Author: Simon Hodgkinson

The 7 Secrets of Boosting Conversions and Sales

Want to learn true solid tactics for boosting conversions and sales? Silly question, right? Because if you consider yourself any sort of marketer at all, then you live and breathe conversions (and sales). It consumes your thoughts. It’s the thing that gets you pouring over your stats almost obsessively (“Did I make a sale? Did I get a new subscriber?”) And it’s also the thing that can get you pulling your hair out in pure frustration. Because you know what? Sometimes it seems like you’ve done everything right… but the conversions are dismal. People aren’t clicking. They’re not responding. They’re...

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3 Key Triggers To Turn Prospects Into Customers

We have collected the 3 key viral traffic triggers that turn prospects and customers into rabid brand advocates who can’t stop talking about your products. Interested in learning more? Think about the normal way you get traffic to your site. I’m betting all that traffic incurs a cost, right? Sometimes it costs a lot of money. Sometimes it costs a lot of time. Sometimes you need to lay out both time and money to get traffic. But here’s the problem… Your time and money are finite. You only have 24 hours in a day. So, if you’re working on a...

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Three Biggest Problems Selling Digital Products…SOLVED!

If you have problems selling digital products of any kind – I’m talking ebooks, membership sites, videos, ecourses, plugins, apps and more – then I don’t have to tell you that there are a lot of pieces and parts you need to snap into place in order to enjoy a successful campaign. And if you get one of these pieces wrong, you’re going to be pretty disappointed to have poured a lot time and money into something that’s not selling. So, let’s make sure this doesn’t happen to you. What we’re going to talk about in this article are...

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Learn The Basics To Blogging Like A Pro

As far as the basics to blogging, we’re going to focus on content marketing, specifically, we will focus on content marketing using SEO, social, and viral marketing, and using that content to drive traffic and sales. Think of content like a magnet. A big powerful magnet. Every piece of content you create is going to attract search engine spiders and, ultimately, visitors. Without that content, you’re not going to attract a thing. Of course, content can be expensive and time consuming to make. It takes time to think of topics, research them, and write long, quality articles complete with other...

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7 Days to the Perfect Lead Magnet

Brace yourself for this shocking announcement: THE MONEY IS IN THE LIST. I know, I know – if you had a dollar for every time you heard that cliché, you’d already be a millionaire.  Maybe it makes your eyes roll a little every time you read it? And you know what?  The reason you keep hearing is because it’s absolutely true. Now hear me out for a moment… Maybe you’re looking at your own list-building efforts and scratching your head a bit. You know you need a list, because it’s the number one way to follow-up with prospects, close...

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