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“YouTube Can Be Your Very Best Sales Tool… Or Your Biggest Disappointment”

We spent a whole lot of time reverse-engineering what the top YouTubers do to drive traffic, engagement and profits – what we learned may surprise you…

You’ve been getting bad information about marketing your business on YouTube.

Not intentionally, of course.  

It’s just that there are a whole lot of people sharing strategies and tips that USED to work… like 10 years ago.

Today the game has changed. And if you’re using yesterday’s strategies, then you’re going to be settling for a whole lot fewer views, subscribers and profits than your competitors.

But all that changes right here and right now…

Here’s the TRUTH About Creating an Active, Profitable YouTube Channel to Market Your Business and Transform Yourself Into a Powerful Force in Any Niche…

It really only comes down to three simple steps:

1.  Build your audience on YouTube.
2.  Create engaging videos that hold your audience’s attention.
3.  Turn that attention into profits.

It’s really a very simple formula… on paper. But when most people try to apply it, they stumble at one step or another.

Some people can build their audience, but the audience ignores them.

Some people can get their audience’s attention, but their audience is just a handful of people (and they’re stuck when it comes to getting more views and subscribers).

And some people can build audiences and create engaging content, but they haven’t yet figured out the secret of turning all that into a consistent profit.

Here’s a dirty little secret…  

There are people out there creating videos that are getting MILLIONS of views for their videos. But they’re only generating $500 or so for all those views.

That’s not good. That’s not good at all. And anyone who tries to tell you differently is likely peddling information that doesn’t work.

Here’s why: Other people who are pulling in those sorts of views are generating thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars per video.

See the difference? Pour your heart and soul into a video and make $500… or create something that makes $5000, $10,000, $20,000 or more…

I think I know what you’d choose!

And that’s why you’re going to LOVE our new video course, “YouFluence!”

To put it simply, this is the information that separates those who’re struggling on YouTube from those who can generate thousands every time they drop a new video. Imagine having that kind of power, influence and sway with your audience.

Imagine dropping a video and having subscribers flock by the hundreds of thousands or even millions to watch it.

End result?

YouTube Becomes Your Best and Most Profitable Sales Tool

No Matter What You’re Selling or Who You’re Selling it To!

If you figure out the secrets of using YouTube to market your business, your YouTube platform will CRUSH every other marketing strategy you’re currently using.  Creating an affiliate program, joint venture marketing, SEO, PPC marketing, paid ads, guest blogging, offline ad methods, Facebook marketing… and everything else you do to market your business.

Once you master YouTube, then prepare for your YouTube marketing to outshine and out-profit everything else you’re doing to market your business!

So listen…  We’ve been watching the biggest YouTube stars for quite some time now.  And if you know anything about us (Simon Hodgkinson and Jeremy Gislason), then you know analysis is our thing.

When we saw these folks literally making tens of millions of dollars – and even a ten-year-old was doing it! – we had to find out how.  So, we spent months watching hundreds of hours of videos.

We examined every corner of their channels. We inspected every piece of their marketing campaigns.

And what we found surprised the heck out of us!

Some of what we had been doing on YouTube was WRONG. Really wrong. Even though a lot of people had told us otherwise.

And I’m betting you’re getting the exact same bad information as we were.  If you’ve ever dabbled on YouTube and weren’t happy with your results – then I’m almost sure you heard the same wrong things as we did.

But here’s the thing – you can turn it around starting today. You can grow your subscribers, create more engagement, and generate more profits… WHEN you do what the biggest YouTubers are doing!

And that’s what this five-module video course will show you how to do!

Here's a breakdown of what's inside:

Module #1

Chasing the YouTube Dream (And Turning it Into a Reality)
Inside this module you’ll start by choosing your audience based on three important factors – when you hit the trifecta, you’ll have a profitable YouTube business doing what you love! 

You’ll also discover how to stand out from other YouTubers to get more subscribers, more views, more engagement and more profits. Plus you’ll find out what’s really required of you to get your YouTube dreams off the ground – the sky is the limit when you follow these steps!

Module #1 - YouFluence Coaching Program

Module #2

The Top 23 Types of Awesome “Keep ‘em Glued to Their Seat” Videos That Work in Any Niche
How do the world’s top YouTubers hook their viewers and keep them coming back for more? Answer: they use a wide variety of video styles and formats.

