The Clear Steps To Get Better Email Marketing Results

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“Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of Internet marketing available. A good, targeted email list is solid gold. The secret to cash in on that gold mine is to make sure you are getting better email marketing and doing everything you can to get the best results from your emails.

All of your other Internet marketing tools, including paid advertising, blogging, and social media, should work as a funnel toward one primary goal: getting people to sign up for your email list.

Once you have that list, maximize your effectiveness with these tips...

Better Email Marketing

Keep Yourself Out Of The Spam Box

Here are a few steps that you can follow to help email delivery. Double opt-in means you have a prospective subscriber give you their email address (the first opt-in), then respond to an automated email by clicking on a link (the second opt-in).

This extra step confirms that people truly want to be on your list. When you use email marketing software like Aweber, this process is easy to set up and fully automated.

You should also make sure your email template includes unsubscribe links in every email (important), so people can easily leave if they want to.

Nothing frustrates a subscriber or gives them negative feelings toward a marketer than feeling “trapped” on a list and that the sender is deliberately making it hard for them to leave. You will not make sales to a resentful captive audience.

Committing to your stated email schedule will also keep your subscribers interested. If they go to there inbox looking for your Friday email and don't see it, they may get the wrong idea.

Tell your subscribers what you will send to them, how often you will send it, and what your emails will be about.

Then do exactly what you said you would. Don’t get inconsistent with your mailings.

If you go a long time between emails, your subscribers will forget about you and treat your mailings like spam.

Spending time on your subject lines is incredibly important.

Your subject line is the one line from your email that is guaranteed to get in front of your subscribers’ eyeballs. Make it count.

It’s your one shot to get them to click the email open and let you talk to them further.

Don’t waste it. Don’t use subject lines that are boring, tricky, or mysterious. Tell your reader exactly what you are going to deliver to them, and make it personal.

 Authoritative Email Marketing Results

Become An Authority

Be authoritative, but keep it real. Every email you send has an underlying message: “I know what I’m talking about, and what I know will help you.” At the same time, you don’t want your subscribers to feel lectured at or talked down to. Use a casual tone.

Imagine a friend has asked you to explain your topic to them, and write your email as if you are writing to that friend.

Never start an email with “Dear Subscriber” or similar... Don’t forget to personalize your emails by using the subscriber’s name — it’s easy to set up your email software to do this automatically.

Tell compelling real stories...

Storytelling is compelling. Use relevant stories from your own life or experience, or those of other people to whom your audience can relate. You will engage your readers’ emotions.

When people are emotionally engaged, they are looking for reasons to buy, not mentally arguing against you.

And be trustworthy...

Having the trust of your subscribers is powerful; when they feel like they know and trust you, they are inclined to take your word for it when you give them information or tell them that a product is great. As you know from superhero movies, with great power comes great responsibility.

Do your research and confirm that you are always giving your audience good, true information.

If you are recommending a product, be sure it is something that will do what you say it will, and that the seller (whether it is you or someone else) will support and stand behind it.

better email marketing

Always Use These Strategies

Read and use your data...Your email software can tell you how many of your readers open a particular email.

Experiment with sending out your emails on different days of the week and at different times of the day.

Figure out the day/time combinations that reach the most readers and send all your emails at those ideal times.

If that turns out to be an inconvenient time for you, write your content ahead of time and set your email software to send it automatically.

Include a CTA (call to action), every time!

If you have done your job right — reached your subscribers at the right time, crafted a title that gets them to open the email, and given them compelling and authoritative content — they are primed to take your suggestion.

Don’t waste this moment. Always include a call to action.

Your call does not have to be something to buy, though that is where you will make your money most directly.

Ask your readers to “like” a social media page, share your content with friends, participate in a poll, or write back to you with their questions and experiences. If you include a call to action in every email, you guarantee that you get more results.

Email marketing is a long way from dead. It remains the most targeted, direct, and effective way to reach your best potential customers.

If every email has a strong subject line, tells a good story, provides useful information and recommendations, and finishes with a call to action, you will learn why all the top marketers say, “The money is in the list!”

Simple Steps To Get Better Email Marketing Results

Here’s Our Email List Building Secret…

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So, let’s just stop with all the “email is dead” hype, it works and has for years. Let get right down to it… If you’re interested in making money with email marketing check out this post!

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