Top 10 Marketing Tools To Power Up Your Brand

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This is all about the top 10 marketing tools you need (and where to get awesome deals)

Do you want to get ahead in your business, generate more sales, grow your lists and whup the competition?

Of course you do, which is why you need to start using the best tools and resources that are designed to give you an edge.  And that’s exactly what you’ll find in the following list of marketing tools – plus at the end you’ll even discover where to get the best deals on these tools.

Here they are in no particular order…

Split Test Monkey

Every smart marketer knows that one of the keys to big profits is to test your sales letters, ads, emails and other promotional campaigns. Doing so is one of the best ways to boost your profits on your existing promotions.

Until recently, split testing was a bit of a mystery for many people.

Doing the testing seemed to require a PhD in statistics in order to make heads or tails of the results. And many of the tools were clunky or required considerable tech knowledge just to use them.

All that changed when Split Test Monkey came on the scene. That’s because this is a web-based tool, so there’s no installation or customization required. You can literally set up your tests with just a few clicks, and there’s no special statistical knowledge required in order to use the tool.

If you want to start making more money this year, you need to start testing your campaigns – and Split Test Monkey is a great tool to help you do that.

Cinch Tweet

If you’re using Twitter, then you know that it can be awfully time-consuming to find and follow leads, post content, find posts to retweet and so on. Cinch Tweet makes it easy by automating these sorts of tasks.

Plus Cinch Tweet is smart, so you never have to worry about being embarrassed by a dumb bot that retweets posts that aren’t even related to your niche.

Marketing tool -ProductDyno

Product Dyno

Are you selling digital products? If so, then you need a way to securely deliver these products. If you don’t secure them, then you’ll deal with digital pirates, serial refunders, and others who giveaway or sell your software, apps, access to your membership sites, ebooks and other similar products.

Here’s the solution: Product Dyno. Not only does this sales platform protect you from thieves, it also helps you cross-promote the other products in your sales funnel.

That’s why Product Dyno is a great tool that helps you both make more money as well as protect your future profits.

Convert Kit

One tool that every online marketer should be using is a reputable email service provider (with an autoresponder). Many marketers do have autoresponders, but not everyone has a GOOD autoresponder.

Here’s the difference…

A good autoresponder has good deliverability and uptime rates, good customer service, and a feature-rich platform which includes features such as statistics and automation.

The Convert Kit autoresponder ticks the boxes on all the top features and benefits you need to run a profitable mailing list, so you’ll definitely want to check them out. Even if you already have an autoresponder, it’s a good idea to diversify and try other platforms.

Webinar HD

Are you doing webinars to promote your business? If not, you should be.

But here’s the key: you need to choose a good webinar platform that’s both powerful and flexible. And that’s exactly what you get when you choose the Webinar HD platform.

We like this service because it’s the only webinar platform that lets you dynamically change layouts during the webinar. Plus it has plenty of other great features too, such as the ability to do commercial breaks, stream live on YouTube or Facebook, and elevate any attendee to become a presenter.

If you’re looking for a webinar platform with a lot of features for running seamless webinars, then you’ll want to check out Webinar HD.

Help Scout

One of the pillars of any good business is offering good customer service. That’s why you need a customer service suite you can depend on, which should include help documentation, emails and live chats.

Help Scout is a great customer-service platform, because it’s focused on providing a personal touch while making your customer service more efficient and organized. If you’re looking for a way to impress your prospects and customers while lightening the workload for your customer service staff, then check out Help Scout.

Go By VideoRemix

You may be using video marketing to grow your business (if not, you should be).

But here’s the question: are you personalizing these videos?

For example, do you add your viewer’s name or personalized images to the video? Do you offer unique, personalized calls to action?

Most people don’t know how to do this – but those who do are getting much better results with their video marketing efforts.

Now the good news – you too can personalize your videos using Go by VideoRemix. You don’t need any special tech skills to do it. If you’re using video marketing in your business, then you should also be using Go by VideoRemix.

Word Recon

The best decisions you’ll ever make are your data-driven decisions. That’s why you need good tools that can help you gather this data, such as a keyword discovery tool that lets you know what your prospects and customers are typing into Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, Bing and more.

Here’s our recommendation: Word Recon. This tool pulls data from 12 sources, so you know you’re getting a good look at how popular keywords really are in your niche. And that means you’ll save time and money by only targeting the best and most profitable keywords.

Post Gopher

No matter what niche you’re in or what you’re selling, there’s one thing you need: lead magnets to build your list. And we’re not just one or two lead magnets—you need a lot of highly targeted lead magnets.

That’s where Post Gopher comes in. This WordPress plugin takes ANY page or post on your blog (or all of them, if you prefer) and turns them into beautiful lead magnets in PDF form. The app then delivers these PDFs to your prospects when they join your list.

It’s all handled automatically. You don’t need to do a thing to create these lead magnets, except choose which of your posts you’d like to offer as a PDF to people who join your list. It’s the easy, effortless way to build your list!


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