Not only does this variety keep your audience coming back for more, it lets you quickly determine what your audience REALLY likes and responds to.  That’s why this module covers 23 engaging video styles using five different formats.

Module #2 - YouFluence Coaching Program

Module #3

Show Me the Money!
There are people who are making $5000… $15,000…. $20,000 or more for every video they create! If you want to do the same thing, then you need to create an engaging video (see Module 2), and you need to know how to turn your audience’s attention into cash in the bank.

Here you’ll discover six proven ways to make bank on every video you produce. You can even combine these methods to really blow your revenue out of the water!

Module #3 - YouFluence Coaching Program

Module #4

Building Your YouTube Channel on a Firm (and Profitable) Foundation
Here’s where the rubber meets the road. Inside this module you’ll get a crash course in setting up your YouTube marketing platform the RIGHT way. 

This includes setting up your channel, choosing the most profitable length for your video, crafting irresistible titles, and doing everything else you need to do to capture the attention (and wallets!) of your audience!

Module #4 - YouFluence Coaching Program

Module #5

Advanced Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts for Turning You Into a YouTube Super Star
If you want to be a breakout super star on YouTube to really build an audience for your business, then you need to do what the top YouTubers are doing.

Inside this module you’ll discover the top YouTuber’s best-kept secrets, including the Profit Automizer, the Super Star Strategy, the Piggyback, the View Amplifier, and six more strategies to boost your subscribers, engagement and profits!

(see below for full details...)

Module #5- YouFluence Coaching Program
The Subscriber Booster

#1 The Subscriber Booster

Whether you need to get that first 1000 subscribers so you can join the YT Partner Program, or you’re just looking to level up with your channel, this little trick works like crazy to grow your subscribers!

The Super Star Strategy

#2 The Super Star Strategy

Here’s a strategy that catapults you into the upper tier of YouTubers in your niche. It’s so simple you’ll wish you had thought of it before!

The Animated Advertiser

#3 The Animated Advertiser

This little trick is one of the best ways to get people’s attention and drive them to your YouTube channel – and it only takes about one minute!

The Abrupter Strategy

#4 The Abrupter Strategy

Here’s a surprising way to boost your revenue – this is what top YouTubers do with their videos and you should too!  This will keep viewers glued to their screens right to the very last second to boost watch hours.

The Profit Automizer

#5 The Profit Automizer

Here’s how to get your audience sitting on your channel for hour after hour, watching all your videos – this is so easy anyone can do it!

The Profitable Premiere

#6 The Profitable Premiere

Audiences love live videos, but you may not because you’re prone to gaffes. This is your solution to making both you and your audience happy!

The Piggyback Strategy

#7 The Piggyback Strategy

Most people who release videos are almost completely ignored. Use this strategy to get a flood of views for your videos!

The View Amplifier

#8 The View Amplifier

Whether you’re trying to amass 4000 public watch hours so you can join the YT Partnership Program – or you’re just wanting more views for every video you produce – the View Amplifier is your ticket to getting more of your target market eagerly watching your videos!

The Instant Enhancer

#9 The Instant Enhancer

Here’s a simple yet overlooked way to enhance your videos, boost your viewership, and increase viewer loyalty!

The Open-Book Strategy

#10 The Open-Book Strategy

If you’re looking to become a huge influencer in your niche, then this is the strategy for you. This is what the top YouTubers do to create massively loyal audiences, and you can easily do it too!

Here’s What Else You Get When You Order Today...

As you just seen, you’re getting a five-module video course that runs about two and a half hours (16 videos in total).  But that’s not all. You also get:

  • The complete course transcripts. Use the transcripts if you'd rather read than watch, if you want something to print off, or if you just want a searchable transcript to reference again and again!  (Available Oct. 20th)
  • A checklist for each module. We cover a lot of awesome tips, strategies and steps in each module, so these checklists summarize the main points
  • A set of five kit lists. Here you'll get a list of the best equipment to use (plus substitutions if you're on a budget) to quickly and easily create the videos listed in Module 2!
  • Additional checklists and member bonuses.  Includes the YouTube ad campaign checklist, channel checklist and more (combined worth over $100)

If you want to skip the learning curve and get up and running fast, then this is the COURSE for you!

Right now, there is a YouTuber dropping a video that will drive tens of thousands of dollars into their bank account.  And you gotta ask, how much is it worth to you to know how the big dogs on YouTube are doing it day after day, video after video?

