Author: Jeremy Gislason

Is Shopify the One?

Have you ever thought about selling a physical product? Why Shopify… If you’ve ever thought about selling physical products online, especially as a drop shipper, then you know it’s a fairly daunting task. You need to set up a secure ecommerce website. You need to create an online catalog of products. You need to figure out a system for accepting payments, informing your suppliers, and keeping customers informed about each step of the order fulfillment and delivery process! It’s enough to make anyone scrap the whole drop shipping idea and just go apply for a day job instead. But...

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3 Myths of Split Testing Finally Shattered

For a lot of marketers, split testing can seem like a bit of a mystery–Maybe that’s because so many people believe the myths about split testing. They make it more complex than it really needs to be. And when something seems complex, a lot of people simply decide not to mess with it. If you’ve ever felt the same way about split testing, then you’re going to want to read the myth-busting facts about split testing below. Take a look… You Don’t Need To Test It If Someone Else Already Has… There are a lot of marketers who share...

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Merry Christmas! Count Your Blessings …

The holiday season is a time for joy, celebration and gratefulness for me and Simon and our team at Promote labs Inc. BUT we also know not everyone is in the same situation as us around the world. Whenever I feel a little down, or ready to complain about something that’s not going right in my business, my life or my day, I find it helpful to take a step back and look at the big picture from a soaring eagle eye’s point of view. I have this hanging up on my whiteboard in my office and thought it...

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6 Incredible Split Testing Hacks

There isn’t a serious marketer around who isn’t constantly on the lookout for clever ways to get more opt-ins, generate more sales and make more money. And that’s why serious marketers know the value of split testing. Split testing is all about finding out what really works so you can make more money while reducing the time and cost of advertising. So to that end, check out these six incredible split-testing hacks… 1. Focus On What Matters It’s easy to get hooked on split testing, especially when you see those initial results. But not every test you run is...

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Do You Make This #1 Mistake With Split Testing?

It’s pretty obvious that the biggest mistake you can make as far as split testing your sales content and campaigns is to not test anything at all. But do you know what the second biggest mistake is? It’s this: focusing on split testing the wrong factors. And most people totally waste their time and money focusing on the wrong tests. You see, here’s the thing…There are tons of factors you can test across your sales letters, lead pages and similar properties. Here’s a quick list (and it’s not even close to being an exhaustive list): Headline Subheadline Opener to...

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