7 Tips and Tricks For Getting Amazing Video Marketing Results

I don’t need a crystal ball to know that you’d love to get even better results with your videos. I’m talking more sales, more subscribers, more customers, and more money from every video you create... Like magic but using real to life doable "tricks" and tips.

The first step is to make sure your videos look and sound good.

This seems like it would be a no-brainer but, if you’re using crap equipment or “umming” and “ahhhing” your way through a boring video, people are going to tune out. If you don’t know how to produce a really good-looking video, then outsource this task to a competent professional. It’s a good investment in your business.

So, assuming you’ve taken care to create a video that looks good, let’s move onto the seven tips and tricks for getting amazing video marketing results…

Know Your Audience

First things first – you need to know your audience. It’s the only way for you to create content that really “clicks” with them.

The key here is to be specific. Generalities won’t work. For example, if you’re creating a weight-loss video, you can’t just say the video is for “people who want to lose weight.” That’s meaningless.

Instead, you need to do your market research to find out as much as you can about your audience. You can research their demographics to find out some of the basics. But you’ll also need to do some surveying or at least eavesdropping on online conversations to get a better understanding of what your audience wants, needs, hopes and fears. You need to understand their challenges, why they do what they do, and why they haven’t succeeded so far.

Here’s why this matters…

Once you know as much as possible about your audience, then you can create content that touches on their greatest hopes and fears. That’s where video-marketing magic happens. If you’re saying the things your viewers have been thinking about – and if they felt alone in thinking about their hopes and fears – you’re going to be able to rapidly build rapport with them and hold their attention.

Here’s the next secret…

Pull Viewers In

Pull Viewers In

You’ve got a potential viewer hovering their mouse or finger over your video, right on the verge of deciding whether to watch it or now.

Here are two big factors that are going to help them make the decision:

  • Your video’s title. This should be a benefit-driven and/or curiosity arousing title. If you want to see examples of titles that draw people in, look at a viral video site like
  • Your video’s thumbnail. If you have the option of choosing the thumbnail, then be sure you pick a high-quality image that gets people excited about watching the video.

Here’s the next tip…

Fast is important in Video Marketing

Start With a Bang

You’ve got just a few seconds to grab your viewer’s attention. On the most generous end, you have at most 10 seconds. That’s not a lot of time. And that’s why you need to make the first 10 seconds of your video the best in all of video-marketing history.

Okay, maybe that was a bit of hyperbole, but the point is that the first few seconds need to hook your viewers. One really good way to do this is by telling a story. This engages the reader emotionally, invests them in your video, and makes them want to stick around to hear how it ends.

Which brings us to the next point…

Provide a Lot of Value

There are a whole lot of videos floating around the internet that are straight-up advertisements. But very rarely does someone click on a video because they want to watch an advertisement. Instead, your viewers tend to have other goals, such as being entertained or learning how to do something.

That’s why your video needs to provide a lot of value. Even if your video’s goal is to sell something, it should still provide a lot of value. Make it a great value. For example, offer helpful niche-relevant tips that your viewers can’t find anywhere else. Give them a perspective they’ve never thought about before. Provide them with the inspiration or motivation to do something they’ve always wanted to do. Go that extra step.

This helps you develop a good relationship with your viewers, which in turn makes it more likely they’ll watch the entire video and click on your links.

Which brings us to the next point…

Call to action = Promotelabs

End With a Call to Action

Each video you create should have a singular goal, and the content of your video should be designed around achieving this goal. Your video should then end with a call to action where you specifically tell people what you want them to do next (e.g., buy a product, download a free offer, watch another video, register for a webinar, etc.).

Note: if this is intended to be an evergreen video, then be careful about what specifics you mention in the video.

For example, if it’s a sales video, then avoid mentioning the specifics of the offer such as the price, bonuses or guarantee. That’s because you may decide to change these details later, and if you do then you’ll have to create a new video. So, skip those details in the video and place them in text beneath the video instead.


Personalize Your Videos

Personalize & Promote Your Videos

If you’re sending videos through the email or similar platforms, then you’re going to want to personalize the videos. This means putting the person’s name in the video, personalizing the video with specific images, or even personalizing the call to action.


It used to be. But now anyone can personalize videos quickly and easily by using the tool Go by VideoRemix. This is a great way to get attention, engage viewers, and get more clicks and conversions.
Once you have it personalized you need to promote it...

Sometimes people drop a video in one place – such as their blog – and expect amazing results.

If you want to get amazing results, then you need to do an amazing job of getting as many targeted eyeballs in front of your video as possible...advertise your video as if it was a paid product. Go that extra mile.

This includes:

  • Blogging about it.
  • Sending emails to your list about it.
  • Posting it on social media.
  • Asking marketing partners to help promote it.
  • Asking viewers to share it with their friends.
  • Guest blogging.
  • Paid advertising.

… And all the other ways you use to promote your business. The more people who see your video upfront, the more likely it is to go viral (if that’s your goal).

Now let’s wrap things up…

Parting Thoughts

You just discovered seven tips and tricks for getting better results with your video marketing.

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