile marketers in your niche to willingly giving you access to their prospects, subscribers and customers.  You’ll even find out the #1 secret to landing JVs with the BIGGEST names in your niche – this secret alone is worth a bundle of traffic of cash to you, so you’ll want to pay attention to every second of this video.
  • Video 5: How to Make the Most of Your JV Deals  A lot of marketers who’re new to joint ventures just ask their partners to promote products as an affiliate.You know what? That’s totally lame. That’s why this video will help you up your game with 8 super-profitable ideas for JVs that will deliver more traffic, more subscribers, and more sales to your virtual doorstep.
  • Video 6: The Secrets of Mobilizing Your Affiliate Army  Just one good affiliate can deliver thousands of visitors and hundreds of sales to you in a very short amount of time. And this video shows you how to find and entice the super affiliates of your niche to promote your products.  Plus you’ll discover the #1 way to grow your affiliate program effortlessly – and you don’t have to lift a finger! If you like the idea of the best marketers in your niche clamoring to promote your product, then you’ll love discovering the affiliate growth strategies inside this eye-opening video.
  • Video 7: Turning Lukewarm Viral Campaigns Into Wildfires  Here you’ll find out the secrets of viral campaigns that can turn your business into a household name. You’ll learn how to create content that’s worth sharing, the two best times to drop your content onto social media, and the secrets of generating a whole lot of sales after a contest is over.
  • Video 8: A Clever Way to Get People to Send You Money AND Traffic  Sound too good to be true?It’s not. The secret here is to sell resell rights licenses for your products to other marketers, who then put your content in the hands of thousands upon thousands of their customers.
  • Video 9: The #1 Way to Maximize Your Traffic and Sales  Have you ever noticed that some marketers almost always make money no matter what they do?It seems like voodoo magic, but it’s actually pretty simple... You see, the best marketers on the planet know how to track and test their advertising campaigns so they can cut the losers, while pushing the winners to the front. And now you too will find out what to test, how to test it, and how this simple little process will create more traffic, subscribers and sales for you this year.
  • Video 10: How to Boost Your Traffic by Playing the Numbers  Throughout the program you’ll discover how to GET traffic… and now this is where you’ll find out how to capture it, keep it and make the most of it. Plus you’ll learn what “playing the numbers” means in marketing – and why this is your key to massive traffic.

Perfect for your advanced users or the ultimate upsell to the basic training videos...  It’s time to take it up a notch. It’s time to rise above all the average Joe's in your niche and do something awesome. You’ll finally get some serious respect from your competitors, and you’ll impress the heck out of your friends and colleagues.

In just a few minutes you’ll teaching your customers the tweaks they need to boost their traffic numbers, boost their revenue and boost their standing and authority in any niche.

Running Time:  1hr 35min Format Video (MP4) 10 VIDEOS IN THIS SERIES

Here's What You'll Get Included With Your Private Label License Kit…

These courses (however you decide to sell them - either 'as is' in video format or maybe transcribed to book format or maybe as a standalone membership/continuity offer - or all 3) are sure to impress your new buyers.  

Here's what's included in the package:

2 Sales Videos

Unbranded (no course names mentioned) pro recorded sales videos in .MP4 format. (script included)

2 Courses

High quality, pro recorded, videos - You get 10 x .MP4 format videos per course - Total: 20vids/2hrs, 35 mins.

Promo Extras

Get extra promotional kit including email swipes and copy/paste blog posts to promote your offers.

Check Out The Course Sales Videos Below:



Awesome Cover Graphic Templates Included:

You'll most likely want to rebrand and reposition these two courses for maximum profits but if you want quick and easy sales with minimum hassles, then we've included some awesome cover graphic images (including PSD files for editing)

Sell One Course and Upsell The Other For An Instant Funnel...

As You've No Doubt Seen The Most Successful Launches Never Rely On Just One Product...  With The Basic and Advanced Training Videos You'll Instantly Have A Ready To Go Funnel Offer...

Promo Sale Emails

We've included three promotional emails you can use to start selling your new training immediately - Just copy & paste add your sales link and you're good to go 

EXTRA BONUS:  We're also included a whole list of recommended tools, services and resources that will be the 'perfect fit' for you to recommend to your customers after they have watched the training.  A super easy way to increase your profits with additional affiliate promotions.