Is it worth $5,00 to you? How about $2,000?

How about $1,000 or more, knowing that just one video you drop in the future could be worth more than that?

Yes, this course could be worth many thousands to you – but if you order now, you can lock in the low price of just $499


Get everything you need to know to turn YouTube into your business's very best sales tool...  and For You to get started down the path to be the next big YouTube super star!

Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed:  You don’t have to say “yes” today. All you have to say is “maybe.” That’s because you have a full 30 days to review this course, the checklists and all of the membership extras included in the package.

Watch everything and put the information to work for you. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason whatsoever, simply contact us within 30 days for a full and prompt refund.

Who Are You Learning From?

 We'll Let These Top Marketers And Industry Experts Tell You What They Think


JP Schoeffel

Owner -

"True Marketing Masters!"

These guys are real businessmen and intelligent marketers. They know how to target campaigns, position offers and out perform the competition. True marketing masters!

Bryan Zimmerman

Bryan Zimmerman


"Sold Tens Of Thousands Of Products"

Jeremy and Simon are consistently on top of any affiliate contest they choose to enter. Over the last 3 years on JVZoo they've sold tens of thousands of products and made over seven figures NET in commissions.

Matt Garrett

Matt Garrett

"Always Ahead Of The Curve"

What Simon and Jeremy don’t know about marketing online you don’t need to know, they’ve probably forgotten more than I actually know! They were the first people I saw building funnels for launches and are always ahead of the curve with what’s working and what’s coming next.

Ewen Chia

Ewen Chia

"One Word For Them As Affiliates - SUPERB!"

I've worked with Simon and Jeremy for years and have only one word for them as affiliates - SUPERB! These guys know the affiliate game very well and are able to hit massive sales thanks to Incredible promos.

Paul O'Keeffe

"The Best Of The Best!"

These guys are the bomb, the real deal, best of the best...  We had 100+ affiliates making sales on our last launch, these guys did over 20% of the sales, so you do the math, they accounted for only 1% of our money making affiliates but pulled over 20% of the total sales

Sean Donahoe

Sean Donahoe

"Always On Top Of The Leaderboards"

Jeremy and Simon ROCK! Every time they support one of our launches they are always top of the leaderboard and drive hundreds of sales. Their support and dedication is always amazing and I truly appreciate all the effort they put into their promotions and how they have such a great relationship with their customer base

Welly Mulia

Welly Mulia


"Outrageous Amount Of Sales"

Whenever Jeremy & Simon promoted our offers they always top the leaderboard with an OUTRAGEOUS amount of sales and new customers they bring into our business.  They didn't just do it once either, they consistently bring us tons of sales EVERY TIME.

Andrew Fox

Andrew Fox


"Cool Guys, Love Them"

I’ve known Jeremy and Simon for over 10 years now and have to say – these guys ALWAYS deliver. I recently paid them over $20,000 commissions from ONE promotion. Cool guys, Love them!


Mike Filsaime

"Bonafide marketing champions"

Our No. 1 affiliates for 2 years straight and the No. 1 affiliates for every launch, winning every grand prize. (Beating 2nd place by a factor of 10).  Point blank there would've been no Groove Digital without Jeremy and Simon.


Karl Schuckert

Founder -

"Best Promoters in the Biz!"

Jeremy, Simon and the rest of the Promote Labs crew HIT and STAYED in the #1 position throughout the launch. They’ve made over $100,000 in sales now for our product! (more than many launches do in total) Complete professionals though and though, they came in with a plan and then they executed that plan with precision.  As a JV Broker/Product Creator it is hard to find such hard working and dedicated Affiliates. But not PromoteLabs, these guys know how to build a promotion that bridges the gap with their list. Anyone whom is lucky enough and who gets to work with them knows what I’m talking about. So I give them my HIGHEST recommendation.

These are just a few of the 100's of testimonials we get - Want To Read More (opens in a new window)

- Here’s the bottom line -

If you’re looking for the web’s best collection of strategies, examples, insights, ideas and action steps to start getting better and more profitable results from YouTube, then 'YouFluence' is exactly what you need!

If you’re sitting on the fence right now wondering if YouTube marketing and this course is really where your future is, wonder no more. You have a full 30 days to study the course and all the materials listed on this page. If you’re unsatisfied for ANY reason, just get in touch within 30 days to get your money back – no questions asked!

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