Smart Marketers Do This To Get Results With Twitter

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So you want to know what smart marketers do when they want to get great results with Twitter? 

We know why you need to know how to get results with Twitter, because your audience is on Twitter but so are your competitors. You want to make sure you get the eyes first and if you do not have them, take them back!

Here’s how to do it…

Use Consistent, Memorable Handles

If you’re just getting started on Twitter, then you need to pick your handle. Seems simple enough, but a lot of marketers mess up at this step. A misstep at this stage can actually affect your future activity, such as how many people mention your business on Facebook. If you are interested in learning more about running a Facebook campaign, check out our post "5 Secrets for Creating Unbeatable Facebook Ad Campaigns" here

Just follow these tips and best practices:

  • Be consistent. Your Twitter handle should match your handle across all your other social media platforms.
  • Pick something short. Twitter has a limit on characters, so your long handle will eat into those allotted characters if someone wants to mention your business. If you want to get more mentions, then pick a short handle.
  • Choose something memorable. Again, you’ll get more mentions if your handle is memorable. This should be your name of your business name (however it is that your audience knows you).
Smart Marters use Twitter | PromoteLabs

Turn Your Twitter Into a Resource

Sure, you’re on Twitter for business reasons. But this doesn’t mean you should be pushing out promotional tweets all the time. If you do that, your audience is going to tune out. Then you’ll be just tweeting into the ether because no one will be listening. That is not a good start to getting results with Twitter.

What you want to do instead is turn your Twitter account into a resource for your audience. You can also use it as a springboard for interesting discussions. If you’re the one posting the new ideas and interesting discussion pieces, people are going to tune IN. And once they’re paying attention, then you can tweet the occasional promo.

"You need to turn your Twitter account into a resource for your audience."  Find more tips like this on the post - WHAT SMART MARKETERS DO WHEN THEY WANT TO GET GREAT RESULTS WITH TWITTER!

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Tweet Regularly

Some experts say the average lifespan of a tweet is about 18 minutes. After that, it’s forgotten in lieu of whatever other bright and shiny tweet has crossed your prospect’s feed.

That’s why you want to do two things:

  • Tweet regularly. If you want to seem like you’re a leader rather than a follower, then you need to develop a presence on the platform. And that means tweeting regularly (which typically means tweeting multiple times per day).
  • Tweet smartly. Don’t just tweet out whatever comes to mind just so you can keep your name in front of your followers. Useful, memorable content is the key to getting results with Twitter. Share the big niche news of the day. Start thoughtful discussions. Share opinions. Join ongoing discussions by adding fresh insights. Share useful, unique information.

This may sound like a lot of work, which is why you’ll want to check out this next tip…

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Automate What You Can

If you try to run your Twitter campaigns manually, then you’re going to be chained to your desk for hours every day. And I’m betting you have a lot more important things to do than to sit on Twitter.
So, here’s what you do instead: automate your Twitter tasks.

This includes:

  • Finding new followers.
  • Retweeting good information.
  • Pulling information from your blog to tweet.
  • Picking smart hash tags that will get you more followers And other common tasks.
Twitter Tips for results with Twitter

But here’s the key: you need to choose a GOOD tool. That’s because the wrong will backfire.

For example, if you choose a “dumb” bot to retweet to your account, you could end up with a lot of embarrassing results. We’re talking tweets that have nothing to do with your niche (that’s the best-case scenario) to tweets that you’d never post to your account (like porn tweets, racist tweets, etc.).

Yikes, right?

That’s why you want to use a trusted tool that uses smart technology, such as the Cinch Tweet tool.

Now let’s wrap things up…

Parting Thoughts For results with Twitter

Twitter moves fast, and if you want to be a part of the conversation then you’re going to need to tweet smart. Tweeting smart starts with following the above tips and tricks.

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