Simple and Easy Ways To Monetize Your Blog

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You’ve got a blog. You’ve got some traffic coming in. But the question is, are you optimizing the way you monetize this traffic? Are you diversifying the way you monetize your blog?

Some bloggers choose just one monetization method and that’s it.

Others use a combination, which often tends to produce the best results. So if you’re just using one method – or maybe you haven’t even started fully monetizing your blog yet – then you’ll want to check out these ideas below to see where you could boost your profits…

Sell Various Types Of Products

This is one of the most popular ways to monetize blog traffic – and no wonder, because it’s also one of the most profitable ways. The idea is to simply design your blog around promoting your own products.

This includes:

  • Posting direct sales pieces on your blog this could include sales made through the "party" sales, one-on-one demonstrations, and other personalize arrangements.
  • Posting “soft sell” content, such as how-to pieces that sell your products at the end. This gives your blog readers the ability to digest and discover your products and make a buying decision on their own time.
  • Adding advertisements to your sidebar, footer or header. This is more than just AdSense, these ads can lead your traffic anywhere and can be targeted to each posts theme or lead to a personalized Amazon page with recommendations or solutions that deliver personalized experiences.
  • Using a “featured post” at the top of the blog to promote products or be a spot sold for others to sell through your blog.
  • Posting a series of posts all designed to sell a single product (e.g., a fear-logic-gain sequence).

This is the short list and not a complete exhaustive list... there are more similar methods to monetize your blog but these are a great place to start. If you want some beginner tips to blogging check out this post "Learn The Basics To Blogging Like A Pro" 

Now whether you have your own products or not, you might also consider this next idea…

Monetize Blog Affiliate

Promote Others' Offers

The idea here is to promote other peoples’ offers in exchange for an affiliate commission.

Keep these points in mind:

  • Promote digital products whenever possible. That’s because digital products (such as ebooks, videos and software) tend to come with higher commission rates than physical products.
  • Sell items that you’d recommend to a friend. You’ll need to review and use everything that you sell, and then offer your honest opinion when you promote it. Point is, don’t promote anything that you wouldn’t also recommend to your best friend, otherwise one of your biggest assets (your reputation) will go down the drain.

You can use the same sort of content to sell affiliate products as you do your own products, including both hard-sell and soft-sell pieces.

These might include reviews, case studies, product comparisons, direct-response ads, how-to content, tips articles, list articles and more.

Monetize Your Blog

Repackage Your Blog As a Book

If you have a lot of really good content on your blog, then you might consider creating a book out of it. You can then sell this book directly on your blog, as well as on platforms such as Kindle.

You can even turn it into a physical product using, which you can then sell on Amazon and elsewhere.

Or you can create a flipbook and make it easy for your readers to engage with and immerse themselves in your content on almost any device and in any web browser.  

We created FlipGuardian so we can provide the ultimate experience for our readers because we could not find the perfect software that could create Ad-free hosted pages, beautiful animated page turns, automatic page-resizing, zoomable pages, full screen mode, live links, thumbnail tab navigation, auto-play page turns, sounds on or off toggle, one-click sharing (for your public content) and help monetize our blog... You will find that and more with FlipGuardian.

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You can also check out the "Email Copy Secrets Demo" below...

Sell Advertising Space

If you have a lot of high quality traffic, then you probably already have advertisers knocking on your door. Depending on your niche and the quality of your traffic, you may be able to charge premium prices for ad spots, such as banner ads in the header, paid promotions within your actual content, ads in your sidebar and more.

TIP: You can even set this up to run largely on autopilot, by using an ad rotator which rotates through your advertiser’s ads. For example, you might sell your header banner ad spot to five or ten different advertisers, and let the rotator show the ads and keep track of impressions.

Still another way to monetize a blog is by inserting Google AdSense ads. You don’t need to sell anything to anyone. Instead, you get paid every time someone clicks on one of your ads. This could be a few pennies to a few dollars per click, depending on your niche and content.

NOTE: This tends to be the method with the lowest capacity for generating income, so consider this your “last resort” method. If you have a space on your blog where your other promotions aren’t doing well, you might experiment with AdSense to see if it can generate some revenue for you.

Monetize Your Blog

Build a Mailing List

No matter which monetization method you choose, you’re going to want to also build a mailing list.

Here’s why…

People who visit your blog for the first time probably aren’t going to buy anything. And once they leave your blog, they’re going to promptly forget about you.

Sure, they might bookmark your site… but they’re still very unlikely to return.

One day they’ll look at their bookmarks, realize they never went back to your site, and purge it along with all the other bookmarks they don’t visit.

That’s why you need to get as many visitors as possible on your mailing list. Because once you do, you can get them back to your site.

And repeat traffic is some of the best traffic, because they’re the ones who buy what you’re selling. Plus getting them on your mailing list lets you follow up and directly promote products by email. Hello, profits!

Now one of the keys to getting people onto your mailing list is to put an irresistible offer in front of them. This means offering them a high-value, highly desirable lead magnet in exchange for their email address. And if you want to grow a big, responsive list even more quickly, then you need to create a lot of lead magnets to entice more subscribers, generate more sales, and segment your list.

Up until recently, creating a lot of lead magnets would require a lot of time and/or money. But that’s not the case anymore.

That’s because there is a clever WordPress plugin that turns all of your pages and posts into enticing lead magnets – and you don’t have to lift a finger!

If you’re ready to put your list-building on autopilot, then you’re going to want to join other smart bloggers but checking this plug out right now. It’s called Post Gopher, and it’s going to change the way you build your list!

But don’t take my word for it – see for yourself now at

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You can also learn more about the different ways to create lead magnets, and how Post Gopher and FlipGuardian makes it easy by reading this post:  The Unbelievably Easy Way to Create Lead Magnets


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