Here are three really good reasons why you need a small business mobile app and how you can get one that works just like the ones big companies use!

Right this moment the mobile app train is going full steam ahead. Your choices are to jump on board, get plowed down, or move out of the way.

Look, you’re a smart marketer. You know a good thing when you see it. And that’s you best be jumping on this money train. Your competitors are already there – and you should be too.

Why? Check out these three reasons why ever savvy small business owner ought to get a mobile app…

small business mobile app

Utilize Push Notifications

Your prospects and customers spend hours every day on their phones. Doesn’t take a genius to figure this out. Just look around you. Go to a crowded spot, and you’ll see people pulling phones out of their pockets and glancing at them every few seconds.

People are hooked. They’re addicted. It’s like their phones are a part of their body. And so when you create a mobile app, you get to become a part of your prospect’s tiny universe. You get a chance to put your business in front of your prospect’s eye multiples times per day.

A good way to maximize this strategy is by using push notifications for your app. Keep in mind, though, that your prospects and customers are already using other apps with push notifications. That means that you need to be very careful about the notifications you’re sending out.

If you inundate your prospects with junk, then they’re going to disable the notifications (or worse yet, uninstall your app). As such, use your push notifications to only announce the most important information.

People using small business mobile app

Boost Customer Loyalty

Another benefit of having a mobile app is that it boosts customer engagement, which in turn boosts customer loyalty.

Obviously, just getting your small business app on your prospect’s phone is going to help with customer loyalty, simply due to the “top of mind awareness.

However, there is also a psychological component at play. Namely, when someone downloads and installs your app, they’ve now invested time and space on their phones. If they use your app, then they’re investing even more time.

And once someone invests their time, attention and other resources to your app, they’re going to naturally feel more loyalty towards your business. Simply put, it trips the “commitment and consistency” trigger that often leads to someone doing a lot of repeat business with you.

User interface of small business mobile app

Build Your Brand

When people use your app, then your name, logo and branding are right in front of your audience. If you can get them to use your app regularly, then they’ll be seeing your branding regularly (and they’ll develop positive feelings towards your business).

Now here’s a benefit a lot of people don’t even consider…

Even if your prospects and customers aren’t actively using your app, they’re still going to see your branding. That’s because they’ll see your app every time they look at their phone (or at least every time they’re scrolling through their apps). That’s why you’ll want to be sure that you create an app icon that reflects your branding.

Now a quick heads up, keep this in mind…

Your prospects and customers aren’t going to download an app just for the heck of it. People are more selective with what they download on their phones. They don’t want clutter.

That’s why you need to do your market research to find out what your audience wants so that you can develop a useful and/or entertaining app that they’ll use regularly.

Which leads to this question… What are your options?

One of the big stumbling blocks for many small business owners is the actual development of the app. Or at least this used to be the biggest stumbling block. Here’s why…

Depending on what you were creating, you might need thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars to hire someone to code and develop your app. And then of course it took time to develop an app. If you hired a good coder, you’d be waiting months for something to open up in their schedule.

Now things are so much easier. If you’re looking for something simple – like a loyalty program app, a coupon app, a directory or similar – then you can create it in minutes, by yourself.

How? Well, by using the app builder - Zapable | Mobile App Maker - This is the point and click way to create and customize your own mobile app, no design or coding experience needed.

Zapable | Small Business App Builder

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