Author: Simon Hodgkinson

How To Take The Headache Out Of Split Testing

Ever notice there are those few people who are totally killing it with every product launch, every email, and every ad campaign they create? It’s like they have the Midas Touch. Everything they do turns to gold… Is it magic? Are these mysterious success stories made up of some kind of super geniuses? Or is it just dumb luck? Let me share with you a little secret… There is ONE thing that the most successful people in your niche do that almost no one else does. And this one thing separates those who get GREAT results from those who’re struggling...

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5 Chrome Extensions For Marketers

If you want to become a more productive marketer, the answer might be as close as your web browser. There are a growing number of extensions available for Chrome users that make it easy to wring maximum productivity out of your day. Whether you’re hunting for content marketing posts to add to your curated newsletter or niche-specific content to share with social media followers, having your browser customized can have a huge impact on how quickly you are able to complete your tasks. Check out the following roundup of must-have Chrome extensions for marketers; you’re likely to get a...

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8 Steps to Amazing Email Marketing Results

“Email marketing is dead!” Does that sound familiar? People have been writing obituaries for email marketing for two decades, but it is still the most effective form of Internet marketing available. Good, targeted address lists are solid gold. The secret is to make sure you are doing everything you can to get the best results from your emails. All of your other Internet marketing tools, including paid advertising, blogging, and social media, should work as a funnel toward one primary goal: getting people to sign up for your email list. Once you have that list, maximize your effectiveness with...

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