Reposition The Content For More Ways To Profit…

Want to sell a book instead of a video or lead in with a book and upsell to the video version of these coaching programs? - You Can!

Full Video Transcripts

We've included with each course, the original transcripts in .Docx format which means with just a little tweaking you can also use the content for books or written reports, blog posts and more.

  • Basic Course:  24 Pages/11,500 Words
  • Advanced Course:  54 Pages/17,900 Words
  • Plus Blog Posts:  2 Posts/2,000 Words (approx.)

So how can you use these amazing courses to grow your business?

Just about any way you want.

This includes:

Simply Sell The Courses 'As Is'.  The videos are supplied to you unbranded and are ready to start selling as your own.  You can begin selling the course right away in any format you choose - You get full transcripts to each video, translate them into different languages, add your own voice overs and more - License offers you unlimited flexibility.

Nichify The Course Content!  You're free to edit the content or rework the videos in any way you choose and could quickly re-imagine the training to suit the industry you're in. Customize it for your audience and raise your prices to match. There is a lot of awesome information here that can be customized easily for businesses online or off.

Add The Course(s) To A Membership Site.  The content inside these courses is choc full of useful information. Any of it would be a valued asset in a marketing or business membership site. You get 10 videos per course, 20 in total and easily enough for an entire membership site or a year's worth of content ready to deliver every month.

Create an online or offline coaching program.  Incorporate the courses as part of an online coaching program or even a local offline class for businesses in your area.  Use the courses as the core training and add your own 'assignments' or 'hand-outs' based around it.

Learn From The Training Yourself.  If you are struggling getting the traffic your business needs you really need to go through these two courses yourself.  They'll help you power up your audience bringing more potential customers to your offers.  Think about it, for just a little more that it would cost to have basic 'customer only' access to these videos you'll get everything WITH PLR rights - Learning & Earning all rolled up in one great offer.

And more - You get full rights to modify and use the course contents in whatever way you'd like, which includes claiming authorship* (see the full terms of use and restrictions below).

Nothing on the market even comes close to what we're offering here. And yet we’ve seen licensing offers with half of what’s included in this collection go for hundreds of dollars.  This amazing double 'business in a box' / ready made profit funnel could easily net you thousands of dollars in sales revenue which makes this offer easily worth $300 or more.  

But you don’t have to invest that much today to download these ready made businesses -

And better yet, we've even got bonuses for you, see below...

Super Early Bird Bonus

Get A $50 Gift Card To Spend On Any Future Software, Plugins, Training Courses, Memberships or License Purchases At PromoteLabs.com

This License Would Be A Bargain At $1,000 But It's Yours Right Now For Just A One Time Payment Of $297

You get both courses, the emails, blog posts, graphics, transcripts, resource lists, unbranded sales videos and your bonus private label rights training kit, all for just $297!



Best of all… Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

Order now, and you have a full 30 days to use these courses in whatever way you'd like. If you're not absolutely thrilled, just email us for a prompt refund - no questions asked!

To Your Success - See you on the download page!

Simon Hodgkinson

Jeremy Gislason

P.S. Look around - You won't find better courses to help you guide your customers through the often confusing world of traffic generation...  Order now!  Even if nothing else was included but the training alone for your personal use, this would be an INCREDIBLE deal.

Factor in the licensing and this is simply a 'no-brainer'

License Restrictions: What Can't You Do With This Content...

To protect the value of these courses, you may not pass on any kind of rights to your customers. This means that your customers may not have resell, master resell, white label or private label reprint/rights passed on to them.

You may not mention the names Simon Hodgkinson, Jeremy Gislason or Promote Labs as the authors or originators of this training in any way in your marketing, product redevelopment or use of this content.

You cannot use any content from these courses or copy from this page as part of another Private Label product/offer.

You are not permitted to give these courses away in their current 'as-is' format for free - they must be sold directly or offered as a bonus to a paid product.  They must be edited, renamed and fully re-branded to be given away.

You may only claim copyright to these courses or any derived product / offering developed from them after you have made substantial changes (50% minimum) to distinguish your offering from other license owners.

Promote Labs Inc.  reserves the right to make final decisions on any usage of the private label content purchased under this license if they are not be specifically addressed in these restrictions - If in doubt ask.